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Questyle QP2R

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by unknownguardian, May 17, 2017.
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  1. XP_98
    Any chance you could compare SQ in balanced mode with FiiO X7 II ?
  2. headwhacker
    I did not like the original X7 with AM3, I think the X7 II uses the same modules, so I am not looking forward to that comparison. But it depends on what your preferences is. I can see X7 is a hit among bassheads. The X7/AM3 combo is too warm and less resolving to me and prone to external noise (RF interference).
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2017
  3. Trebor1966
    Is this the final design with the black rubbish wheel or is this just a adhesive sticker?
  4. Jackpot77
    Not seen the non-gold version up close, buy from those pics I think I prefer it to the gold. Very nice.

    Hopefully we'll see some more impressions coming up now people are starting to get their hands on them - really enjoyed my time with the 2R.
  5. headwhacker
    just a rubber adhesive sticker. Gives the wheel a sticky grip. Without it the wheel works just fine but feels a little slippery.
  6. Trebor1966
    Thank you for clarification - the sticker looks great - is it part of the original accessory or did you build it yourself?
  7. headwhacker
    It came with the package when I bought the QP2R. I was told it comes with the leather case but has not arrived yet.
  8. XP_98
    Same question for comparison with Cowon Plenum 2 and Hifiman hm901U (always balanced mode) .?
  9. HoneyWorks
    Seems changed to in-cell screen. How is it compare to QP1R?
  10. mwhals
    I like that the USB port isn't recessed anymore. That is an improvement over the QP1R in my opinion.
  11. headwhacker
    First criticism on QP2R. There is a fix level of background hiss which do not change when you change the gain and/or volume level. This is noticeable and worse on sensitive iems. As a reference, my Fitear 333 has the worse hiss with QP2R. Softer on NT6 and it is quickly drowned in the background if music is playing especially at higher volume. However, songs with a lot of soft passage, the hiss is noticeable and to a point distracting on 333.

    The hiss seems to be present only when the amp is sort of engaged. If I paused the music for about a minute or 2, the hiss is totally gone. Take note the hiss seems worse on balanced output. The single ended output has lower level of hiss. On NT-6, it's quiet. But still present on my 333.

    I hope, the hiss can be fixed via software.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2017
  12. jmills8
  13. meomap

    New product like this should not even come out yet until all issues are taken care first.
  14. XP_98
    So this seems to be a nogo with my Fitear Tg334...
    Could anyone comparer with Cowon Plenue 2 and FiiO X7 II ?
  15. Jackpot77
    I find the amp section in the QP2R behaves a little differently with my sensitive items like the Zeus than some other DAPs I'm familiar with. Not sure if it's the "current mode" amp tech, but it was a little different to our things like the Opus #3. Hiss was there, but not as bad as something like the Hifiman Supermini, and oddly it didn't hiss that much with the Andromeda, which is usually up there for me in that regard.

    Bottom line - everyone's tolerance is different, but the hiss didn't bother me, and was friend out by the music in most instances.

    @headwhacker - is the his you are hearing constant on all amp settings and the high and low bias modes?
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