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We hope you all are staying healthy and safe. We are doing great here and are still shipping and OPERATING AT 100%. Call 406-285-3910, email todd@ttvjaudio.com or order from our website www.ttvjaudio.com

TTVJAudio welcomes HEDDphone to our lineup. They are on their way to us and will be available to ship out to our customers next week. Order now to insure you will get them on this shipment. Supplies are limited! $1899 with free shipping.


HEDD introduces the first full-range Air Motion Transformer headphones. Designed by
loudspeaker-veteran Klaus Heinz (Founder of ADAM & HEDD) and build from scratch
in Berlin Germany, the HEDD Air Motion Transformer is a unique transducer that
HEDD believes delivers a more musical and true-to-the-source audio performance. By
squeezing the air out of a multiple Kapton® folds, it allows to move air significantly
faster than any traditional dynamic, electrostatic or planar magnetic driver, resulting in
a more accurate transient response and stereo imaging. This makes the HEDDphone®
suitable for both, music creation and high-end listening.
Technical Data
• Open over ear headphone
• Full-range Air Motion Transformer with VVT® Technology
• Up to 3 times the diaphragm size compared to conventional drivers
• Efficiency: 87 dB SPL for 1 mW
• Impedance: 42 Ω
• Weight: 718 g
• Mini-XLR Connector, high quality 6,3mm single ended 2 m cable included
• Custom artificial leather earpads
• Hand-built in Berlin, Germany

Also, we have our entire inventory of Questyle products on sale. You can check it out here. We only have 1 of each item so if you want it jump on it or it may be gone!


The Chord Mojo is on sale for a week! Was $499 until $425 - good until 4/29 - order now to save.


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