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Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. headwhacker
    I just got a bit more time to play around QP2R. After hearing hiss with my ciems, I tried to find out if I can nail the source.

    It looks like the way the amplifier is designed, it has some sort of warm up period coming from off to idle state for a long time.

    The hiss level is very noticeable when you start to play music, but it appears to go down a bit after it is playing for more than a minute. If you pause for more than 30 sec. the amp goes to idle state and complete silence. hitting the play button and the hiss goes back to that noticeable level.

    On my NT6, the hiss goes away completely or is barely noticeable after more than 1 minute the music is playing.

    On 333 the hiss goes down but I can still perceived the background is not completely silent.
  2. jmills8
    Maybe its brain burn in.
  3. Darren Cotter

    That doesn't sound very good and not something that's fixable in the firmware?
  4. EndGameSearch
    The US distributor I spoke to is expecting a shipment this month. I assume the QP2R is shipping in other geographies too but this thread has gone silent? Has there been a delay? Are there any more impressions from anyone? I don't doubt that the QP2R will sound great but am very concerned regarding the reports of hiss.
  5. csglinux
    FWIW, I found the hiss from the QP2R single-ended output to be a little lower than that from the QP1R, while the balanced-out noise floor seemed to be a little more prominent (again, wrt QP1R).This was with my SE846. I don't find the hiss (from either device) audible with any of my other headphones.

    To be honest, after the first week, the QP1R hiss never really bothered me that much. I have other DAPs that have a quieter noise floor, but they don't sound as good overall. I suspect that's the choice you'll be facing with the QP2R if you own sensitive IEMs.
  6. EndGameSearch
    Thank you csglinux. My primary mobile IEM is the InEar Prophile 8 but I'll also use it in quiet environments at times with the LCDi4. I do not have issues with hiss with either of those. I will likely sell my Andromedas since they are collecting dust in a drawer after purchasing the Prophile 8 but I am considering the Empire Ears Zeus R Adel. EE's tend to be prone to hiss so combining them with the QP2R may not be wise. I'll likely need to decide on one or the other.
  7. headwhacker
    I am contemplating selling my QP2R. I bought this so that I can use my aeon as a portable/transportable rig. However, I found out that the Hugo is even a better match with aeon than QP2R. The hugo gives the aeon a better sense of width, height and depth of the soundstage. While in QP2R, things are like compressed and very shallow in depth. Hugo, makes aeon pick up that instrument and can point the exact position/location in a 3D space.

    And since it hiss a on my ciems, (I listen to jazz/vocals with lots of silent passages) it does bother me and spoils the experience.
  8. EndGameSearch
    The Hugo2 is a tough compare for any DAP. It really is fantastic but as you stated, it's transportable so a DAP still meets a need for me. I plan to use it as a transport for the Hugo 2 at times too but I'm primarily trying to move away from my iphone/mojo stack to keep things simple. With your Paw Gold and AK it looks like you have that covered though.
  9. jmills8
    Hugo better dac and more piwer.
  10. headwhacker
    I'm not even talking about Hugo 2, just the original Hugo.

    QP2R is a poor transport overall. yes it will play any files and send it to hugo. But thats it. It will be a big waste. I used my AK120II which is better stacking-wise with hugo and has better features as transport.
  11. danny334
    Let's hope that this can be resolved somehow. It's a shame that Questyle is slowly building up a negative reputation for themselves. I tried the QP2R and with my IEMs and I couldn't justify any major difference that required me to fork out that extra cash for it. I was really hoping the sound quality would exceed the previous version to a much higher degree as I wanted to gain the improved firmware and battery changes. Alas, all I discovered was the improvements we've been asking for in QP1R with a magnified price tag. I am staying with QP1R. Judging from their MO, they will be releasing the improvements into QP3R. Perhaps at that point we'll have a very decently evolved player. I think we need to play the game like we used to back in the day in the software world. You wait for the third or fourth builds before you migrate. Let the others be the guinea pigs. Of course if people feel charitable they can keep buying. I'm sitting it out with an open mind. If some other manufacturer exceeds the QP1R at that price level I will try it out too.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
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  12. coolcat
    I had the same experience, but compared to the QP1R, I think QP2R is better even though just a margin , by the way the QP2R I listened to, is almost new (15 hours used,not fully burnt in), so I dont jump to the conclusion yet, because I believe in this brand (I still rank QP1R highest above all the daps under 1500 usd, even though I already sold it , yes I am a fanboy ), I will give my final thought about the QP2R in the future, when I have a chance to listen to the fully burnt in 2R.
  13. Imusicman
    Guys, any reviews out? I have the QP1R and have the QP2R on my shortlist. Also anyone auditioned the Pioneer XDP 300R or Sony NW-WM1A? Please feel free to inbox me for either product. Thanks in advance
  14. danny334
    So describe to us what aspect of the sound got your attention. I listened with high end kit at london Canjam and couldn't tell any real difference. What would you say is the difference in percentage of the increase in SQ? And we're all fanboys not all by choice though but after spending that kind of money you simply are. Everyone enjoys a good product and continuity breeds a loyal customer, something some companies just don't get.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
  15. coolcat
    I listened to my friend's QP2R for around 20 minutes with my Aroma Witch girl 12 driver + Wagnus Sieve sheep (both great gear to my ear not worse than JH Layla II or Labkable Pandora or Effect leonidas for sure ), I think I hear more soundstage depth ( it still cannot compete with dx200 or paw gold ) the mid is more forward and clearer, but still it has the same signature overall , Actually I expected a little bit softer tone , a little less bright, but I think the QP2R (15 hours burnt in) is as bright as the QP1R. I cannot say the improvement in % , but actually not much
    I just wanna say I beleive in burnt-in , let's see how the sounds turn out to be
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
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