Norse Audio Audeze LCD-2 Headphone cable

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An 8-wire replacement cable for the stock LCD-2 headphone cable. Also available as a 4-wire cable.

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Pros: Excellent product
Cons: awkward and elongated customer experience
All it takes is one experience that isn't so great and suddenly you realize how fragile small startups selling niche products like this one are. Norse, now Norne Audio, seems like a wildly understaffed and over-stressed company that needs expansion to keep up with demand but can't afford it. When you've been fed the 'suit and tie' presentation by enough of these small companies it becomes exceedingly easily to forget exactly how small they are.
When a Draug 2 was ordered for me as a gift, I was very excited. I'd heard so much about these cables and of course I'd started babbling about them to those closest to me who'd listen, and for someone to spend that much on me was a huge surprise. They placed the order at the beginning of December, and of course I anticipated some hang-time before I would find it on my doorstep. Come the beginning of March, I was getting a little worried. I contacted them and received expedient reply that made it seem like they'd completely forgotten about the order. They immediately shipped it and it seemed to be over with.
When I upgraded from a Schiit Valhalla to a Ragnarok, however, I felt this affliction overtake me that seemed to draw my eyes to the balanced connection right next to the single-ended connection the Draug had originally been ordered with. I'd heard about some theoretical improvements balanced systems made and I gave in. Cue shipping my Draug off to get reterminated and a splitter added to it which would require another retermination on the other end of the cable. Mind you, the order of the emails between myself and Trevor shows I did make modifications to the order but not after he billed me. Trevor, Norne's customer correspondant, told me to send $15 over Paypal after I'd stated everything I wanted done. I did so and waited for just over three months before asking questions. Once again, I was apologized to and told the cable would immediately be shipped back and my $15 refunded. At the same time, Trevor told me I hadn't paid for the entirety of the repair-work. What? I'd only ever been billed for $15 ...
I sent him an email saying I'd gladly pay the rest of the bill if that's what had been causing the delay, and then there was silence. No response, nothing. About a month later, I contact him again and he ships it to me again.
The thing that jarred me about the experience was that I didn't ask for anything to be done - I only asked what was going on. Trevor was continuously falling over himself it seemed to make it seem like things were getting done, but only when I asked. Of course I respect that repairs take time, after all, I've been sending off my old McIntosh gear to Terry DeWick for over a year now under the understanding that it would take 100+ days to complete repairs, but here's what Terry did. When my Mac got to his bench, Terry would poke me with an email just to let me know I was up next. I'm given a couple murmuring emails about where he's at with the repairs and then finally I get the invoice. This process is simple, clean, and representative of professionalism from a single dude in Tennessee who's about as busy as any repair-man out there.
The sum total of this has nothing to do with the product, you'll note. For those wondering about the actual product; Norne represents something close to the very best money can buy. Trevor showed me what copper can really do when I thought silver was the way to go. The product is as beautiful as it is exceptional in it's performance, but this one communication error brings up a point which is the SOLE REASON I'm posting this review. Trevor's only mistake was that he jumped where he should have stood firm. The man is trying to do so much and the fact that more mistakes haven't been made is a testament to how outstanding he is at this job. He only needs to stand firm and educate his impatient and ignorant customer (me) on what exactly is going on instead of immediately shipping or trying to resolve an issue that doesn't exist. 
@QwertyQmin your experience is diametrically opposite of mine with Norne and Trevor. He has always been responsive, a source of great audio advice and makes exceptionally great cable.
To be honest, not sure how you can post a product review, not discuss the sonic merits of the product, not sure if this is the appropriate forum. My guess is you don't have a lot of experience dealing with the "Boutique" Manufacturers of hi end audio. Trevor may be buried, but he makes an exceptional product and does his best to take care of his customers. He really is one of audio's "Nice Guys" and I hate to see an attack on his character.
I just wanted to make a few comments with regard to the customer service from Trevor at Norne. I buy a lot of gear. Headphones, amps, dac and cables. Take a look at my profile and you'll notice that I may very well be the most active seller/buyer on Headfi...a true audio addict among addicts. I have used Trevor for the past three maybe even four years now for cables (headphone and IC). For me personally, Trevor has been nothing short of gracious and accommodating with regard to my purchases.
Case in point, I ordered a headphone cable and a very nice set of IC cables a few months ago. Shortly after, the transmission went out on my car. Reluctantly and somewhat shamefully I sent Trevor an email asking if I could cancel my order.
He courteously refunded my order with an hour. And not only that, he seemed genuinely concerned about me getting my car fixed. For those of you who haven't had to replace an tranny lately they go for about $2500 installed. This is just one of many examples I could offer about my experience with Trevor and Norne over the past few years.   
I don't mean to crap on your thread or refute any problems you've had for certain. I just wanted to say that out of the dozens of vendors that I deal with regularly, Trevor has been consistently helpful to me with every purchase. 
Sonic Defender
Sonic Defender
I have to concur, Trevor made me an extremely nice speaker tap cable. He was indeed buried in work and it did take longer than he felt fair, and I was a little put off by how long it could go between hearing from him. The important thing was when he made it right he really did. The work was outstanding, love my Solv X, he was extremely professional and he offered an upgraded cable from my previous selection at the same price for my troubles.
I can't say that your experiences aren't valid, but I will offer my perspective as well. Norne Audio has earned the respect of the community and hopefully things will be rectified with you in some manner.
Pros: Looks AMAZING, improves sound
Cons: None
I was a bit skeptical about a cable actually improving the sound of my headphones, but I bought this to check it out (and because it looks so nice).  I actually did notice an improvement in sound, it seems to open the headphones up quite a bit.  Bass sounds more full, treble more clear and midrange more prominent.  This thing looks ridiculously beautiful, a true work of art.


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