Technical Details DAC Chip: Dual CS43198 Decoding specifications: - PCM: 384 kHz/32 bit - DSD: Dop 128/Native 256 Body material: Aluminum alloy sandblasting oxidation black Interchangeable Line Design: YES Cable material: High quality OFC wrapped shielding layer Connector: Type-c...
  2. J

    [Buying Advice] Desktop BT DAC/AMP for AA The Composer (max. USD 1.000)

    Hi, I will need a USB Desktop DAC/AMP to pair with a Austrian Audio The Composer soon. For now I got a Grado RS2e running on my Asus Xonar Essence STX II. The problem however is that my GPU induces hiss under load which I cannot get rid of (both cards are two PCIe slots apart). My plan is to...
  3. Warsoul

    Balanced connection issues... HELP.

    I'm seriously thinking that my Xduoo TA-22 is faulty. The 4.4mm balanced output doesn't sound louder than the unbalanced one. What?! Can someone explain why? I tried running IEMS, headphones like 660s2, ecc. but switching from the 6.3mm to the 4.4mm there is maybe even less volume on the...
  4. Fosi Audio ZA3

    Fosi Audio ZA3

    This small, compact and powerful Fosi Audio ZA3 integrated amplifier has the particularity of being able to operate in both stereo and mono mode. It integrates two TI TPA3255 amplifier chips mounted in DIP8, enabling it to deliver power up to 2x150W or 1x240W under 4Ω. It features a balanced...
  5. Linum DualBaX

    Linum DualBaX

    Linum® DualBaX™ in Zebra version Everything and a bit more - Pure Sound, Ultimate Comfort, Unique, and Exquisite appearance In sound performance, the DualBaX is very similar to the UltraBaX, though with reduced cross talk. Comfort and low-profile appearance have always been the aim for Linum...
  6. FiiO K11

    FiiO K11

    Fiio K11 DAC/AMP
  7. Firedrops

    Are there any balanced output DAC chips?

    Hi all, I am scoping out a project to make a small balanced DAC/AMP for IEMs/headphones. I noticed that all the examples I found (e.g. Moondrop Dawn, River, Fiio KA3) double up on the DACs. Is this simply because there is no single DAC option that can do balanced output? Looking at some...
  8. Kuang Pai Plus 4 USB DAC

    Kuang Pai Plus 4 USB DAC

    Product description 1: Kuang Pai plus4 selects two flagship large package DAC decoder chips to build 4 channels of fully differential balanced output method. 2: The circuitry part uses two anti-interference rt6863 op-amp chips, four-channel drive capability, and selected ultra-low noise unique...
  9. Cen.Grand 9i-906 Silver Fox

    Cen.Grand 9i-906 Silver Fox

  10. Aune M1p

    Aune M1p

    Aune M1p Digital Analog Player Balanced Output - FPGA Hardware Decoding - Clock Synchronization The M1p is the 3rd generation of the aune M1 portable music player series. With the freescale™ 600M processor and the hardware decoding frame, it managed to support 32bit/768k and DSD512 decoding. It...
  11. Tempotec Sonata BHD Pro

    Tempotec Sonata BHD Pro

    Tempotec Sonata BHD Pro is a USB C dongle DAC and headphone amplifier which adopts asynchronous USB chip, dual dac chip CS43131, professional FPGA and 3 high performance oscillators hardware design to achive low lateny and high precesion data transfer ability. Sonata BHD pro supports up to...
  12. EarMen ST-Amp

    EarMen ST-Amp

    EarMen ST-Amp Desktop Fully Balanced DAC / Headphone Amp / Preamp Easy to use Integrated DAC Output power up to 1.85W Fully balanced architecture Ultra low THD and SNR Aluminum chassis Compact design Pre Out Option Fully Balanced The amplifier is fully balanced, so your every sound from the...
  13. Belaraza

    Difference between 2.5,3.5 and 4.4mm outputs?

    Hey there, Is there any real difference that is noticeable between 2.5 and 3.5mm? I mean the balanced output can get louder of course but Im not sure if there is a reason to give up the 3.5mm comfort just for something louder. When I tried a 2.5mm cable and audio matched I did not notice a...
  14. Musician Audio Andromeda

    Musician Audio Andromeda

  15. GridIroN

    Topping A90D, and questions about balanced vs unbalanced signals

    Ok guys, quick question looking for hopefully a quick answer. I recently have decided to try to standardize my cables because it'll just be way easier to buy cables, and I've been considering replacing my main desktop amp anyways. However, my issue is my DAC is the Modi 3 which is single-ended...
  16. O

    Integrating balanced jack 3.5mm

    Dear audiophiles, At first nice to meet you all guys, I'm just new on the forum and hopefully a venerable community member in the future. I have a little question. I want to transform my 'normal' headphone into a headphone that can handle a balanced signal. My headhphone now has only one...
  17. Shanling EM7 - High-End Desktop Streamer DAC/AMP

    Shanling EM7 - High-End Desktop Streamer DAC/AMP

    With our EM line, we aim to offer an ideal all-in-one desktop solution for all headphone listeners. We started last year with the EM5 model, which packed a lot of features into a reasonably sized and very well priced package. Now we are pushing it further with the EM7, improving upon the EM5 in...
  18. Brynjar Odinson

    Looking for new IEM'S and step up from my Fiio FH7

    as described in the title i am looking for new iem's. i am an electronic music lover and metalhead. i prefer linear sound but have no problem with fun sounding headphones if the whole package is good. i am currently selecting iem's that might fit my needs. you can see what i use now in my...
  19. H

    Asking opinion on Monarch Mk2 + questions

    Hi happy Friday! Newbie here again, seeking for experts' opinion and insight. I am looking for upgrade or equivalent in different character from Moondrop Blessing 2. BTW, I am listening music via cellphone + Helm Bolt + Applemusic While I like the clarity and separation of B2, it wasn't fun...
  20. HeadAmpTeam

    Descended from the Heavens, the EarMen Angel Arrives @HeadAmp, Pre-Orders Now Open!

    Angel is EarMen's all new portable Fully Balanced Hi-Res DAC/ Headphone Amplifier and Pre-Amp. With single-ended and balanced outputs able to operate either at line-level or variable-out, the Angel is perfect for enjoying at home and on the go. A Sabre ES9038Q2M DAC sits at its core, feeding...
  21. rocdoc

    Topping L50 as an amp upgrade (from Zen Dac)

    Hi everyone, I have a system that I am overall pleased with, with a couple of gripes that make me want to tweak/upgrade. I have the (V1) Zen Dac which I pair with my (new version) Sundara, with a balanced cable from Hart. All quite good, but I struggle keeping the volume workable above the...
  22. Aune BU2

    Aune BU2

    Features:- >Master Tape Level Decoding. >High-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 decoding support. >Dual high-performance ES9318 DAC chips. >Four independent headphone amplifiers. >Natural presentation with Clock Synchronisation Technology. >Multi-function volume knob. >Precise...
  23. Violectric HPA V340 Balanced Headphone AMP / PRE

    Violectric HPA V340 Balanced Headphone AMP / PRE

    VIOLECTRIC HPA V340 The HPA V340 is a new top device in the Violectric range. It offers a powerful balanced headphone amplifier and a pre-amp function. The latest findings from the multiple test winners from Lake People, Violectric and Niimbus were implemented in the headphone amplifier...
  24. lumzi23

    Which cable for Hifiman Deva Pro?

    Hello, I want to get a Hifiman Deva Pro but I am unsure about the cable. Would a standard cable like this work? On the Hifiman page (you have to scroll down a bit), it says it can accommodate a dual-sided unbalanced 3.5mm cable and a single-sided 3.5mm balanced cable. In the same place, it...
  25. TheJT

    Monoprice THX Desktop DAC & Amp (Dual AAA-788) Inner workings?

    This is a question about the circuitry/configuration of the DAC & AMP in question. The DAC & Amp I'm referring to is pictured below and can be found on the monoprice website at this link: So I found that both the balanced and SE headphone output can...