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Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. headwhacker
    Yes the hiss is at constant level, it does not change if I change the volume, gain, bias or any combination of the 3. But it sounds like it's there whenever the amp is active. The hiss goes away after a click which sounds like a relay and the amp goes in sleep or inactive state.

    I did not notice the hiss when I with the demo unit because I used my headphones (aeon, sine). I only tried NT6 briefly and I was listening at a louder level. However, the hiss is very obvious as soon as I tried my fitear 333. when I went back to NT6 the hiss is softer but I can still sense it because now I'm aware of it. Now I can only use my NT6 using the single ended output. But for 333 even the single-ended still has a slightly noticeable hiss.

    Of course, with aeons and other cans it's not a problem and the sound is just amazing. Which is the primary reason why I got the QP2R in the first place. But still at this price level and with this competition in the market I did not expect this level of hiss on my ciems. Even the older AK240SS don't have any hiss and dead quiet. Plus it can also drive the aeons just fine though it's quite up to it's limit.
  2. czy6412
    The hiss is understandable because of the much greater power than AK240SS,
  3. headwhacker
    No it's not. I have/had DAPs with far less power output that hiss a lot and ones with more power output that is totally dead silent. So power output has nothing to do with hiss or at least can be controlled. Besides, at Low gain and lower volume level the hiss should go away. Which doesn't in the case of QP2R. In fact this is the first time I encountered a DAP which hiss like this. Constant hiss level regardless of volume and/or gain.

    my Benchmark DAC2 HGC don't have a hint of hiss at max volume.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2017
  4. czy6412
    Well the design of the circuit does matter a lot. But I cannot really count a lot of players that have higher output power of QP2R. Don't just take the numbers from the specs as Questyle is using its current mode amplification which is not comparable to others, and the real output power is much larger than what is written on the specs.

    I tried Fidue Sirius balanced on QP2R and had no issues with hiss, it is not dead silent but not really noticeable.

    Regarding the Benchmark, plugging in a very sensitive CIEM into a desktop device and playing at the max volume could be dangerous to ears:L3000: And I guess nobody can hear hiss at that volume.
  5. headwhacker
    LPG, DX200, Hugo ... have more powerful output. They don't have hiss like QP2R. I never said I listen to DAC2 at max volume on sensitive iems. I am just saying your argument has no weight at all. Doesn't not matter how elegant the design or has no comparison to others. It's a DAP and many iems are sensitive. it is not noticeable only on loud music but if you listen to acoustics or other genre with a lot of soft passages, it's annoying. So if it is by design, then I don't think many will appreciate it using sensitive iems. It's still a flaw as a DAP. FYI, I bought the QP2R because I like it with aeon and sine. It would have been a homerun product if the hiss can be control for many iems
  6. czy6412
    lol I heard hiss on DX200 but not QP2R, both in balanced mode.
  7. EndGameSearch
    Not to jump in the middle of this conversation with my first post to this particular thread, but have others noticed a hiss with the QP2R or are there still to few in the hands of end users to say? I am REALLY wanting this DAP to work after being disappointed with other brands and have been anxiously awaiting it's availability in the US. That said, sensitive IEM's or not I'm in the camp that hiss is not acceptable on a DAC that is 100% focused on SQ over features. I get that there are trade offs when it comes to designing these to work for all IEM's and full size phones and do not expect complete blackness, but my tolerance for hiss is very low. Hopefully this is an isolated case.

    To frame my comment I'll add that I own CA's Andromedas, InEar Prophile 8, LCDi4's, and HD800's and hiss is not a problem with my Mojo, Hugo 2 or Woo WA8. The Andromedas had some hiss w/ the Sony ZX2 which was one of the two reasons I returned it. I'm DAPless at the moment and hoping this one will do the trick.
  8. astonchan
    Is that case for free and could u please tell me where to buy? Because it doesn't come with leather case originally
  9. headwhacker
    The shop said it's free.
  10. astonchan
    From moon audio?
  11. headwhacker
    No it's Zeppelin&Co in SG
  12. Darren Cotter
    Slippery? Again! Haven't they learnt from the QP1R?

    Also, is that a blanker plate to the right-hand side of the USB cable, where the second card used to fit? If so, that's really amateurish. At least they could have designed a new case.

    Before I get a tongue lashing, I am waiting for reviews with a view to getting one.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  13. headwhacker
    Compared to QPR1 (demo) the wheel on QP2R is more responsive and tactile. Still feels a bit slippery to touch but not an issue in usability. With the rubber on it looks good and feel good to the touch. But, I won't worry without it either.

    Yup, they just covered the slot where the 2nd microsd goes in on QP1R with the serial number printed I think. It looks and feels exactly like the QP1R.

    Overall, I'm happy with QP2R driving my aeon. It gives the aeon better clarity in detail, soundstage and makes the overall sound airy, spacious and fuller in comparison to AK240SS and ipod/Pico Power combo. This is with balanced output.

    However, my C-iems just hiss a lot on the balanced out and have to use the single-ended output for me not to notice the background hiss. Only on 333 where the hiss is still present even on single ended.

    I will go back to the shop and compared with the demo and see if the hiss is the same or just my unit.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  14. Darren Cotter
    Thanks for the reply. I had two QP1R's, one original version and one with the improved wheel function. The second one worked a lot better as far as the wheel function was concerned and can only hope the QP2R's wheel is as good, if not better.

    I think not redesigning the case to lose the dummy second card recess is pathetic. The amount of time and money they must have spent on R & D with this unit and they just blank it off. Like I said previously, very amateurish.

    I will, however, keep a close eye on the reviews, as I can't ever listen to anything prior to purchase as I live in Jersey, Channel Islands, with no specialist retailers.

    Does anyone know, if the QP1R will still be manufactured alongside the QP2R? Also, will there be a price reduction on the QP1R?
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  15. coolcat
    Again two way to help easing the scroll wheel problem (a bumper is the best though sticker look better)
    1 put a sticker on the wheel
    2 a bumper

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