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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. SolidSnake3
    Oh this is a bit of a tough one...
    MTPC=CK10's>TF10>Fischer Eterna v1>RE0>Ety Er6i>CX300
    Really can't pick between the MTPC and the CK10, I love them both and could live with either as my 1 iem for a long, long time. Both have some advantages and if I had a bit more $$ I could see myself owning both. [​IMG]
  2. rawrster
    It gets tough to make some kind of ranking after you own(ed) a decent number of good earphones. I can say this about myself however.
    Remolded Livewire Trips > everything else I've heard
  3. fallingreason
    IE7 > TF10pro > Custom 3 > Shure SCL4 > Image S4 > Denon C551k 
  4. cardozo
    Brainwavz M1 (amped) > Ety ER4P (amped) > Shure SE530 (unamped) > Brainwavz M2 (unamped) > Soundmagic PL30 (unamped)
    Amp: iBasso P3+ Heron
    Source: Cowon J3 32GB, equalized for each phone.
  5. Anaxilus

    That M1 is a tiny terror isnt it?!
  6. f10167
    RE0 > ER-4p > ER-6i > E2C
  7. thomasdgray
    TF10Pro >= IE8 > X5 > Shure E4C > CX500 > PL50> CX300 > UE220 > Custom 1 > Fake MTP (don't ask)
  8. lucozade
  9. Photofan1986
    So you really seem to like the W3, don't you Luco!
    That's quite surprising, as I know many people who really love the SM3 and say that the W3 are a ripoff (I mean really not worth the money). You seem to like them both. Interesting!
  10. lucozade


    hello ,photofan, yes i really like the w3 now which comes as big suprise to me also as i have had them since christmas and really never enjoyed them at all before ,in fact i really could not bear to listen to them ,they were so sibilant and big bloated bass and there bright treble and midrange used to give me headache's if i listened to them for more than an hour or two.
    But using two monster hybrid foam tips on each sound nozzle as made all the difference , i hear no sibilance and every thing is tamed down nicely , the bass is still big and very prominent but much better controlled and not bloated sounding ,to me they sound more bassy than the SM3 but otherwise  not that much different with these tips ,apart from a smaller soundstage ,but it is wide enough and they are definitely not a rip off .
    I Think they are perfect for rock music , but i would not use them for my country music , too much bass , the SM3 or SE530 is better for that 
  11. Photofan1986
    Thanks for the details [​IMG]
  12. cardozo


    Yes, you are sure.
    I'll try to explain the apparent absurdity. In this case, it all comes to how the music is delivered to you.

    Using Brainwavz M1 + iBasso P3 (L/R 2xAD797, Buffers 2xBuff634 and G/V THS4032) + Cowon J3 (properly equalized, to me anyway), it feels to listen to a sound environment, through speakers and not through a pair of headphones. The sound is full and expansive and so real that, at times, distracted at work, I need to get the headphones out to know if the music is not bothering my work fellow. It's something really hard to explain and believe.

    Obviously the phone is not perfect. He is dark, making the "tone" of the phone is wrong in relation to reality. Lack extension in the highs and the level of detail is just regular.

    The perfect phone for me, right now, would be a cross between ER4P, with its true "tone", near perfection, and high level of detail with the way the music is delivered to you by M1.
  13. pinkmoon1972
    Update ranking:
    SE530 = DDM
    Eterna V1
    RE0 (unamped)
    Ety HF2
    Playaz N1
    Lear LE01
    PL50 ( fit problems, gave up prematurely)
    Metrofi 220
    Creative EP830
  14. plonter
    I didn't had much but from the one's i owned:
    1.etymotic Hf5
    2.shure se530
    3.shure se420
    4.maximo im-590
  15. siddiquehanif
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