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Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. Bart147
    The flip function helps to navigate faster through a large list of items (songs or albums ) by jumping to the next "off screen" item in stead of item by item when navigating with < or > .
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  2. headwhacker
    IMG_3740.JPG IMG_3741.JPG IMG_3742.JPG image.jpg QP2R with Dignis leather case
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  3. chawya22
    For anyone who owns or has owned both, the 1R and the 2R and have the current FW for the latter, have you noticed any significant OS improvements? Mainly, the battery indicator but also folder play through and an increase in maximum library size. The last 2 seem to be on a number of users lists, as needed and the battery indicator is a minor PITA, in its current state.
  4. moedawg140 Contributor
    Really loving my Dignis QP2R case - used it for several weeks now. Must get if you currently own a QP2R.
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  5. danny334
    Sorry Sir. There will be no more firmware updates, you'll have to buy QP3R. That's the Questyle model of business. This is exactly what we've been complaining about. It surely doesn't help create brand loyalty so forget about any flaws in QP2R and start saving for QP3R!
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  6. Leipra
    There has two problems with using QP2R.

    1. Songs Random. At random mode, it displays another Artist Cover and playing on the screen, BUT actually plays songs in internal Artist Album sometimes.

    2. Charging Complete %. When power off with charging, it displays 99% energy at most NOT 100% always, BUT power on.

    Waiting for being added more by other users, THX.

    In forward to the newer firmware release 1.0.2 by Questyle.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  7. longbowbbs
    There were several sequential QP1r firmware updates. I installed them all in order. Each, for me, made a useful improvement either in function or sound quality.
  8. ChisChas
    Collected my gold QP2R from Audio Sanctuary yesterday having listened to one and had a good play at The Indulgence Show in London last Friday. It's a lovely device and paired very well with my AKG K812's, just a real step up from my soft & over kind sounding Cowon Plenue 1. I have a few questions and would appreciate some help:

    1. Can you access the Settings while you listen to music? I could with my Plenue 1.
    2. Gain & Bias, if I want to very best SQ (totally ignoring increased power consumption/battery use), should I set both to High? Gain has 3 settings, Low/Middle/High and I believe these vary the amount the amount of amplifier power generally available so if I set to High, I can use a lower volume setting? Apart from higher battery use, is there any other disadvantage to using High Gain? Is Bias with its two settings Standard & High the way to increase the current available to the amp section and on to your headphones? So Gain is like power in rms with a hi-fi amp and Bias the current that an amp has? Bias is like torque in a car engine? Sorry, the User Manual doesn't explain, reviews don't explain and I can't find a straightforward explanation on Google. My K812 full headphones are 36 ohms and are easy to drive but scale up well with quality amps (they loved the Chord Hugo 2 for desktop use which I ordered on Friday).
    3. SVC, the UK Distributors don't appear to know whether you can or can't successfully use a 256GB micro SD card, can the QP2R fully use all of a 256GB card? I buy Sandisk Ultra cards and would prefer a 256GB card if possible.
    4. The Manual says 'no fast charging', I am using a slow charging port on my Choetech 60W Smart Charger which has two Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 ports and four slow charging ports. What does Questyle define as fast charging? I use the Fast Ports for devices like a Samsung S6 phone and a Sony 8" tablet.

    Any help and advice much appreciated.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
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  9. ChisChas
    I collected my QP2R last Friday (a big upgrade from my Plenue 1) and I'm loving the SQ improvements, the option of using a balanced output, I'm happy enough with the 64GB + 200GB storage etc etc

    I bought a 'Questyle' case which turns out to be a QP1R case as the UK distributors tell me they haven't produced a QP2R case yet. I don't think I can see any cut out on the side with the last track/pause/next track controls in the photos posted by another Dignis case owner, is there a cut out on that side?

    I'm finding that often, when I take out my QP2R from my trouser pocket, I press one of these controls by mistake which is a bit annoying!
  10. astonchan
    Hello, I wonder if there's any place for audition in California ? Thanks
  11. csglinux
    If you're not too far from Torrance, you could call Jason at the SourceAV and ask. They regularly demo Questyle's products.
  12. brams
    Got to try the QP2R today with a recently aquired Focal Spirit Professional.

    Excellent match running high bias even on single ended!

    Sometimes it's easy to lose sight that it's not necessary to spend obscene amounts to get very good sound ...
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  13. ChisChas
    Exactly, I bought my QP2R a week ago and I'm loving it. A very discernible upgrade on my Plenue 1 without spending 'obscene amounts' ie a A K SP1000 at £3,299 :deadhorse:. Please see my announcement re 256GB Sandisk Ultra SD card.
  14. ChisChas
    GREAT NEWS! SCV, the UK Distributors of Questyle and Focal have tested the QP2R with a Sandisk Ultra 256GB micro SD card and it works! This was a one-off test I 'persuaded' them to do for me (nagging customer) but doesn't change the official 200GB limit stated within the QP2R manual. Anyone buys a 256GB card at their own risk, the single test is not a guarantee.

    I've just bought a 256GB Sandisk card and I'm about to start downloading loads of music, happy days x
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  15. ChisChas
    It's great , SVC, the UK distributor of Questyle and Focal has tested a 256GB Sandisk card and it works, a one-off test, not a guarantee. Official limit still 200GB as per QP2R manual.
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