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Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. brams
    Great news indeed ... thanks for sharing! There is speculation that the unit might also work with the soon to be released SanDisk 400gb microSD card.

    Incidentally, for anyone wondering about a case for the QP2R during my testing I noticed that the QP1R case works perfectly. It is quite possible to operate the left side controls through the QP1R case and there is no real need to see the bias indicator light on the right side. However, if you do feel a need for a more customized solution the QP1R case can be modified easily using a simple paper hole punch. Just mark the location of the side controls and indicator light, punch the holes and you're done. As an alternate to 3 holes for the side controls you can simply cut a slot from the top down to the bottom of the last button using scissors.

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  2. ChisChas
  3. MP800
    Last weekend I noticed questyle changed the specs on their website to 256gb. Seems to me it should be fine with different cards.
  4. ChisChas
    Can you post a link to confirm this? When I looked at the QP2R Manual yesterday, it still said 200GB
  5. Bart147
    Has anybody else noticed a big difference in battery life listening to balanced vs SE ? When listening through balanced output i get barely 6 hours of listening time on a full charge across all file types (DSD , 24/96 FLAC , cd-rip FLAC ) with listening volumes between L55 and L65 , despite the higher listening volume L80 - L90 i get 9 hours of SE listing on a full charge .

    Regarding the V1.0.2 firmware update : the album sorting has reverted to alphabetical listing in stead of cover view : not happy with that at all !
  6. MP800
  7. cleg
    My humble video with impressions on QP2R

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  8. ChisChas
    Wow, I see what you are referring to! Mind you, in the UK, Amazon want £70 for a SanDisk Ultra 200GB but the price zooms up to £133 for the 256GB. The 400GB is a heady wallet busting £224! Yes, prices for the largest capacity will come down in due course. In the meantime I'll happily make do with a 256GB.
  9. ChisChas
    I'm using the SE only as my K812's don't use a balanced cable (although I understand this is possible and I've asked Atlas Cables to look into this for me). Strange when the higher output of the balanced is allowing you to reduce the volume setting. Are you noticing SQ improvements using the balanced port? I'm saving (ha ha) for the possible purchase of Focal Utopia's and I'd want to run them off the balanced port.
  10. ChisChas
    Thank you for the interesting review, I agree with your comments. Equipment matching is, imho, really important so the more organic sound (as you describe the QP2R) suits my AKG K812's better than either the A & K 320 or LPG would. I was going to audition the LPG last year but I'm glad I didn't from what you say. Also, the K812's are 'easy' to drive although I am told they like current even if they don't need lots of power. I was using the Plenue 1 but I found the sound too soft and easy so I'm really enjoying my new QP2R. Naturally my hi-fi dealer wanted me to buy the A & K SP1000, of course he did at £3,300!! Nice fat profit for him, ha ha .I certainly don't see another £2,000 of SQ or value over the QP2R but others might well disagree. Others with very large wallets!
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  11. Bart147
    If you like the SQ already in SE : you'll definitely LOVE the SQ in balanced mode : i've put the Y-splitter on my Vsonic Gr07x to good use to listen to my favorite test tracks :
    Muse : the resistance
    Cowboy Junkies : Shining moon
    Florence & the machine : what kind of man
    Yevgeny Sudbin, Tapiola Sinfonietta & Osmo Vänskä : Rondo from Beethoven's piano concerto 1 .
    I don't have the tools for volume matching but even then and without doubt : buy that cable !
    Your ears will thank me later :)
  12. ChisChas
    I will chase up Atlas Cables and find out whether they can make me a balanced cable. Thanks for the encouragement.
  13. ChisChas
    And I couldn't help noticing the Jethro Tull 'Aqualung' album cover, a man with good music tastes. I assume you also have 'Thick As A Brick'? I remember watching Ian Anderson in the 1970's at a gig in Hammersmith, London where he was doing his trademark balancing on one leg act whilst playing the flute.
  14. cleg
    yep, great band indeed. I've began to understand them only when I've turned 35. Less heavy metal, more classic rock, jazz, classics… May be I'm getting old, may be becoming a bit wiser :)
  15. MadSounds
    question for the thread, is there kind of cross-feed feature? I find too many of my favorite tracks are awkwardly mastered for headphone listening with bass entirely in one ear and drums entirely in the other. I find this very distracting and would really like a switchable adjustable feature like i can use in foobar. Any way to do this on QP2R? any other high end daps you know of have this feature?

    thanks in advance. looking for the perfect dap to pair with w900's
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