1. Alu

    Audez'e LCD-2 Rev. 1

    Yep, they're good and they have to go. Unfortunately. They're in a perfect condition. Pics show everything that's included.   One thing: There is some minor piece of wood chipped off the box on one side. Picture included as well.   Please PM me if you're interested. And UK only.  ...
  2. krod3003

    Headphone Match for The SR-71b

    Hey I just got a SR-71b the other day and I love it. I currently use it with my Ultrasone Pro 900 (Balanced). But I'm looking for an open headphone that works wonders with the SR-71b. Budget is 800 dollars and I don't mind buying used. Thanks again :D
  3. rmilewsk

    Audeze LCD2 leather headband

    I have the new Audeze LCD2 leather headband to sell. I've used it 5 times. It is basically brand new. No need for it since I returned my LCD2's for the revision 2 that has the leather headband. I will pay for shipping.   This item has been sold.
  4. C

    Where is your point of diminishing returns?

    I spent over $600 to setup my current system and expect to spend a few hundred more for a DAC. I think I won't get a significant upgrade without spending at least twice more compared to my current system. So, this is my point of diminishing return for headphone systems. I'm curious where you...
  5. kennyboy2

    Unable to Reach Audez'e--What is their customer support track record?

    I am very interested in purchasing the LCD-2 over the next few months to augment my HD800s and T1s.  I think this would be a great trio.  I need a 10' cable but I believe the stock LCD-2 cable is 8'.  I've tried to reach Audez'e 4 or 5 times over the past two weeks but they won't return my phone...
  6. W

    Ordered my LCD-2's this week need an Amp and separate DAC

    I ordered my LCD-2's this week.  I tried reading the threads for Amp recommendations for the LCD-2 but after many days I got up to page 75 and my eyes burst and exploded from my head.   I have an average of $1K to spend on an amp and $1K for a DAC.     I've had many tube amps for my speaker...
  7. SHAHZADA123


    Looking for high-end amps with different sound signatures for PS1000, GS1000, RS1, LCD-2 & HD800   Have ordered and am awaiting the WooWA22 but in the meantime would like to order some other SS/Tube, different from the Woo No portables please. Thanks
  8. swifttal

    Please help me make a decision for portable LCD2 amp

    I'm looking to purchase a portable amp in roughly the next 72 hrs and need something that will drive my LCD2's with some authority and low end heft. Through research I'm pretty much undecided between the Hifi-M8 and the Intruder, but any advice and experience on these or any other great...
  9. 24phun

    Got me LCD-2s, do I still need my HD800s?

    Well, I've now got a pair of LCD-2s w/ALO cables - and I don't know if I will ever use my HD800s again. Maybe it's a phase I'm going thru? Will I grow out of this?   Even w/my Benchmark DAC the LCDs sound marvelous. Through my Peak, sublime. The HD800s sound VERY thin by comparison. Bigger...
  10. MetalElvis

    Least ear fatiguing headphones from these options:

    Denon AH-D7000   Hifiman HE-6   Audeze LCD-2   Beyerdynamic T1   What´s the verdict? (Any other choises?)
  11. kimchee411

    Audeze LCD-2 Rev. 2 (Rosewood) with Leather Headband

    For sale is a pair of rosewood Audeze LCD-2 Rev.2 with leather headband in excellent condition.  No flaws I could find on the headphones; some superficial scuffs on the travel case.  These are fantastic sounding cans.  They are my third pair -- I keep getting drawn back to them because I love...
  12. FatmanSize48

    Closed Headphone Setup Under $1000?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you head-fiers out there. I'm suffering from an acute case of upgraditis-for a closed, semi-portable (I'll explain that later) setup. Right now my top choice is the AKG K550, as they are purported to be (pretty much) a closed, improved K702 (I loved...
  13. Norse Audio Audeze LCD-2 Headphone cable

    Norse Audio Audeze LCD-2 Headphone cable

    An 8-wire replacement cable for the stock LCD-2 headphone cable. Also available as a 4-wire cable.