1. Cen.Grand DSDAC1.0 Deluxe

    Cen.Grand DSDAC1.0 Deluxe

  2. Tempotec Serenade X

    Tempotec Serenade X

    TempoTec Serenade X TempoTec Serenade X Desktop HIFI Player DAP USB DAC Dual ESS9219 DSD256 MQA 16X TIDAL Qobuz SPDIF IN Bluetooth IN Airplay Full balanced design 4.4mm balanced output interface FPGA digital management circuit Multiple input audio source Unlimited wireless music Mobile remote...
  3. SMSL C200 DSD 512 USB 1/2 BT 5.0 Coax Optical 2.6W Dac Amp

    SMSL C200 DSD 512 USB 1/2 BT 5.0 Coax Optical 2.6W Dac Amp

    Includes USB Lead, Remote Control, Mains Lead. 2.6 W over 16 Ohms. 4.4 and 6.35 headphone output jacks. RCA unbalanced TRS balanced line out. Coaxial, Optical, Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC/AptX HD, SBC, AAC, USB 1 and 2 (Software Driver required for Windows) 2 Gain modes - Low 0 dB High 11 dB ES9038Q2M...
  4. Chimmy9278

    How do you master a DSD recording?

    I understand that the nature of DSD does not allow it to be mixed after the fact that it is recorded and digitized. So the audio engineer will instead track the mics at their best spots to have the best input possible. Thus raises my question, what does one do to alter the music after the...
  5. grigorianvlad

    Connecting Two Computers for DSD Playback

    Hey, gang. I have a problem. I can use either a VST plugin or a DSD conversion. I need both. I use JRiver MC v28, which is outstanding in all aspects. A few years ago I got hooked on a VST plugin that is very recourse-demanding. The PC where the JRiver+VST installation runs has enough RAM (16GB)...
  6. N25 HiFi Audio Streamer & Player by cocktailAudio / Novatron / Nova Fidelity

    N25 HiFi Audio Streamer & Player by cocktailAudio / Novatron / Nova Fidelity

    cocktailAudio N25 What is the cocktailAudio N25 The N25 is the World’s most advanced Network Audio Player, featuring a Sabre32 Reference DAC chip and high-performance Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor, running at 1.0Ghz. It has been designed to meet all the requirements of digital music...
  7. Ursego

    SONY Walkman NW-ZX507 and DSD Native

    Hi all, I just bought SONY Walkman NW-ZX507 and have some questions regarding Native DSD. I didn't find the answers in the huge topic NEW SONY NW-ZX500. The Sony site says: "Supreme quality with 11.2MHz DSD native". Pay attention - "with", not "up to". So, is only DSD256 Native supported (but...
  8. iBasso DC05

    iBasso DC05

    Features: >Dual ES9219C DAC chips. >Self-developed Quad DAC+ Technology. >Time Domain Jitter Eliminator. >HyperStream III architecture. >MQA Decoding. >Supports 32-Bit/384kHz PCM decoding. >Supports native DSD256 decoding. >Powerful output voltage. >Precise volume adjustment. Technical...
  9. H

    How do I play DSD256 files on Fiio K3?

    I got the FiiO K3 (the new model) , it can play dsd64 and dsd128 audio files with Foobar2000 just fine, but I get a playback error "Unrecoverable playback error: Unsupported stream format: 705600 Hz / 32-bit / 2 channels" for DSD256 files. Screenshots of my configuration. Any ideas what may...
  10. dodap

    Fiio Q3 led only shows yellow no green

    I bought a new DAc/Amp for my Android devices, a Fiio Q3. The manual says: "USB DAC mode PCM≤48KHz: blue light PCM>48KHz: yellow light DSD: green light" But even when I play any sort of DSD file (64, 128 or 256) over UAAP in Bit-perfect mode, I only get yellow. But the device plays the music...
  11. ACMEE MF02S


    It all starts with power We never challenge anyone, never surpass anyone, and never stop at others. We just want to surpass ourselves again and again and strive to improve ourselves. MF02S is cost-effective in terms of power supply. The motherboard uses a 5V boost power supply, 2 LT3529...
  12. F

    Compiling a list of smartphones with native DSD support

    Hello, This is my first post here and thanks for having me. I'm compiling a list of smartphones that have native DSD support and I would like the help of you. LG: V10 V20 V30 and G6 - up to android 9. V40 and G7 - up to android 9. V35 up to android 10 VIVO xplay6 NEX S Meizu MX4 Pro 5...
  13. Setmagic

    Zishan Z4 - DAP with Dual DAC ES9038Q2M | Dual AMP OPA1622 | USB 32-bit + DSD | Bluetooth LDAC 24-bit | Balanced 2,5/4,4 | LO/PO 3,5mm

    Specification and pictures here - Head-Fi product page Reviews: Syncaine professional review - article in Russian (text, pictures and video - you can translate using Google for example) Countryboyhk impressions - post in Head-Fi forum with photos Fe Lix Ramearez impressions - screenshot from...
  14. T

    question/help with Jcally JM20 USB DAC (is NOT encoding DSD natively!)

    Hello - new member here (been lurking for a while now). I recently bought the Jcally JM20 dongle to use with my LG V20, which I use as a dedicated DAP. Prior to buying the JM20, I used UAPP to play my HR FLACs. Love UAPP and everything works great in that config. But, I wanted to play DSD...
  15. Dobrescu George

    ALLO Audio Revolution DAC Official Thread

    Howdy Music Lovers, I noticed there was no official thread and product page about this one, so I decided to make one myself :) https://www.allo.com/sparky/revolution-dac.html I am working on reviews about it, so stay tuned. This is the info that can be found on their website: --- The...
  16. Hiby FC3

    Hiby FC3

    Hiby's first Dongle DAC, featuring an ES9281PRO Chip, supports MQA, HiBy Music app, HiRes certified, 70mW high power / low battery consumption, RGB indicator light, DSD128, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C port, all metal body, leather case
  17. Audio Analogue PureLine AAdac

    Audio Analogue PureLine AAdac

    AAdac The new AAdac is the latest product of PureAA line. Just like the AAcento and AAphono, it is a product that perfectly fits in the Audio Analogue philosophy: its simple design, its remarkable sound performances and its great care for the finish and for the materials and parts selection...
  18. theaudiologist1

    Is DSD in general more quiet than PCM?

    Is DSD in general more quiet than PCM? I have a DAC that outputs 28mW into 300Ohms and my headphones are 470 Ohms at 98dB sensitivity, but surprisingly, it gets very loud even with classical on the PCM side. It still does loud enough on DSD on non-classical music, but with classical, it gets a...
  19. theaudiologist1

    Audirvana settings and a question regarding DSD

    Hi. I configured my A+ SoX settings using people's settings from across the internet. But there's one thing none of them mentioned: The delta-sigma DSD filter type (the one with letters and order (eg. A (5th order))). 1) What is the best delta-sigma filter setting? Does it do anything drastic...
  20. qualityfreak

    Playing DSD with PC (Nightmare)

    So I've gotten my DX7 Pro DAC/Amp but it's rather rocket science to get my PC to play DSD music and have it send DSD to my DAC without converting it to PCM. The DX7 Pro doesn't come with a CD and has no drivers on the official site, but it installs automatically after it's USB connected. Barely...
  21. Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC/PREAMP

    Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC/PREAMP

    Pre Box S2 Digital marks a new era for our S-series components. For the very first time we are using a dual mono configuration with the highest class D/A converters of ESS Sabre. Their flagship DAC-chip ensures highest class audio in a small and affordable package. This DAC is capable of high...
  22. OscSop

    File Format - FLAC 24/192 vs DSD64 vs MQA

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I have been reading so much about this and have basically come full circle and still have no idea as to an answer. There may not be an answer and may be down to personal preference, but even so, I'm going to ask! I have been listening to some FLAC...
  23. Loxjie D10

    Loxjie D10

    Loxjie D10 is a DAC/headphone amp combo in a oddly shaped box. It has 3 types of digital inputs, volume control, line-out and headphone out. - Sabre ESS 9038Q2M DAC chio - Supported formats: PCM up to 32bit/768kHz, DSD up to DSD512 - Inputs: USB, coaxial and optical - The second-generation XMOS...
  24. ACMEE MF-01

    ACMEE MF-01

    Description Function features The system is simple and easy to use, and its functions are easy to operate. Mark your favorite songs with one-button and easily check them later. Solid buttons, knob design, easy blind-operate, select songs in comfortable. The sound is listenable and...
  25. Yulong DA10

    Yulong DA10