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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. V3ng3anc3
    No problem Trevor, that's what I figured but a part of me still hoped they would deliver on Monday. Guess I won't be able to see them until Friday since I'll be living at NASA for the week unless I make a special trip back home. [​IMG]
    But here are a couple more pictures (Sorry, but I'm a terrible photographer)
  2. Grev
    Build quality is similar, just that the Norn is textile while the Skuld is a polymer material.
    As Trevor have suggested, the Norn (4 conductor) is probably all you need since the terminations for the 1/8 plug or the balanced RSA/ALO plugs are all done with 4 conductors because of the lack of space, now I don't know if I understand this correctly or not but Trevor should be able to clear that up.
    Meanwhile I have gone for the Skuld (8 conductor in Audeze termination) because I just wanted the best he's got (I never settle for something less :p ) and also because he had a promotion on at that time that I got a free Norn2 (4 conductor) cable too, which is what I got for my Hifiman headphones.  I also got terminations for 1/4; 1/8 and the RSA/ALO balanced plug so that I can go for many choices.
  3. mikek200
    R3-Thanks for the photos..they look great to me,..nice job...
  4. MattTCG
    Funny, I was just reading through this thread and saw this pic...
    It was used in the original review. They are now mine!!! [​IMG]
  5. kskwerl
    hehe [​IMG] i love that pictures, those were def some of the sexiest interconnects I've had
  6. neddamttocs
    Just got my Norn2 4 Conductor today! Will have impressions and pic later!
  7. preproman
    Pictures please.
  8. neddamttocs

    Coming Up:
    If theres something you want me to take a photo of on the cable let me know!
  9. kskwerl
    Those are sexy, I've never seen user pics of the Norn v2 for HiFiMans
  10. MattTCG
    Can I ask how much?  Dead sexy!!
  11. preproman
    Very classy.  How do they sound?
  12. TigzStudio
    First of all I am a bit of a space nut, and envy your "living at NASA".  What exactly are you doing at NASA if you don't mind me asking that is?  Cool stuff!
    Second I hope nobody steals the second package as I assume it will be sitting on your doorstep for this week (shipped express, signature waived). 
    I would say NASA just etches out headphones in priority, but its close! :p
  13. neddamttocs
    @ Matt - I paid $166 for 5ft
    @preproman - they sound verygood right now, allowing them to burn in (idk about this part but figured why not) then ill post my reviews.
  14. V3ng3anc3
    Haha awesome, love space <3. I did notice your likes on the Norse Audio page on Facebook for JPL and MSL. :p  I'm currently a Guidance, Navigation, & Control intern working on the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE). I pretty much perform/support tests done on the full scale model of the LADEE spacecraft, with actual flight hardware and software. It's pretty cool because we get to do things with the model that can't be performed on the actual spacecraft until it's in space. I live at the lodge on base (basically a NASA motel) so I don't have to make the drive back and forth everyday from San Francisco. I'm going to miss working here though, this is my last week then back to school.
    Thanks for the concern! It's actually being shipped to my parent's house so it'll be ok. Sorry for the slight derailment of the thread.
  15. Grev
    Actually, I have a problem, how do I differentiate between the left and right?  I do believe I can differentiate the Skuld with the splitter facing forward and I'd get the L/R, how do I set them apart if there's no splitter?  Especially on my Norn2?
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