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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. swbf2cheater
    Yep, they are more fun and engaging, to me, that means they are "better"  Apples and oranges type thing just with neutral and colored sound, i just happen to prefer apples :wink:
  2. daveDerek Contributor
    jh-3a(game changer!)>>>>jh13/16>es5(so far only i have heard the universal version, it remains to be seen if the custom won't shake things up more)>>>>>>> everything else
  3. Photofan1986


    Ok, back after a couple of weeks:
    So the SM3 take the pole position [​IMG]
  4. Poltical Machine
    after reading all of this, my mind is really spinning. I have never really owned any high end iems yet...
    x10 > e4c > um1 > m9 > e2c > ep-630 > zune premiums > mdr-ex71sl
  5. lucozade
    This has come as a shock to me but the phone i have in my ears more than any other phone lately is the westone 3 .
  6. mvw2
    My ranking.  This is based on preference in the sense that if I had one or the other and had to sell one, which would I keep.  As I step through my list of the IEM products I've used, this is the order preference for me.  I will note this is both a mix of SQ and enjoyment.  In the end I would have to live with the one I kept and had to let go of the other.  I will note that I have a good source, robust amp, and a highly capable EQ on tap, and some of the choice revolves around the flexibility I have and lack of limitation with the earphone.
    RE252>CK10>Triple.Fi 10>UM3X>Custom 3>IE8>SE530>CK90Pro>ER4S>SA6>Eterna(v1)>PFE>C700>RE0>M9>Vibe>NE-7M
  7. Anaxilus


    Its called hearing loss luco.  [​IMG]
  8. TheMiddleSky
    My ranking, based on my preference only:
    JH13 (Universal version)>Ortofon e-q7>Westone UM3x>Phonak PFE>Hifiman RE2>Hippo Shroom EB> Hippo VB> Hippo Pearl>Soundmagic PL11
  9. lucozade

    LOL, maybe but if that was the case i would most likely have my 420's in my ears and be blissfully unaware of the full frequency range that would be missing out  .
  10. Inks
    lol that looks like ericp's ranking except the sm3>fx700
  11. rskbug
    ^^ Nice to see the fx700 ahead @ eprevenge
  12. Beyerfan70
    Way too many to mention, But my top 5 are from 5 to 1...
    5, Soundmagic Pl30.
    4, Shure Se420.
    3 Shure Se310.
    2 Panasonic Hje900.
    1 Etymotic Er4p (By some margin)
  13. dweaver
    SM3 > MTPC > IE8 > MP4Nation M2 and then a whole bunch of others...
  14. bada bing
    JH13 > SM3=e-Q7 > TF10 > CK10 >= ER4 > RE0 > SE530
    Those are the ones I've spent time with. I've heard others briefly: most of the westone line, most of the Shure line, the RE262, REZero, the demo JH16 & JH3A, IE7 & 8.
    I'm probably out of the norm by liking the TF10 as much as I do and not liking the SE530 much at all. The only universal IEM I'm curious about at this point is the FX700.
    The JH3a may be a game changer. I resisted the urge to get on the preorder list at CanJam because the amp/DSP design
    wasn't finallized. The demos at canjam appeared to best the "regular" JH13 by a comfortable margin, which is
    nearly unbelievable. I went to CanJam this year with the goal of validating some purchase decisions I was considering. Nothing
    I thought I wanted ended up being purchase worthy. I wasn't aware of the JH3a until I wondered through the JH room and came
    away wanting to hear a final retail version pretty badly. If the JH3a paradigm of digital source > tuned DSP+IEM takes hold in the industry,
    which it probably will, it is going to change the high end segment by a great deal and probably fairly rapidly.
  15. daveDerek Contributor

    i spoke with Jerry Harvey recently and what you heard there is what you'll get. the design hasn't changed (actually hopefully it sounds even better as a custom than a universal device :-> ). the device is a game changer, for sure.
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