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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. kingdixon
    My wm1a was stuck at database update, so i restarted it, then stuck in a boot loop.
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  2. knudsen
    A folder from internal memory? Or external?

  3. Blommen
  4. knudsen
    Scary :astonished:

    So, it also reboots if starting up without any external card in it from then on?

    Wonder why they haven't fixed it in the firmware, it sounds fixable. Maybe they haven't realized the cause.
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  5. Blommen
    Yes, I have taken the card out but still the problem persists!
  6. superuser1
    A few members were having this problem over at the WM1 thread and IIRC they repeatedly tried to flash the FW and for some that worked. However, this is perhaps at best a work around.
  7. Blommen
    Do you know how to flash it?
  8. superuser1
    @Blommen Just like you would flash it if it were working normally. The trick it to catch the device when it is starting up and before it enters the boot loop (when the waves appear). The gentleman i am referring to tried it several times before successfully getting the job done.
  9. kms108
    I don't see how you can actually blame Sony Japan for their service, Sony has always operate after service warranty, in a regional way, and since you purchased a Japanese version, you were expecting warranty issue, if ever it had a problem, They are willing to repair it if you are within warranty period, but you have to be in Japan for their service center or, mail in repair is only available for domestic version or sent from a local address, if you purchased a tourist version, you should have a international warranty card for worldwide warranty service. Even without warranty, you can pay for the repair, in Japan or in your home country, they are willing to accept it.

    I have both the ZX300 and ZX2, both the Japanese version and both purchased in Japan, nothing wrong with my ZX300, but I had my ZX2 change the LCD screen (it was my problem, the damage was my fault) and since they was going to do the repair, I had them to change the battery as well, it cost me a total approximate 22000 YEN (USD 200), a lot, but every time in Japan for holiday I'm willing to spend money, even if it's for repair, in my home country, Hong Kong, the same repair cost less, but I'm not will to pull the amount of cash out.

    So that you know, why the ZX300 cost so cheap, the quality is not up to the standard of the ZX2 or the WM1A/1Z.

    No hard feeling, just trying to explain a bit on how Sony do their work, and so you know, I will never have any Sony stuff repaired in Hong Kong, the worst customer service, same with Samsung. That why I'm willing to pay more and have them done in Japan.

    I'm in Japan this November and will be visiting the Sony center for some spare part, I have already contacted them in advance so they have the parts available during my visit.

    On a side note, have you contact Sony in your country, some times they will repair out of good will if it's still in warranty period for free.
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  10. Kagaz817
    Just want to check is the restart loop due to firmware update ? If yes then most likely I will not update mine to prevent this. Kindly advice
  11. Shane D
    Battery life: I only use my DAP on weekends, so it is taking a while to get a routine going.
    My last full charge gave me five hours of high gain SE use, five hours of high gain balanced use and then three and a half hours of high gain balanced use. It was down to one bar for quite a while and never actually died. I am very happy with that battery life.
    Recharging time appears to be two hours or less. I have not been monitoring it closely.

    Liking this machine more all the time.

    Shane D
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
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  12. Blommen
    No, no issues with the update part. Just don't switch off the unit while it is "working" on something.
  13. Kagaz817
    Noted. Thanks for the prompt replied.
  14. kingdixon
    Iam not blaming sony japan, iam blaming sony everywhere for a 1k+ device that died in a year (not for me only) , the device is like new hasnt fell or been dropped, but it died internally and they have regional policies so they cant stand up for their product, they dont want to take it in even if iam offering to pay the charges.

    The product is not available here, and they directed me to call Japan, i wasted too many international calls that at some point sony us asked me to call sony brazil as they accepted devices from egypt, but he gave me a number to someone talking portuguese only.

    Look i dont want to be that troll guy that goes round the forums calling sony bad names LOL

    I was just giving feedback to the guy who had the same problem.

    I am not blaming sony at all, iam blaming my self for not reading their policies thouroughly, so i will just keep silent and think of it as the device life expectancy, and i will put it on the shelf.
  15. Brice d’Oliveira
    Hi everybody,
    I see that finally i’m not the only one with bootloops issues :frowning2:

    As KingDixon says, I think that Sony need to be more « flexible » on their warranty conditions...

    So, for the new owners:
    - I own a zx300 since it was out
    - 2 units in bootloops since beginning November 2017
    - i’ve just solve one unit problem by send it back to the seller that gave it to Sony (HK), and they fix it by changing the « LogicBoard » under warranty
    - then he send it back to me freshly repair and with no more problems
    - the second one is Japanese one and as I have no contact there... I think it will stay forever in his box :frowning2:

    So yes, I think the os is « fragile »... Sony says that if the device is stuck we just have te reset it but... (for me on 2 units)... Bootloops !

    And yes, I think that for a so big entity, they should take international repair even if they make pay for that (cause I wanna pay to repair my japan unit but they don’t accept it)...

    But the device is crazy so I bought another one ^^ and don’t regret my choice:
    - great battery
    - banlanced output
    - 4.4mm jack
    - usb dac
    - mini size
    - feel like a « monolith » in hands

    I really felt in love for this little b**** ah ah !

    By the way guys, i’ve just sold some AudioCampfire Andromeda, and i’ve some more things to sell:

    - 1 Sony Rmw-nws20(brand new, never open).

    - 1 Sony Wmp-nwm10 (brand new, never open).

    - 1 Sony Nw-zx300 (brand new, box, buying receipt, warranty), just open to test it has no bootloop problem.

    Everything is « brand new » & never used, if interressed, dm me please.

    See ya zx300 addicts ^^
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