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Jan 14, 2015
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  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    Only using earbuds. I guess I prefer a bit U shaped sound.

    Willsound mk2 rev 2
    Willsound pk32 white foam (the new ones)
    Willsound mk1 vjc cable
    Cypherus CampFred 1
    Seahf AWK-F64
    NiceHCK diy graphene (incoming)

    Not used currently:
    Vido w. better cable
    Edifier H180
    Yinman 150
    Philips SHE3800
    Sony E808+
    Qian 39, 25
    Monk 1 + 2
    MRice E100 v1
    Hi-Z 32 v2
    Fengru diy pk2 - destroyed (deliberately)

    Sold because of bad comfort, even though great sounding: Shure SE846, NAD HP50.
    Source Inventory:
    Sony zx300A
    Zishan z2
    Zishan z1, current favourite spec is:
    - opa2604
    - 2 x ELNA RFS Audio SILMIC II [35V] 10uF - input caps
    - 2 x NICHICON UFG series Fine gold MUSE audio[10V] 100uF - output caps
    Have tried opa2134ap, dual opa627 (jade audio, ebay), stock NE5532P, lme49720na (probably fake), lme49860na (probably fake), LM301AP (cheapie from the 80's or something).

    Sold/going: Ibasso dx90, Sansa clip+, ipod nano, older ones
    Music Preferences:
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