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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. shamrock134
    My opportunity to purchase a ZX300 for £370 was a dead end so I've pulled the trigger on the ZX300A from Joybuy for £295. I hope it sneaks through customs but I've not had much luck with other stuff from China in the past.

    I'll grab a 400GB card and balanced cable too and hope I made the right choice with this DAP. I suppose I can always EQ in some bass.:L3000:
  2. Dizzle77
    Anyone know any mac apps that will allow me to convert cover art so they're compatible with zx300? If I remember correctly they need to be progressive jpgs?
  3. geagle
    Opposite - ZX300 (and generally all Sony DAPs, if memory serves) can't handle progressive JPGs, they need to be normal ones.
    Can't help you on the mac app though :frowning2: - I'm strictly windows. Superuser1 posted some link to some program, earlier, but I think it was IrfanView for windows - maybe someboidy else can chime in, about the mac
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  4. Sarcasmo
    Oh yes... yes you can :)
  5. shamrock134
    I notice you also have the R6. Do you prefer the Sony or the Hiby? I'm not really that fussed about streaming but it is a slight shame the Sony doesn't allow for Spotify.
  6. Sarcasmo
    Of course this is only my personal preference, but in terms of the overall sound presentation and sound quality I prefer the Sony hands down. I do like the R6, especially it's build quality and UI speed, but at the end of the day it's all about the music and the Sony does it so well and effortlessly.
    Plus if you do want to stream then it's a great DAC too (same EQ capabilities apply for the extra bass in your life!).
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  7. Lookout57
    The Preview application can change formats and size but it's on a image by image basis.

    Metadatics is $9.99 and in the Mac App Store.

    This is a phenomenal application that allows for editing ID3 tags and can bulk change cover art in size and type.
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    I use Winamp or Foobar for ID3 tag and use an old software called Ulead Express for handling photos for zx300. Paying an app for doing the above is out of the question for me. I am certified for the past 18 years.
  9. Dizzle77
    Just had a quick look on the mac app store. This might be a stupid question, but with this app would I be able to quickly change the cover art to a format compatible with zx300? So any progressive jpgs could be converted to baseline jpgs?

    Also all of my music is managed by iTunes. I only really use itunes in order to sync with my ipod classic which I use in my car and my old iphone which I tend to use for workouts. That said I am considering a long term strategy that will allow me to step away from using itunes. If I use this tool are you aware of any potential issues with itunes?
  10. Lookout57
    Yes, there is no choice on what type of JPG so the default must be baseline as I had a lot of cover art in PNG and converted to JPG or resized JPGs.

    I use iTunes to import my Music and organize it so there is no issues using Metadatics. I even use it after I convert from AIFF to FLAC using XISRC (another awesome program) to even make the cover art smaller.

    If you want to go the free route then use Preview (image changes) and Kid3 for replacing the images in bulk by album. Kid3 is an excellent id3 tag manager but I found that Metadatics is much better and low cost for bulk changes. I ended up going thru my library of over 10,000 tracks using Metadatics and it was much faster than the previous method using Kid3.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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  11. Hinomotocho
    What method of album art tagging does everyone use? Embedded or folder file?
    I have been using embedded as I sometimes realise that I only like a couple of tracks from an album and to save space will move them to a 'mixed folder' and delete the album folder but want to retain their original art.
  12. Signal2Noise
    Embedded. Speaking/typing for myself, not "everyone".
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  13. superuser1
    ^ embedded as well as have a cover jpg in every folder. Works with almost everything.
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  14. Woodlands
    Try Yate for Mac.

    I’ve been using this for about a month now. Mass resizing/conversion of jpgs, mass retagging, etc. Lots of functionality. Excellent. $20.
  15. superuser1
    you could try this: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/13039/iresize
    Its free AFAIK.

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