Sennheiser Q&A: HDV 820 Digital Amplifier

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  1. vrln
    The gain setting only affects the RCA input, not the main headphone outputs. If your not using that input it has no effect on anything.
  2. crayons23
    I will say this and excuse me for not using the correct words but i have found the gain sounds significantly better at the noon position. however it starts to clip and i hear distortion at this setting, however when not clipping it sounds significantly better. i generally use the one below that but feel like the performance does
    take a hit. its sort of an issue for me personally as it's annoying to change it. you have to use a screw driver etc.
  3. vrln
    I´m not sure I understood you correctly, but how are you connecting the HDV 820? If the gain switch affects the sound you must be using the RCA inputs then? The gain switch isn´t supposed to affect anything else than that particular input (, page 8).
  4. crayons23
    Correct, I was not happy with the Sabre dac and decided instead to use 2qute as my dac. I am connecting the HDv 820 to the 2qute via rca. Assuming we see the gain switch as a clock going 8,10,12,2,4 I have found the 12 o'clock position has by far the best sound but as I said it also distorts on my HD 800S. Thus I have been using the 10 o'clock position.
  5. AppleheadMay
    Can the preamp outputs still be switched to pass-through without volume control so I can use it as a dac for my integrated amp as well?
  6. Hansotek
    You can’t bypass the volume attenuator on the preamp function. Not sure what your integrated is, but the HDVD’s pot was nicely balanced throughout the range when I reviewed it - you can pretty much set the volume on one and use the other for the actual control - whichever one is more convenient for you.
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  7. AppleheadMay
    Nope, two volume controls in a row is never a good idea.
  8. Hansotek
    You’re welcome.
  9. AppleheadMay
    I thank you for your answeer and that's indeed a solution but it's a solution to a problem, or rather omission, in the design.
    I have a DAC already but if this amp/dac would have a simple switch on the back like many amp/dacs have it could be used properly, without two volume pots in a row, to feed the input of an integrated amp which is by far the most commonly used type of amps. Now if I would buy this I wouldn't let go of my other dac.
    It's great that it has preamp functionality and I seem to understand the previous version didn't but that doesn't mean that the omission of a fixed output isn't a loss.
    Not everyone uses active monitors or separate power amps. As I said, a simple switch on the back would have made the functionality perfect for me.
    Sound is another matter but I do like the direction in which the impressions and rreviews go for the moment.
  10. crayons23
    i would not recommend the dac on the 820. however it's not terrible, there is just better ones out there. as far
    as an amp goes i have been very happy with it thus far. to your point i think it was designed first for headphones with the added benefit of being able to attach speakers.
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  11. AppleheadMay
    Well, as I try to simplify my whole setup here I'm sure the dac of a 2.3k device would suit me well enough.
    Sure there is better stuff out there but just as sure I don't need it.
    I'm thinking more along the lines of @vrln in the quote below.

  12. crayons23
    you can get the device for considerably less online. B&H has a used model for less than 1800$ us.
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  13. Ginge
    Yes, good point. I bought mine off eBay, new for $1900, no tax. Couldn't be happier.
  14. AppleheadMay
    220V? :wink:
    Thank you for the tip though, I wasn't aware they could already be found at better prices.
    If you should find one, used or not, in EU/UK at a reasonable price I'd really be grateful if you let me know.
  15. crayons23 has it for 1899 new.
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