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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. kskwerl
    I recently purchased the LCD-2 rev.2's from Drew at Moon Audio. I got to actually "listen" to them for 1 day before I had to ship out my old DAC to a buyer from eBay, which was the Maverick Audio D2. I was originally planning on buying the Schiit Bifrost to go with my Schiit Lyr, however I decided to to get a DAC from Ross Martin audio after reading a few reviews that turned me on to it and also knowing that Schiit has another DAC in the works which I want to wait for. The DAC I ordered from Ross Martin audio is made to order and I'm actually just getting today. It was about 3 weeks waiting time, during this time I was thinking of other things I needed to complete my system. One of the things I was looking for was an aftermarket cable for the Audeze LCD-2's. This eventually lead me to Norse Audio and a fellow named Trevor who operates it. I actually started a thread here called "How does one acquire a Norse Audio cable for a pair of LCD-2's?". It appears that about a week before I emailed Trevor he was having some spam filtering issues (you can read his response in this thread  ). Anyway, Trevor helped me chose which cable and gave me various options which I will post below later. He was very responsive to every one of my emails and very helpful. I ended up choosing the Norn v2 - 6ft. 8-wire trilevel litz LCD-2 cables with the options of Oyaide 1/4 and Caribbean Rosewood splitter to match the LCD-2's. He kept me updated during the entire process and waiting period as I preordered the Norn v2. I'm gonna sum this up as I need to get back to work. My overall experience with Trevor and Norse Audio was exceptionally awesome, absolutely stellar service and a stellar product (sonically, looks, packaging, presentation.) I'll include some pictures of my little unboxing and later after this weekend of listening I'll leave some comparisons to the stock cable (which I hate). Also, here's some info on the cables..​
    Norn v2 Series (overview)
    The Norn Series v2 will look of course like our original V1 (8-wire shown) but with the new darker coloration. 
    (custom engraved exotic wood splitter available for this series)

    - 22 awg per conductor
    - Tri-level litz up-occ (perfect anneal, 7x3x8, 44awg each strand)
    - Cryo treated
    - 100% textile jacketing (cotton) (light weight, low microphonics, superb flexibility)

    - Black & dark brown outer jacket color (in our unique custom pattern)

    - available in 4, 6 or 8 conductor versions 
    - choice of Caribbean Rosewood, Zebrano, Makassar Ebony or Wenge splitter added (+$10.00)

    - terminations:  1/4",1/8",sr71b,4-pin mini-xlr male, 4-pin xlr, dual 3-pin xlr, speaker spade or banana

    4-wire 6 ft. length starts at $169.99 without splitter ($10.00 per foot)
    6-wire 6 ft. length starts at $199.99 without splitter ($15.00 per foot)
    8-wire 6 ft. length starts at $219.99 without splitter ($20.00 per foot)
    IMAG0092.jpg IMAG0093.jpg IMAG0094.jpg IMAG0095.jpg IMAG0096.jpg IMAG0097.jpg IMAG0098.jpg IMAG0099.jpg IMAG0100.jpg IMAG0101.jpg IMAG0102.jpg IMAG0103.jpg IMAG0104.jpg IMAG0105.jpg IMAG0106.jpg IMAG0107.jpg IMAG0108.jpg IMAG0109.jpg IMAG0110.jpg IMAG0111.jpg IMAG0112.jpg IMAG0113.jpg IMAG0114.jpg IMAG0115.jpg IMAG0116.jpg IMAG0117.jpg IMAG0118.jpg IMAG0119.jpg IMAG0120.jpg
  2. kskwerl
    No love for Norse?
  3. fenom60
    Very nice looking cable. Any impression on the sound? And what is the difference in sound between 4 wire 6 wire and 8 wire? 
  4. kskwerl
    Way more open and detailed, sound stage seems bigger. I feel this way about all Norse cables, same with the RCA's I just got from Norse compared to the 25USD monster RCA's. As for the 4/6/8 wire sound difference I couldn't tell ya as I only own the 8.
  5. kskwerl
    1ft Norn 2 Series Trilevel Litz RCA interconnect pair w/ Neutrik RCA, tinned copper sheilding
    3.5" Norn 2 Trilevel Litz mini-to-mini interconnect w/ oyaid P3.5G straight 1/8"
    IMAG0138.jpg IMAG0139.jpg IMAG0140.jpg IMAG0141.jpg IMAG0142.jpg IMAG0143.jpg IMAG0144.jpg IMAG0145.jpg IMAG0146.jpg IMAG0147.jpg IMAG0148.jpg IMAG0149.jpg IMAG0150.jpg
  6. Ultrainferno
    I use a Norse Litz cable with my LCD-2 and HE-500, using Norse adapters and wouldn't want to change them for anything else.
    Trevor's service and prices are great, I can't complain about anything at all.
    The Norse site should be up mid to late June!
  7. Staal
    So, how would one go about getting a list of the products Norse Audio offers - or even ordering?
  8. Ultrainferno
    Just mail Trevor: norseaudio@gmail.com
  9. Staal
  10. keph
    How does the Analog RCA cable sound like?? and how much is the cost?? Im still waiting for Trevor to send me my 2nd pair of Norse Cable..
    Thank You..
  11. kskwerl

    Trevor's service is exceptional. I recently ordered a pair of litz RCA cables from him, I was getting them with tinned sheildings but he didn't have them in stock at the moment so he sent me a pair of litz RCA cables untinned to hold me over. I will still be getting my tinned sheildings soon AND he told me I could just keep the untinned! :)
  12. kskwerl

    Soundstage seems larger and more open, vocals are also more detailed. I listen to some hip hop and I find that it cleans up the bass a little as well.

    Norn2Series. - .
    1 ft. Norn 2 Series trilevel litz RCA interconnect pair - $64.99
    - Neutrik RCA
    - Tinned copper shielding +$15.00
  13. Pacha
    I wonder if Trevor is still planning to release his UP-OCC ACSS cables. I could say a word about them if some may find it useful.
  14. vincent199188
    looks good..
    emailed trevor to order some too..
    hope it sounds good..
  15. kskwerl
    You won't be disappointed [​IMG]
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