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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. Hinomotocho
    Is there anything the NWDestTool could do to fix the bootloop problem?
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  2. kingdixon
    If you mean the scsitool that reached us from the rockbox community,

    As far as i tried with it, it is more of a reading tool, it gets info from the device, with only a small command programmed to set the destination and sound cap, thats the only thing this tool can set to the device, but i think it could be programmed to alter other data from the device, thats what made me think that if there is some data corrupted on the first sectors or the partition table of the nand flash and can be restored, then it might fix it, but i think it need 2 devices one working and one bricked also someone with expertise.

    And since it is the only tool that could read my device and get its info, i tried to communicate with amaury the one responsible for sony page under rockbox, but he doesnt own a wm1a and he thinks it cant be done till now, i sent him more details but no reply yet.

    My analysis till now which can be totally wrong, that shutting down while there is some operation in progress corrupts firmware of the internal storage, i think if there is a recovery tool or low level format to overwrite this firmware like alot created by different manufacturers of usb flash drives, it could be an easy fix.

    What made be more confident about this idea, the reply of a repair center to a guy on the wm1a thread, that sony doesnt want to handle the board software tool or something like that.

    Anyway nothing remains hidden for too long.
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  3. Blommen
    Me too. I owned the WM1Z and ditched it for the little bugger, I bought the cradle, remote, cover and all my cables are terminated in 4.4mm...

    But right now I am too afraid and impatient to buy a new one and go through all this again. I had a talk with Paul from iBasso and placed an order for the DX150 with the amp8. I'll make you an offer for your zx300 if that doesn't work out :wink:

    No, I tried a bunch of stuff. Not a programmer though...

    I will keep my unit for now (what else can I do) and maybe at a later point it will be fixable. With every other device these errors are usually pretty easy to fix by flashing or formatting but alas...
  4. Hinomotocho
    I've followed this thread since last year and have not heard of this bootloop issue before now. If this is caused by a glitch with something as simple as deleting a folder there should be firmware update to be able to prevent this. Or an official tool to reset your unit should be available on the Sony support page.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
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  5. superuser1
    I got my zx300 from malaysia and they gave me international warranty.
  6. Blommen
    Agreed, shouldn't be that hard.

    I might have warranty as well, but as mine is modded I don't want it exchanged for a new one. Also they only carry the zx300a in Asia...
  7. pororom
    I am interested in this player but I have to clarify a fundamental doubt about the power output of headphone jacks (both unbalanced and balanced).
    I am currently using a Shanling M2S with an output impedance of 4.8 ohms and the result is good at the sound power level.
    Does Sony NW-ZX300 output impedance offer more output power than the Shanling M2S?

    I use the following Iems and headphones:
    JH Audio Michelle
    JH Audio Rosie
    Denon AH-D7200 (impedance of 32 but likes the loud volume)

    I'm a bit deaf and I like to listen at a high volume.
    I suppose that with JH there should be no problem but with the Denon I do not have anything clear.
    The power of the Sony NW-WM1A is much higher to pay the difference in price or not worth it?

    Can you clarify my doubts please?
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
  8. knudsen
    I wonder if anyone has ended in a bootloop if one

    1. never administers (deles songs, folders or otherwise) the music directly from zx300
    2. always takes the microsd card out and mounts on/transfers from a computer, and administers the content from the computer. I am doing this anyway, as it gives me usb3 speeds instead of the usb2 I get when mounting the whole zx300 (on macbook pro from '12). I have the 300a with 400gb card so I don't care much for the internal memorys accessibility anyway.
    3. never shuts it down while it is doing something

    Please speak up if you can reject that this is safe.
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  9. mrellan
    Can anyone tell to Sony about DAC delay problems? We are waiting for a fix for 7+ months ..
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
  10. superuser1
    I delete songs and albums (folders) from the zx300 directly and seldom take out the card while transferring music. Just hook up the zx300 directly to the PC to transfer music.
  11. knudsen
    Well as I understand it both things have resulted in bootloop. Deleting files (Blommen, "unit was stuck deleting a folder and I restarted it") and transferring directly to zx300 (Brice, twice, once from PC and once from mac). Thats why I am suggesting not to do it.
  12. superuser1
    Now that i am aware of it i shall take heed and follow your suggestion. Thanks
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  13. knudsen
    It's just a theory for now :) But I doubt it can hurt at least
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  14. geagle
    That's basically what I've done, and what I do with most every DAP (on a few older ones, I do also have some songs on the internal memory, from when my SD cards were mainly 64/128GB, and so internal memory could feature more prominently in carrying your music around - now that I use mostly 200/256/400Gb cards, the usefulness of internal memory is, for me, quite less) ... knocking on wood, I never had a problem :) .
  15. kms108
    My ZX300 is a Japanese version, purchased since it was released, haven't even updated the firmware even though there is a newer version available, all transfer was done through the player connected to the PC in a drag and drop method.
    Using a toshiba 64 GB micro SD card, and player is never switched off.

    Haven't had any problems yet.:hugging:.
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