1. bassophile

    Basshead open-backed headphones?

    The LCD2/3 is out of my budget, unfortunately.   I find the bass on my HD650's a bit lacking, but people will probably tell me I'm stupid for saying that because apparently they are some of the most bass-heavy open-backed headphones you can get.   I was thinking about the Ultrasone HFI...
  2. jodgey4

    9 can shoot-out (NVX XPT100 to LCD-2.2F)

    Welcome, and first of all, thank you to Saoshyant and my brother for lending me cans!   Ordered ~by price:: Audeze LCD-2.2F, Hifiman HE-400, Heir Audio S, Phillips X1, Sennheiser HD598, AKG Q701, Sennheiser PC 163D, NVX Audio XPT100     I lied. It's 7 for now, until my LCD-2.2F's come...
  3. MrWong

    Portable/Battery powered amps with 1/4 inch jack

    Hi all   I've done a quick search and don't think there is any thread which specifically discusses portable/battery powered amps (emphasis on portable) with 1/4 inch headphone jacks.  So starting one up or alternatively if someone could point me in the right direction?   Reason being, is I...
  4. Sebab

    Alo Audio Pan Am amplifier/USB DAC

    Hello,   I was wondering if someone could tell me the sound signature of the Alo Audio Pan Am amplifier, is it a warm sounding bassy amp or a bright/thin sounding amp with extended highs?   And what kind of headphone is recommended to use with it, a warm, thin or a neutral sounding can?  ...
  5. absent

    Purchasing LCD-X Amp DAC Suggestions.

    So I'm going to take the leap and get a pair of LCD-Xs.  I was wondering if you all had some suggestions on AMPs/DACs to go with them.  I was eyeing the Bifrost Asgard 2 combo but would like some other suggestions.   Fist thing, definitely looking for something solid state at this point...
  6. Chartreuse

    Need help getting sibilance out of the system

    I have a sibilance problem! It's most pronounced on female vocals, and is driving me nuts. I don't have more than one of any piece of equipment so I can't selectively swap to help diagnose, so hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. Here's my setup: Source: iPhone 4S playing...
  7. gosteffects

    Will a Pioneer DJM-900 mixer adequately power DT 900 Pro 600 Ohm or Audeze LCD-2 headphones?

    Hello!   I'm new here. :)   ...and I don't know much about headphone amps.    I currently have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 600 Ohm headphones.   Right now I'm monitoring through the headphone jack on my Pioneer DJM 900 mixer.  It seems to work fine that way.  They are more than loud...
  8. Xtri

    Headphones and DAC+AMP combo for my workplace.

    Hello, I am looking for some headphone recommendations for where I work.    The headphones I have from before is LCD-2.2 and HE-500 + some BeyerDynamic DT 990s, but the 990s is a bit ****ed up at the moment so I can't use them, and I'd rather not drag along the HE-500 or LCD-2.2, they are my...
  9. bclark8923

    AMP/DAC for LCD-2

    Hello All,   I'm planning on picking up an LCD-2 soon but was wondering what would a good AMP/DAC Combo be for it <$1000.  I currently have the Schiit Magni/Modi but heard that may not be enough to power it. Would Bifrost/Asgard, Valhalla or Lyr be a good match? Or would you reccommend...
  10. jack667

    Reasonably priced amp for Audeze LCD2?

    Hi guys   I know there was a huge thread on this before, but after spending a lot of money, my wallet is looking a whole lot lighter.. and now I'm searching for a temporary headphone amp that will do the LCD2's justice until I can afford something better..    I really am blown away by...
  11. TheJustice

    Ibasso DX100 and Audeze LCD-2 ?

    Hello,   DX100 think the LCD-2  feed? Do you get the DX100 with LCD-2 from the performance?
  12. sinsiang


    Hi everyone, first post in a long time. I have searched the internet for reviews on the JH3A but info was very sparse. I kinda know about the fall out in 2010 but since 2011 they should have shipped quite a few but there are very few reviews.   I was wondering how good are they as I'm...
  13. fuzzypickle16

    Quick Advice About These Headphones

    Hello, and a premature thank you to anyone who can help. I am trying to find a really, really nice pair of headphones, and I think I found what I want. I would rather like to get the Audeze LCD2 Rosewoods. I would just like to get some extra background opinions. To anyone who owns/owned these...
  14. iim7V7IM7

    Which of these is a Grace Design m903 a goof match for?

    Hi, I have this DAC/amp ( Grace m903) and I use it to power AKG K 702s. Despite being 62 ohm cans, i need to run he amp at 80% volume to pwer these. It has an output impedance of 1.2 ohms and puts out 1200 mW @ 50 ohms, 240 mW @ 250 ohms and 100 mW @ 600 ohms. I use the balanced TRS outputs for...
  15. haquocdung

    Amp/dac combo for Sennheiser HD650 at a decent price?

    Hi all,   I bought the Sennheiser HD650 several days ago. I am searching for an amp that would not burn my pocket but can decently drive the HD650 and LCD2.2 in the future. I love simple products, therefore, my ideal would be a small desktop amp/dac combo. My budget is flexible, but I...
  16. I3eyond

    HD650 vs LCD-2: What would I notice?

    Coming from HD650s, would the LCD-2 be an upgrade?   What would the biggest differences in sound qualities be? 
  17. W0lfd0g

    Recommendations for HP for Choral Music ~ $500.00

    Thanks for reading   I have a set of LCD2 Rev 2s that I love to bits, but find to be less than adequate for choral music, particularly unaccompanied renaissance sacred music.  I find that the treble in the LCD2s doesn't sparkle as much as I would like and I would enjoy a greater sense of the...
  18. zachchen1996

    The absolute BEST amp for the LCD-3 (only vote if you have heard the mjolnir and at least one other amp, preferably most on the list)

    Set on getting LCD3s, preferred its sound to the hifimans in general by a wide margin. Heard LCD3s with the mjolnir and gungnir and loved it. But I have only heard the LCD3s with the mjolnir amp, are there other amps that are better than the mjolnir FOR THE LCD3s in your opinion? Only vote if...
  19. Fickle-Friend

    DAC recommendations under $1000?

    Hi All,   I'm about to sell up some of my old kit and invest into a pair of Audeze LCD2s and the Burson Audio HA-160. I would like DAC recommendations please? I will be using a computer set up. Will have about $1k to play with.   Kind regards,  
  20. kskwerl

    Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

      I recently purchased the LCD-2 rev.2's from Drew at Moon Audio. I got to actually "listen" to them for 1 day before I had to ship out my old DAC to a buyer from eBay, which was the Maverick Audio D2. I was originally planning on buying the Schiit Bifrost to go with my Schiit Lyr, however I...
  21. bl42ed0

    Looking for a big brother to my LCD2.2 and HE-500s!

    Now that I've had time to listen to both on my mjolnir/gungir stack I can easily say, and wish, that I could be somehow using both headphones at the exact same time. I love the bass of the LCD2.2 but the soundstage, mid, and highs of the HE-500. The smaller soundstage has its moments and i love...
  22. hpandy

    Driving LCD2 from speaker amp speaker taps correctly

    Hi,   I have read many posts on this forum and others relating to this practice, and I cannot get my head around the risks and proper setup.   I have read concepts such as: noise, the taps putting out DC instead of AC, running resistors in series, having to use balanced connections for...
  23. obzilla

    Denon RCD-N7 vs Teac CR-H500NT for nightstand source...

    Hey all.    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or opinions on this little unit as a source/dac for a nightstand head-fi rig? The features are what I am after. Ipod/Iphone digital out, USB support for FLAC/WAV, CD player, WIFI connectivity, AirPlay, etc. The price is right. $600...
  24. krod3003

    Headphone Match for The SR-71b

    Hey I just got a SR-71b the other day and I love it. I currently use it with my Ultrasone Pro 900 (Balanced). But I'm looking for an open headphone that works wonders with the SR-71b. Budget is 800 dollars and I don't mind buying used. Thanks again :D
  25. C

    Where is your point of diminishing returns?

    I spent over $600 to setup my current system and expect to spend a few hundred more for a DAC. I think I won't get a significant upgrade without spending at least twice more compared to my current system. So, this is my point of diminishing return for headphone systems. I'm curious where you...