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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. keph
    last few weeks ago my cable arrived and it was just like the cable before (the v.1)...Build quality is amazing (better than the v.1) and looks like it can tow a truck haha...this time i also ordered the lcd to he series adapter so i can use the cable on both of my headphones...
  2. kskwerl
    Sounds good man, yea the cable is beast reminds me of a chinese finger trap lol
    I just received my RCA cables WITH the tinned shielding. I'm at work right now though but I'll be sure to upload some pics and give some impressions later tonight.
    I also have the Skuld series coming to me for my HE's [​IMG]
  3. MJM58
    What is the difference between the Norse and Skuld cables? Have listened with both? Do you have any additional comments on the sound qualities from the stock cables? Thanks Mike
  4. Grev
    As far as I know... more conductors on the Skuld compared the to Norn.
  5. kskwerl
    Idk about this but I'm not saying its not true. I have an email somewhere from Trevor comparing the Skuld and Norn
  6. TigzStudio
    The Skuld flagship has equivalent of 8 x 24 awg (however it utilizes 32 individual smaller cryo litz up-occ conductors in total, 4 per each 24 awg).  The Norn 2 flagship has 8 x 22 awg with 8 individual cryo up-occ complex litz conductors.  
    The best way to think about it is below.
    Norn 2:  8 conductors of 22 awg
    Skuld:  8 conductors of 24 awg
    Of course there are other differences between the series (design, etc), so feel free to shoot an email to Tigz.Studio@gmail.com or NorseAudio@gmail.com for a better description. 
  7. DarknightDK
    Wonder how much difference the Skuld would be over the Norn. I have the Norn 8 series cable for my LCD-3 and it is amazing. Incredibly detailed and neutral and the cotton sleeving makes it much more comfortable over the stock audeze cable. Have no regrets getting the Norn 8 conductor cable as it pairs very well with the LCD-3 and lets you hear the soul of the music passing through.
  8. Ultrainferno
    Trevor, any idea when the site will be up?
  9. Grev
    I have the Skuld-8 coming with the Audeze cans, also a Norn-4 for the hifiman series, should be fun!
  10. TigzStudio
    As soon as we stop getting orders for about one full week! (hasn't happened yet)  :p
    In all seriousness, most likely when on vacation at the end of September.  Should be able to finalize things and get it up, with the much easier checkout button and various other products up.
    The new S8 has been eating up all the time recently (6-8 ft. length version taking about 7 hours to complete).   

    At least next week I get a nice one day vacation as a couple of us head to the Diana Krall concert.  Should be a nice break from the cable chaos (don't worry to those waiting for S8's they should already be on their way to you by this point). 
  11. kskwerl
    Got some awesome Norse Audio cables from Trevor for the Fostex T50RP "Mad Dogs"!!!

    One is Norn v2 tri-level litz 4 conductor right angle 1/8 neutrik to 1/4. (brown & black)

    The other is the same 1/8 neutrik to 1/4 I am demoing for Trevor for a possible series, I do not know the specs as I am blind testing this against the Norn v2 but I can tell you so far it's kick-ass. :D

    As always shout out to Trevor who is always awesome to work with and as usual I am beyond satisfied :) Cheers Trevor!

  12. DarknightDK
    Yep, Trevor makes some great cables. Still enjoying my Norse Norn 8 series cable with my LCD-3 to this day. [​IMG]
  13. kskwerl

    I have that cable as well, absolutely phenomenal :)
  14. Grev
    I will get mine soon, I guess! :p
  15. keph
    Well i have the Norn V1 and the V2, the V1 is one of the first 8-wire HE series cable that Trevor made and i am impressed from the build and the sound quality.
    Thumbs up for Norse Audio,
    Cheers Trevor,
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