1. BaileyAblaze

    Audeze LCD-2 Best Amp

    I am considering buying the Audeze LCD-2's however they are very expensive. If I got them, I would only be able to spend $300 on a Desktop Amplifier/DAC. Which Desktop Amplifier/DAC do you think is best for the Audeze LCD-2's for under $300?
  2. kskwerl

    Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

      I recently purchased the LCD-2 rev.2's from Drew at Moon Audio. I got to actually "listen" to them for 1 day before I had to ship out my old DAC to a buyer from eBay, which was the Maverick Audio D2. I was originally planning on buying the Schiit Bifrost to go with my Schiit Lyr, however I...