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Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. ChisChas
    I haven't seen any Crossfeed feature on my QP2R, haven't had a great need for one tbh but my Chord Hugo 2 transportable dac/amp has four Crossfeed options (off + three). I haven't heard of Crossfeed being a DAP feature but maybe a look at various DAP specs might reveal one? what age of music are you referring to btw? Is it late 60's or 70's rock music?
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  2. ChisChas
    Update re using cards larger than 200GB and WAV music files.

    I bought a Sandisk Ultra 256GB micro SD card recently, had a big sort out of my WAV WMP music, gave away 70 CD's I no longer listened to and then the great moment arrived to download 145GB of WAV music onto my 256GB card. What could possibly go wrong? Well my QP2R wouldn't recognise the existence of the card for starters. I wasn't able to listen to any of the 145GB of music, I felt a bit deflated tbh. I had previously looked on the Questyle website and there was no mention within the firmware update about larger SD cards but Questyle had announced that cards of up to 2TB could now be used. It turned out that the most recent firmware update was essential to using the 256GB card and once I had downloaded it onto my QP2R, the 256GB card worked perfectly. I would like to thank Nigel & Matt at SVC Distribution for their help particularly as Phil at Audio Sanctuary was of no help whatsoever! Thanks M8............
    So I strongly recommend that QP2R owners upgrade their firmware as soon as they become aware of a new upgrade, could the first QP2R owner who becomes aware of a new firmware upgrade please announce it on this thread?
    Some say that you cannot get the album artwork when using WMP WAV music files. You can if you don't synch the WAV music within WMP but instead open your music folder and, one by one, drag and drop each artist folder to your QP2R. This is only a laborious chore if you are downloading a large amount of music in one go, as I've just done but I have all my album artwork with my lossless WAV music so I considered it worthwhile.
  3. MadSounds

    some 60's and 70's rock. but my real cup of tea is modal jazz from the late 50's and the Japanese scene in the early to mid 70's. So much hard cuts between left and right channels. percussion only in left ear, bass only in right. literally un-listenable with headphones. Probably going to end up making cross feed applied files with foobar or something.

    Fun fact, the original masters of the studio Jimi Hendrix albums have the vocals and guitar split 100% left and right.
  4. ChisChas
    That explains your need for crossfeed, I thought there would be an understandable reason. My only suggestion, as before, is a transportable dac/amp like the Chord Hugo 2 could be used when you listen to this kind of music? You could connect a Chord Hugo 2 to your QP2R with the supplied optical cable. Sorry, I don't have a better suggestion other than one that means further expenditure.
  5. rcoleman1
    Any news on U.S. availability?
  6. ChisChas
    Hi-Fi+ Magazine gives the Questyle QP2R its 2017 Digital Audio Player Award. The Questyle CMA600i was given the 2017 Desktop headphone amp or amp/DAC Award.

    And there's a great review of the QP2R in the magazine as well. But they are behind the news about the card capacity! I'm using a 256GB SanDisk Ultra card in mine (I don't need 400GB and its price is too high at present).
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  7. Shmuel
    Can the unit be used with micro usb to connect with chord hugo?
  8. csglinux
    In theory it can, yes. The QP2R has a separate docking accessory which connects to its USB C socket at the bottom. However, USB digital out didn't work when the device was first released. Apparently the firmware needed to be upgraded to allow for that. I assume it's coming...
  9. Shmuel
    Thanks much for the info!
  10. esauseesaw
    As far as I'm aware the latest QP2R FW (v1.02.) makes it fully functional with the HB2. Is that the FW revision you tired it with?
  11. csglinux
    Version 1.0 when I tested it. It would be good to confirm that fw1.0.2 also works for digital out without the HB2 dock, i.e., just with a standard USB C->microUSB cable. (I never tested it with the dock as
    it's not a product I'd have any interest in.) Can any QP2R owners confirm? @moedawg140 ?!
    moedawg140 likes this.
  12. Shmuel
    I would consider the unit of it did usb digital out without need for a base.

    Looking forward to more info, thanks.
  13. esauseesaw
    Looking forward to more info, thanks.[/QUOTE]

    I don't have a Hugo but could possible arrange to try it with a Hugo 2. I will try it with a CEntrance dac/amp I have to hand.
    Shmuel likes this.
  14. moedawg140 Contributor
    Hey Paul,

    Hopefully I will be able to attempt to confirm once I return home from rehabilitation today.

    Cheers, and Happy Holidays!
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  15. BunnyNamedCraig
    We are expecting our shipment of QP2R by Jan. We have waited a long time so don't hold me to it!
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