Zishan Z4 - DAP with Dual DAC ES9038Q2M | Dual AMP OPA1622 | USB 32-bit + DSD | Bluetooth LDAC 24-bit | Balanced 2,5/4,4 | LO/PO 3,5mm
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Mar 4, 2018



MODs ideas:​


  • To enable balanced output, in 0,1V of firmware. Need to go to Main Menu -> DAC Setting -> Balance and turn on.
  • After transferring files by Charging (speed 4,5 MB/s max) port press middle button on Z4 and after that safety remove device from PC (details by HashSlingingSlasher)
  • For daily PC DAC usage, it's always better to plug Charge port to prevent power save option. Best to use good USB charge. Without SD card, connect charge port to PC, transfer files don't run. We can just safety remove device from PC as well - as Hash said.
  • Coaxial USB-C output expansion board: click



Issues report:


  • Sensitive for any electromagnetic interference like smartphones close to device. USB DAC mode can interference as well. Sound can lag randomly because of very low quality or damaged PC power supply who affecting USB ports on general. Rapid battery charging in laptop with bad filtering can also cause same troubles.
  • There are 2 versions of Z4: 5 (first one - early versions) and 6 (last one). 6th have way better Bluetooth antenna and much stronger signal.
  • BT signal in 5th (first release) version is not as strong as Fiio BTR3K and BTR5.
  • Buttons are really hard to press, but it's a solution for that in MODs ideas.
Software bugs
V0.1 + V0.2

  • Inverted L/R channel in Bluetooth in first version of stock V0.1 (without fix) and possible on beta V0.2 Please download stable V0.1 + BT Fix version from download section.
  • Possible MONO sound in V0.2 in DAC USB mode.
  • When music play in main screen can't show long names of songs by scrolling (typical Zishan early FW stuff)
  • Can't reward songs when playing (typical Zishan issue)
  • Can't remember time code of last song after power off. So it's still not good for long audiobooks (typical all Zishans stuff)
  • Problem with DSD 256 11.2896Mbit/s its cracking (will be fixed in next update).

- This post is in rolling updates -

If You want to add some information, MODs, reviews or impressions in 1st post, please PM me.
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Do you know the output impedance?

Mine is due to arrive in a week or so and this is critical for me. Being Zishan I don't think it will be low, but I think that for once and to improve compatibility with IEMS multi drivers, a low impedance would be necessary, without the need for mods.
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@cqtek I don't know sadly. There is no official informations.
It's will be easier when Zishan give us detailed specification as AcMee do for example.
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@kolomchanin I'm sure there will be some YT reviews, but don't expect much, it's not a promoted product.
I'm not a YT reviewer, but I can write something and take some photos. :)
Yes, I understand ... I'm interested in the menu, what it looks like in the playback mode, how is it locked, how it turns on, how does the firmware happen, by analogy with Z3?
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Can this function as a Bluetooth transceiver? Or is it strictly a dap? Cause the wierd car-turntable translations are wierd. Haha

Or they mean just connect it like any dap to the car's Aux.
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Is the op amps rollable ? I used to own the zishan z2, just curious if thst is still possible here.
There is no DIP8 socket like other Zishans. Its is still possibile to chance opamps by soldering especially SO-8 on LPF.
Headphones AMP OPA1622 are very good and it's hard to find better solution now.
It's came only as a VSON-10 µPackage so it's is really micro soldering work.
Can this function as a Bluetooth transceiver? Or is it strictly a dap? Cause the wierd car-turntable translations are wierd. Haha

Or they mean just connect it like any dap to the car's Aux.
Yes, Chinese - English automatic translations is always funny and inaccurate. This is only BT receiver for now.
Just classic Bluetooth to AUX via dedicated 3,5mm LO.
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"Hi Guys,
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Using Dual ES9038Q2M DAC chip and adopt the latest QCC5125 Bluetooth 5.1 module
Welcome to buy."

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Maybe I can create hot deals in 1st post :wink:

I receive information from Huo Guang Store about power output.
500mW to 32ohm

Sadly I have bad news from WAZE (closed FB group)
I think 3,5mm in Z4 can be worse than modded DSD. In differential (balanced) will have twice as much power and better overall performance.

I don't have pass for these group to ask questions. Its picture from friend from Audiogon discord group.
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