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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. TigzStudio

    The first batch of Skuld 8's will ship this coming week 08/13 (including yours).  The long labor on the Skuld's created some backlog for the series beyond prediction.  Will be getting stock built up on 6 ft. and 8 ft. lengths to help remedy soon as well, but as of right now it has been built to order.   We will most likely refund International shipping (and upgrade to Express if it wasn't already) for those Skuld 8 orders with the longer wait times. 
  2. Grev
    No problem!  Would I be getting a confirmation email?
  3. TigzStudio
    Glad to hear it DK! 
    I believe you are actually the first customer to receive an 8-conductor Norn for HE series
    Grev you will indeed receive a confirmation this week with tracking information for EMS.
  4. keph
     [​IMG] Amazing Cable...
  5. neddamttocs
    I'm in the process of placing an order, probably a Norn2 for my HE400's, cant wait!
    EDIT: Just Ordered! Cant wait to see the cable!
  6. preproman
    Incoming Norn 2 owner
  7. Grev
    Excellent packaging!
    Got my skuld-8 (audeze) and norn2 (hifiman) cables with a few terminations, looks and sounds great so far!!  :D
  8. preproman
    Trevor,  When are you guys going to start doing hard wire re cables?
  9. Sab666
    I will be getting a set of Skuld 8 quad twist for my LCD-3s! Trevor is an awesome guy to deal with.
  10. V3ng3anc3
    Just got my Skuld 8 today! Waiting till Monday for my adapter and Skuld 4 cable to arrive, then I'll finally be able to try it out. No balanced gear...yet. And I agree with Sab666, Trevor is indeed an awesome guy to deal with.
  11. kskwerl

    Awesome man! Be sure to leave us your impressions. If you could more pics would be greatly appreciated.


    Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
  12. V3ng3anc3
    Thanks! I'll try to get a couple more pictures when my adapter and Skuld 4 arrives. As for impressions, they feel and look a lot better than the stock cable, and I love the Y-splitter. I'll probably hold off on all sound impressions as I'm still not exactly a believer yet (first set of aftermarket headphone cables).
  13. mikek200
     Yesterday,I ordered the Skuld 4 with XLR 4-pin plug,these are for my Lcd-2"
    I am totally new to any cable upgrading ,so?? a new, newbie with this.
    Trevor ,has suggested that I might??,also be interested in the Skuld 8 {8 x25awg }.
    Can anyone tell me ,if I will see much of a difference in SQ,between the two cables?
    I would like to retain a neutral SQ with the Lcd's,as I'm expecting a big change with the mjolnir amp.
    My previous amp was the Lyr.,which I loved.
    Any help/suggestions will be appreciated?
    Also,as stated above,Trevor is absolutly fantastic..his e-mail replies are concise,to the point & detailed..a real professional.
  14. kskwerl

    Hey Mike, the Skuld aims for the same neutrality as the Norn. The Skuld aims to be lighter as well as having these differences.

    Skuld Series:

    - 24 awg litz OCC (4 x 30 awg starquad per each 24 awg)
    - Perfect soft anneal, Cryo treated
    - PE super light / thin dielectric (best durability, flexibility, low microphonics, lightest weight)
    - Starquad as well as self shielding 4-wire braid (ultimate noise rejection)

    Norn v2 Series:

    - 22 awg per conductor
    - Tri-level litz up-occ (perfect anneal, 7x3x8, 44awg each strand)
    - Cryo treated
    - 100% textile jacketing (cotton) (light weight, low microphonics, superb flexibility)
  15. mikek200
    Ah-OK-thanks for your reply.
    As I said before,I'm a newbie at this..
    What does all of the above answer...............mean?
    I've ordered the Skuld 4,with the option from Trevor ,to let me test  a Skuld 8 {8 x25awg }.,and exchange ,if I so decide.
    When you say "lighter",do you mean in SQ?
    I'm coming from a Lyr,which from what I'm reading is an entirely different animal-correct?
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