1. Mirimar

    Sold: Sony NW-ZX300

    In excellent condition and has minimal use. 64GB internal storage (a Micro SD card can also be used). Would be easier to ship within Australia but if international buyer is interested please PM. I will cover PayPal and shipping inside Australia. International buyer pays shipping.
  2. awayeah

    [SOLD] Sony NW-ZX300A 16GB black + accessories

    For sale Sony NW-ZX300A in mint condition with original leather Sony bookcase (worth around 80-100 EUR) and Sony charger. ZX300A is the exact same product as ZX300 but with smaller internal memory (16GB instead of 64GB). Works also as USB DAC and BT receiver (you can stream your music from...
  3. kenchar

    WTS or WTT Sony NW-ZX300A Black SOLD

    SOLD I have a one week old Sony NW-ZX300A in black. This is the version sold in China with 16GB of on board memory. It is in as new condition. The box has a small dent from shipping. Purchased from Joybuy it has a total of 60 hours on the balanced output. I have decided to keep my AK SR15...
  4. Gosod

    For Sony Walkman Dock Cable L5

    Hello! For sale Copper Cable L5 For Sony Wakkman From Astral Audio, manufactured in Japan. This is solid and high-quality copper! At the sound when compared with a complete cable from Fiio then from Astral Audio we get more bass and surround sound. Delivery with tracking number and paypal fees...
  5. kertong

    Sony NW-ZX300 - Japan Model, set to English, No Volume Cap

    decided to hold onto this - pairs super well with my old senn IE8s; no longer for sale. thanks all!
  6. Tex Irie

    Seeking to trade a Shure SE846 w/ balanced cable + Sony NW-ZX300 w/200 GB Micro SD Card for a Campfire Audio Andromeda or Westone W80

    I am seeking a trade for a Campfire Audio Andromeda or Westone W80 for the following items: 1) Sony NW-ZX300 64 GB DAP (kept in a Silicone Case with a screen protector inside a Case Logic Molded EVA Case) (Charge/Sync Cable) 1) 200 GB Micro SD Card (Sandisk) 1) Shure SE846 (with Portable...
  7. terrosa

    SONY NW- ZX300 (black) : SOLD

    Bought it back in December 2017 but hardly use it. Once i bought it, i let it run in for 200+ hours. After that, i only use it for less than 6 hours at home, so they are as pristine as new. Total hours played are about less than 207 and all are on Balance. And this is the uncapped version. Heck...
  8. ElecHires

    [SOLD] Sony NW-ZX300

    Hello i'm selling my new sony ZX300 bought in january from japan. don't worry english and french language is available. it come with : original box, usb cable, VanNuys slipcover, Micro SD 128go, Fullarmor case + matte screen protector and a DIY gold balanced cable. no scratch no damage on it it...
  9. Tex Irie

    Seeking to trade Astell & Kern Kann for a Sony NW-ZX300 (Complete)

    I am looking to trade a seldom used Astell & Kern Kann for a Sony NW-ZX300. I have the original packaging and contents as well. Please PM me if interested.
  10. riotgrrl

    Sony NW-ZX300

    Sony will be introducing a second Walkman along with the NW-A40, the ZX300. The new ZX300 will have a similar design to the older ZX100, but will offer a slimmer design, include 2 outputs on the top of device like the ZX2. Controls have been moved to the side of the device with a touch screen...