Sennheiser Q&A: HDV 820 Digital Amplifier

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  1. cyrilyoung4ever
    listened to HD800S on this, best combo i have ever heard.... makes the 800S really shine!
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  2. kerrys30
    I went portable when moved to HK and had young kids. Now they are older and I have more room I am thinking about getting a desktop. I love my HD650 which had it since first released and thinking the HD800S and HDV820 amp. I would like to use my AK380 as source for this....thinking balanced out cable from AK380 to amp (would this bypass AK380 DAC?).

    what source do you (and all other owners) use?
  3. vo_obgyn
    The digital out from the AK380 should connect to the HDV 820 digital input so that the AK380 DAC is bypassed.

    This would be my set-up with the HDV 820:

    Synology DS116 NAS > Intel NUC7i7BNH Mini PC (Roon Core) > Auralic Aries Femto > Cardas Clear USB > Senn HDV 820 > Senn HD 800 S

    Enjoy your system!
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  4. kerrys30
    Thanks vo_obgyn
  5. Hansotek
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  6. Sennheiser
    You can use the AK380 this way. You may want to ask an AK expert though... typically, Digital Audio Players (DAP) with balanced output are using their built-in Digital to Analog Converters (DAC) and internal amplifiers before outputting an analog signal, while a line-out traditionally comes from the DAC section and bypasses most of the amplification and volume attenuation circuitry, but both of those methods result in an analog signal that the HDV 820 can accommodate using the correct analog input. You could also use a USB on-the-go cable to digitally connect the player of your DAP and use the HDV 820’s built-in DAC.
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  7. vo_obgyn
    Thanks for the review link. I was wondering if the HDV 820 is a worthy upgade to its predecessor the HDVD 800 or not, in your opinion. I would imagine that the DAC section is improved, but what about the amp section? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hansotek
    I have only ever heard the HDVD 800 through its own DAC, so it would be difficult to give you a really meaningful A vs. B on the amplifier sections. That being said, I find it extremely difficult to believe that the sonic differences between the two can be squarely blamed on the digital sections. I wish I had both so I could give you a more direct answer, but my best guess having heard both is that the HDV 820's amp section is probably a good bit better than its predecessor's.
  9. Ginge
    Can the HDV 820 properly drive electrostatic headphones like Stax SR-009 or Focal Utopia?
  10. kerrys30
    Thanks - I will do some more research,
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  11. Hansotek
    The Focal Utopia is a dynamic driver, not electrostatic. They should have outstanding synergy with the HDV 820, based on the sound signatures of the two pieces.

    The Stax SR-009, on the other hand, is electrostatic, and therefore is incompatible with the HDV 820.
  12. vo_obgyn
    Thanks for the follow-up!
  13. Jtom94
    Can someone please help me. I'm soooo confused. I don't understand how to do all the conversions and calculations.

    If you have both the HDV820 and HD800S what should the gain setting be set at? There are 5 options but I'm not sure which one it's supposed to be set at.
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  14. Hansotek
    If you're just using the Senns with it, I'd go with a medium setting. If you find that you're running into the noise floor, turn it down one. If you need more driving power, turn it up one.
  15. selvakumar
    good job HDV820 HAS SABRE ES9018
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