1. slamstar

    [WANTED] Questyle CMA Twelve within EU

    Looking 4 Questyle CMA Twelve within EU new or in perfect condition
  2. slamstar

    [WTB EU] Looking 4 Questyle CMA TWELVE

    Looking for new or in immaculate condition Questyle CMA TWELVE within EU
  3. Todd

    HEDDphones and a couple sales

    We hope you all are staying healthy and safe. We are doing great here and are still shipping and OPERATING AT 100%. Call 406-285-3910, email or order from our website TTVJAudio welcomes HEDDphone to our lineup. They are on their way to us and will be...
  4. bancanus

    FS: Questyle QP2R DAP *MINT*

    - Pristine / Mint condition. Zero defect. - Come with original full box - 2 high quality, perfect fitted leather cases - USD 580 plus shipping and paypal fees
  5. neogeosnk

    SOLD: Questyle QP2R Gold w/Valentinum Case **Free Shipping/PP**

    SOLD! my near mint QP2R dap with a custom Valentinum case. No scratches that I can see. Pics Paypal fees and free ship included to the United States Only No trades please, have too much stuff at the moment.
  6. Tex Irie

    For Trade: AKG N5005 for any of the following DAPs A&K SR15/ KANN, Cowon Plenue 2, Sony NW-ZX300, or Questyle QP2R [TRADED]

    I have a pair of AKG N5005 IEMs with all the original packaging and accessories (tuning filters, balanced, bluetooth, 3.5mm cable, case, assorted eartips) in excellent condition for trade only. I am looking to obtain any of the following DAPs: Astell & Kern A&Norma SR15 Astell & Kern KANN, Cowon...
  7. relevate

    FS: Questyle CMA800P Highend Line Preamp [SOLD]

    Perfect condition technical and optical (min. 9/10, see photos) More info: Price 1.500€ (or best offer) Add shipping (from germany) + paypal. No trades.
  8. KarlHU

    [SOLD] FS: Questyle QP2R DAP Focal Edition Gold

    Gold Focal Edition Questyle QP2R Portable Audio Player in Good Condition. Warranty from the dealer will expire March 2020 (but I can help contacting Questyle support in China after that if you have any issue with it, sometimes they don't ask for purchase proof). The Focal edtion is just...
  9. MoonAudio

    Black Friday Week Savings Start Now at Moon Audio

    New Deals Daily On Your Favorite Products! It's that time of year again - the holidays, festivities, good food, and new audio toys. We have some great deals at Moon Audio this season, so be sure to check out our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. We have some new deals that came out this week and more...
  10. MoonAudio

    Black Friday Week Savings Starts Today at Moon Audio

    New Deals Daily On Your Favorite Products! It's that time of year again - the holidays, festivities, good food, and new audio toys. We have some great deals at Moon Audio this season, so be sure to check out our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. We have some new deals that came out this week and more...
  11. dasmodul

    SOLD: CMW 600i Amplifier/DAC [MINT]

    My absolute favorite SS amp. Amazingly quiet, clean power that can drive even the hardest to drive cans. As you can see from the pictures, there isn't a blemish on it as I've kept it in mint condition. All original box, etc. included. The only reason I'm selling this is that I've got my first...
  12. Chris Kaoss

    Advice: Nuprime Dac-10h or Cma600i, or something similar?

    Hey guys. I'm heading for an All-in-One System with plenty of power for my upcoming journey. Read a tons of reviews, threads, measurements and datasheets. Inputs are a notebook via usb, TV via toslink and, if needed, V30 via rca. Headphone are Quad Era-1 (se and balanced), Oppo PM3 (se and...
  13. cubed4life

    Selling my Questyle CMA-600i

    Selling my CMA-600i. Comes from a smoke free home, includes original packaging, box, paperwork and accessories. Everything is in perfect working order. I will add pictures of the remote control as I took pictures at my office and forgot remote at home. 600 Includes Shipping and fees in US only...
  14. brintamatic

    Questyle CMA400i w/ rubber base and two top covers

    $600 Paypal and Shipped to cont. 48 US States - Mint Questyle CMA400i w/ stock round legs and vertical rubber base with a black stock top cover as well as a clear top to be able to see the inside of the unit. Great great great Class A amp and super silky DAC. I just moved up in a big way so I...
  15. JoeDoe

    Demo Questyle Q2PR $OLD

    Just like the title says, I'm selling a grey demo Q2PR with all original accessories and packaging. Truly a TOTL portable solution. Hard to distinguish from new. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer. No trades.
  16. mwhals

    [Sold] Questyle QP1R (Gold) for sale in excellent condition

    Hi Head-fi, I'm selling a Questyle QP1R Gold This exceptional DAP in like new condition cosmetically and functionally (see pictures). It is complete in the original packaging with original accessories. The only issue is that the battery indicator is not accurate, but the battery still holds a...
  17. TommyFro

    SOLD Questyle CMA400i Clear Top and Rubber Stand

    My CMA400i is in for service for the next forever and these are just sitting around collecting dust. Knowing how hard they can be to locate I figured someone would really enjoy them. Being how hard the clear top is to locate(I got mine from Britain and had to use a re-shipper, took nearly a...
  18. asquare3376

    Questyle QP2R Gold - Up for sale - SOLD!!!

    Hello friends, I'm selling a brand new QP2R (golden) which I bought a few weeks ago along with the Focal Utopia. I already own multiple DAPs and don't want to carry yet another. Please let me know if you're interested. Asking Price: 899 USD Shipping - Anywhere in United States (Insurance &...
  19. cr3ativ3


  20. Rockwell75

    [CLOSED] WTB Questyle Q2PR

    Will pay shipping to Canada. Seller covers PayPal fees.
  21. James Shoegazer

    (Price drop) Questyle QP1R - Dynamic, precise and detailed

    $435 (Incl. PP fee, registered shipping from Singapore, 7-10 days) Sad to let go my favorite DAP with precise, dynamic sound. Price is at a steal considering its favorable comparison with top AK players. It surpasses models below the AK380 with less soundstage than 380 and almost reaching same...
  22. ThogthoD

    Questyle QP1R Like New Condition!

    Hi, I have for sale my dap Questyle QP1R in excellent condition, just like new. Comes with all original box and accesories. Price: 325 Euro PM if you have any question :)
  23. mikewr

    [SOLD!] Questyle CMA600i - Demo Unit W/ Acrylic Top[SOLD!]

    SOLD, thank you to all the offers! For sale is a Questyle CMA600i with the acrylic top from Questyle. This unit was actually a demo unit used in store and at a couple of Questyle trade shows according to the seller I got it from. It even has the text "DEMO" on the front-right side of the amp by...
  24. turo91

    SOLD amp Questlyle CMA800R

    I sell a Questle CMA800R in perfect condition with box Color: Silver Price: One: 1.100 euro + shipping (free in EU with UPS, 30 euro worldwide) + 4% paypal Couple: 2.000 euro + shipping+ paypal
  25. pr0ggy


    EDIT: Gah....decided I may hold on to the 400i for a bit longer yet... Like-new, in-box Questyle CMA400i DAC/Amp. Desk space is becoming a concern and not sure I want to downgrade speaker size so while I adore the 400i, I think it's time to find it a new home. Sale only, not looking for...