hd 650
  1. Sennheiser

    Side x Side x Side - The HD 600 Family

    The HD 600-series of headphones has deep roots here at Head-Fi (thank you!). Seasoned members are generally familiar with each, and some of you even own (or owned) all three at some point. For those unfamiliar with the family, choosing the right one for you means some research and hopefully a...
  2. Shabda

    ifi hip dac with dt 1770/1990/hd650?

    Hi All, I’m excited to be getting my ifi hip dac in the mail today to use with my dt 880 32 ohms but I am also looking to get a higher impedance set as well now that i have an amp of sorts, but does anyone know if the Hip Dac is powerful enough to work with the dt 1770 / 1990 or the hd 650...
  3. J

    Help with an amp and or DAC recommendation

    I currently have a FIIO K3 and recently bought a set of HD650's, I figured it's time to get a new amp. I wanted some recommendations for which ones to get, I figured you guys would help. My budget is around 200$ give or take. I would also like to know if I can use my K3 as a DAC out for my new...
  4. A

    Sennheiser HD 650 vs Beyerdynamic DT 880 & 990 vs Sennheiser HD 599

    Hi, I'm using the Sennheiser PC 360 headset with the Creative Sound BlasterX G6. I use the headset for gaming and music (70 - 80s pop music, classical music and some marches etc.). I'm thinking of replacing the headset with one of the following models: - Sennheiser HD 650 - Beyerdynamic DT 880...
  5. MonkeyDance

    Is a DAC Require with a 5k iMac as Source?

    I am trying to decide if I would benefit from investing in a decent DAC. I have a 5K iMac as a source. I recently purchased HD650s and a Rupert Neve RNHP amplifier. I also have an old Audio Quest Dragon Fly Red that I was using with a different computer with Audience speakers. I am having...
  6. SmashBruh

    Upgrade from the HD 650s?

    Hey guys, I've been struck with a case of upgrade-itis. I have a pair of HD650s paired with a Cavalli Tube Hybrid (powered by and LPS) and being fed by a Modi 3. While I love what I have I frequently find myself feeling like it lacks "oomph " (eg bass I suppose lol) and some clarity. I suppose I...
  7. megabigeye

    ≤$600 all-arounder IEM?

    Hi everybody! I hope you'll be able to help me out. I'm looking for a $200-$600 universal IEM, with tastefully boosted but well controlled and detailed bass, neutral-to-warm mids, extended-but-forgiving treble, capable of sounding “mean” or aggressive (like distorted guitars, etc.) as needed...
  8. nofacemonster

    HD650 and Headphone amplifier question

    Please enlighten me with your wisdom dear head-fier's. Finally i got my self a HD650 (HD-XXX massdrop edition). Slightly used but almost brand new condition. I am currently powering it with HP 14-B031TU sleekbook with IDT Onboard sound + 6N3 Matisse Clone preamp + Lepy CLASS-D amplifier with 3A...
  9. Cythis

    I need help with choosing the right DAC/Amp for my PS4 headphone set-up

    Hello, I understand that this question gets asked a lot, but I would really appreciate if I could get some personal advice. I am gonna do this in a bullet-point style to make things clearer for everyone. A little bit of background/info I have no expertise whatsoever with audiophile products I...
  10. N

    Best Computer Sound Card

    Looking for the best sound card that can run hd 650/6xx optimally for <110. I have a xonar dgx as of right now but want to be able to run the 650 or 6xx's well.
  11. dnalekaw

    From Sennheiser HD 565 to HD 650 - A big difference?

    My father has recently handed down his pair of Sennheiser HD 565 from 1997 and I love them to bits. However, before he gave them to me, I was originally planning to get a pair of HD 650's. So with that being said, is there a notable difference in sound, especially regarding warmth and bass...
  12. B

    Can i buy just buy a hd 650 and schitt stack considering it endgame for forget about everyting else?

    I mean how much do i miss out.
  13. LightDarkSonic

    Seenheiser: HD 598 650 Scalability

    Hi, looking at HD 650 to complement my HD 598 and would like to know how well both of them scale (amp and DAC-wise), got a E17, would the 650 do fine off then for the time being?
  14. Gamergtx260

    Best DAC/AMP combo for HD650

    Hello guys, I'm looking for the best DAC/AMP combo (max €2000). Maybe this is an overkill for HD650 (costed €300) but still I would like to get your suggestions as I have read and experienced that the HD 650 scales up pretty well. I tried them with my HD DAC1 and Deckard both sound really...
  15. TyTB

    Which is the better buy? The Sennheiser HD 6XX (HD 650) or the Fostex Th-X00?

    Hello everyone, My question is as it appears in the title. I have thoroughly reviewed both of the headphones being offered by Massdrop, the HD 6XX for 199.99, and the Fostex Th-X00 for 399.99, and the reviews for both are glowing. Actually, the reviews of both headphones are so good and use...
  16. N

    I need help with some Schiit (Amps) and a HD650 (Pairing)

    Alright, so I just bought the HD650/6XX on Massdrop and I want to be fully prepared when they arrive. The Amps I have been considering are all made by Schiit because it seems like they have a good price to performance ratio and I want the most bang for my buck. I'm willing to spend up to 500...
  17. X

    Assistance needed deciding between amps for Senn HD-600 on budget

    I presently possess Sennheiser HD-600 headphones which demand something to drive it. I was going to start with baseline modules like the Schiit Modi 2 Uber and Magni 2 Uber stack but a friend corrupted my ears. Now my 7.1 Bose speakers sound like complete garbage. But I’m here looking purely to...
  18. YJX94

    Need help on buying a new headphone.

    Hello everyone, new member here and I need all the help I can get in buying a headphone. I need a great headphone for music/movies and casual/competitive gaming on PC/PS4 with most of the emphasis being on gaming without penalising music and movies too much. I have narrowed my headphone list...
  19. Bobbi

    Buying an amp/dac for my recently purchased Sennheiser HD650

    Like i said in the title i recently joined the massdrop Sennheiser HD6xx party and will be getting mine in december so im just wondering which amp/dac i should get to best suit my HD650? My current amp dac is the FIIO E17k Alpen 2 I have heard good things about the audioquest dragonfly so...
  20. Sennheiser

    Sennheiser Q&A: HDV 820 Digital Amplifier

  21. Gorgias

    General 'Next Step' Advice

    Hi all At the moment I have some Sennheiser HD650s, and old pair of AKG501s, a Cambrdige Audio DacMagic Plus. When I listen, I plug the DAC into my laptop, my external harddrive into my laptop, open JRiver media centre and begin my listening session. I've appropriated the cash and would like to...
  22. DudeLebowski

    Help me decide for a headphone between US$ 200 - US$ 300 price range.

    Hi Everyone.I am new here.I am a newbie regarding headphones and want to buy one to start my Audiophile journey. I have an LG V20 and I want to take advantage of the DAC.I started my research into headphones 3 months back and I zeroed between two headphones i.e between BeyerDynamic DT 990...
  23. Z

    Looking for headphone upgrade recommendations

    I'm planning to up my headphone game with new open cans. My current pair is the Superlux HD-330's with DT770 velour pads which have been good for the price. My DAC is the Schiit Modi 2 Uber and amp is going to be the Magni 2 Uber which is currently shipping to me. The headphones are going to be...
  24. R

    Best Closed Back Audiophile Headphone?

    Hey guys, I'm an audiophile and currently own Sennheiser HD650 and I quite like them except for two things - I prefer a more bass heavy headphone and while the sound is amazing I want more bass and two (this is the big one) they're open back headphones, now I'm a student so studying in the...
  25. Senn Life

    DAC to pair with Bottlehead Crack

    Hey guys n gals! I'm running with the HD 650's, Bottlehead Crack + Speedball and currently using my computers onboard DAC. I notice that it's not 100% quiet and I feel like it's holding me back a bit... So I'm thinking I could spend about 100-200 dollars on a separate DAC, what do you think?