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Headphones and DAC+AMP combo for my workplace.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xtri, Jan 30, 2014.
  1. Xtri
    Hello, I am looking for some headphone recommendations for where I work. 
    The headphones I have from before is LCD-2.2 and HE-500 + some BeyerDynamic DT 990s, but the 990s is a bit ****ed up at the moment so I can't use them, and I'd rather not drag along the HE-500 or LCD-2.2, they are my children and I don't want them to get damaged.
    I'd like some headphones that has some decent bass, and a "fun signature" would be pretty nice.
    Pricewise I'm thinking something of within the range of 400$.
    DAC+AMP combo also, I've been thinking a bit about the Fiio E17 DAC but I am not sure, I've heard good words about the oDAC combo but I'd like to see what else people can recommend to, I like to have a bit to choose between.
    Portability is no problem, they can be heavy as a brick for all I care because I won't be walking around with them.
    I currently use some cheap Koss, and I just can't anymore, everytime I put them on I want to cry.
    So, you guys who has headphones for work, what do you use? :)
    EDIT: Sorry, I posted it in the wrong forum. Is there a chance that a moderator can move this thread to: Introductions, Help and Recommendations?

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