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  1. Astell & Kern SR35

    Astell & Kern SR35

    Model SR35 Body Color Charcoal Gray Body Material Aluminum Display 3.6inch HD 720 x 1280 touch screen Supported Audio Formats WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DFF, DSF Sample rate PCM : 8kHz ~ 384kHz (8/16/24/32bits per Sample) DSD Native: DSD64(1bit 2.8MHz), Stereo /...
  2. MoonAudio

    Sony NW-A306 Music Player Review: A Wireless Powerhouse | Moon Audio

    Sony NW-A306 Music Player Review: A Wireless Powerhouse | Moon Audio
  3. vishweshji

    Using AMP with DAP

    I have A&K SE-300 and WM1AM2 DAPs and I just got Audeze MM-500 headphones. I'm looking for an external amplifier and way to connect my DAPS to the amp and use it to drive my headphones and Fiio speakers.
  4. searchingtom

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  5. MoonAudio

    How the Sony Walkman Changed Music (And Still Does) | Moon Audio

    How the Sony Walkman Changed Music (And Still Does) | Moon Audio
  6. TooPoorForHiFi

    Dear DAP Manufacturer(s)... a Product Request / iDea from a Boomer.

    TL;DR : a Modernized iPod Shuffle. What I would like to see... MicroSD Support 4.4 Balanced + 3.5 SE Hardware Switch to toggle BT Reliever ON / OFF w/ LDAC support. BT Transmit Support for TWS NO SCREEN, Only Shuffle Play Fantastic Battery Life Built In Clip / Case with Clip. The iDea is...
  7. Zaghamkarim

    Hiby R6 Pro II (2023 Edition) - Launch, Hype, Thoughts & More

    Hiya, this is a general purpose thread for any thoughts, comments or to interact with fellow admirers and users of the Hiby R6 Pro II (a 2023 model revision on the original Hiby R6 Pro released in 2019, and a step up model from the recently launched Hiby R6 III/ Gen 3). I originally started...
  8. A

    Do most people use cases on their DAPs

    Do most people use cases on their DAPs? Many DAP's come with a plastic TPU case, but other's DAPs don't and you'd have to buy one separately. The plastic TPU cases are nice because they don't add too much bulk to the player and you can see the beauty of the player through the case. The Leather...
  9. MoonAudio

    Best Music Players, Digital Audio Players (DAPs) of 2022 | Moon Audio

    Best Music Players, Digital Audio Players (DAPs) of 2022 | Moon Audio
  10. Shanling M7

    Shanling M7

    It features the same 5-inch Full-HD screen as our older M8, but in a sleeker “Wave” design body, measuring 129 x 78 x 20 mm at 312g. On the inside, it adopts advancements from the M9, including the single-piece aluminium inner body and the single-board integrated acoustic design. Audio circuit...
  11. iBasso DX320

    iBasso DX320

  12. D

    5 years out the game - please help! DAP/DAC

    TLDR: I need recommendations for great DAP/DAC combos (preferably a DAP with a great onboard DAC) to pair with my Shure Aonic 5s. Am open to used DAPs so my used budget will be around £250-£300. A few years ago I started taking sound quality seriously and have always favoured IEMs. During...
  13. Sony Walkman WM1A

    Sony Walkman WM1A

    Size & Weight DIMENSIONS (W X H X D) 72.9 × 124.2 × 19.9 mm WEIGHT 267g Power BATTERY LIFE - CONTINUOUS PLAYBACK MUSIC 33Hour(MP3 128kbps) 26Hour(FLAC 192kHz/24bit) 11Hour(DSD 11.2MHz) CHARGING TIME (QUICK CHARGE) No CHARGING TIME (FULL CHARGE) 7 Hour Storage Media MEMORY SIZE 128GB Network...
  14. FiiO M3 Pro

    FiiO M3 Pro

    Specifications - High-grade DAC from ESS, ES9218P - Smooth and Snappy Ingenic X1000E CPU - PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/384kHz - Native DSD up to DSD128 - 3.5inch IPS Touch Screen with full touch gesture operation - MicroSD card support up to 2TB - 64MB RAM - USB Type C Charging Port with USB Audio...
  15. mhpsd

    Player for my daughter

    Hi, My daughter wants a music player for her birthday. We stream amazon music and pandora. I don’t want to give her a device that can surf the web like an iPod or android. Anyone have any suggestions? Fidelity is less important than price and features. Thanks!
  16. B

    Budget to Midrange DAP Recommendation

    Greetings! I'm currently looking for the best DAP around or below 200USD price range. I'm currently interested in the following DAPs: - FiiO M7 - FiiO M6 - Shanling M2X - Hidizs AP80 - Hiby R3 - Cayin N3 Out of those mentioned, which is the best in terms of sound quality, usability, and...
  17. TempoTec V1-A

    TempoTec V1-A

    TempoTec Variations V1-A AK4377ECB DSD256 Bluetooth APTX USB DAC HiFi DAP Description 1200mah battery capacity High precision crystal oscillator Low noise PLL technology reduce jitter Exclusive USB driver Dual direction Bluetooth MSEB Mixer AAC DSD direct stream digital LDAC...
  18. HiBy R5

    HiBy R5

    New HiBy R5 Portable Audio Player Featuring 4.4mm Balanced Output, Android 8.1 Oreo and Snapdragon 425 Processor Parameters Make/Model: HiBy R5 Operating System: Android 8.1 SoC: Snapdragon 425 No. of CPU Cores: 4 CPU Max Frequency: 1.4GHz DAC: CS43198 x 2 Input Method: Touchscreen...
  19. NymPHONOmaniac

    BEST SUB-500$ DAP (Digital Audio Player)-Reviews, Impressions, Reference List

    Yes, there some thread about people searching best DAP for this or for that, about best DAP that cost less than this or that, or about how great is a specific DAP. Every time I wonder WHY there no ''Best DAP'' list anywhere, so we can put all this great finds at the same place to help headfiers...
  20. Thenewbie76

    Why and 'how' do people use digital audio players?

    Ok so I just went to a local audiophile store in Singapore. I noticed while I was trying out their headphones A LOT of people were trying out their digital audio players. The only thing I can guess why people use digital audio players is that they have a better DAC and would most likely be able...
  21. HiBy R6 Pro

    HiBy R6 Pro

    LINK TO OFFICIAL HiBY R6 PRO PAGE HiBY R6 Pro technical specifications: General: Operating System: Android8.1 CPU Model: Snapdragon 425 SoC CPU Structure: Quad-Core A53 CPU Frequency: 1.4GHz Display: 4.2 inches, IPS (Corning Gorilla Glass), 768*1280 Touch Screen: G+FF/5 Storage: RAM 3GB ROM...
  22. E

    Media Player for Chord Hugo

    Could anyone recommend a portable digital media player with possibly large display screen for use with my chord hugo and grado sr325e headphones (other than a smartphone). I was looking for something with various digital audio outputs, usb, optical toslink or coaxial compatible for the hugo. And...
  23. P

    ibasso dx80 vs fiio x5 3rd gen

    Hi everyone trying to decide between the ibasso dx80 and the fiio x5 3rd gen. From what i can tell the fiio seems to have a better ui and i think firmware in general however the ibasso is a bit better on battery life. The sound production seems to be pretty much only subjective but as someone...
  24. MoonAudio

    NEW Questyle QP2R Digital Audio Player (DAP)

    NEW Questyle QP2R Digital Audio Player (DAP) FREE 2ND DAY SHIPPING $1299 Questyle QP2R Digital Audio Player (DAP) The QP2R inherits Questyle's quest and style with the second generation of Questyle DAP. Questyle keeps challenging the conventional DAP concept as seen in the new...
  25. Br777

    Portable DAP with best equalizer under $500?

    Title says it all. more specifically, a parametric type eq is ideal, like the rockbox equalizer is, which lets you enter gain, frequency and q or bandwidth settings. thanks!