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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. paradoxper
    What is this the preproman loaner library.  I call dibs on his NEXT purchase. [​IMG]
  2. preproman
    The next purchase is the GS-Xv2
    The loaner program is a deposit of half down (USD$), your first born, and a lim of your choice.
    *****NO CHECKS*****
  3. paradoxper
    Sorry...all's I got is good faith. [​IMG]
  4. preproman
  5. V3ng3anc3
    Wow, they look great!
  6. mikek200
    Just wanted to post a pic,of the adapter,Trevor made for me,to fit my existing 4-pin XLR skuld cable.
    Hats off to Trevor again,for doing such beautiful work:
  7. preproman
    Aww man - is that for the HE 6?  
    I would like to get my HE-6 hardwired with a 12 ft. Norse Cable with those bananas on them.  The problem is I have to find an authorized HE-6 dealer that's willing to install a DIY cable.   
  8. paradoxper
    The only person who's authorized to do that is Robert, no?
  9. preproman
    Robert is one - I don't know if he's the only one.  Also I'm not sure if he's willing to do a DIY cable instead of the Zeus cable.  I'll ask him.
  10. paradoxper
    If you find out about anyone else, let me know. If he would only do the Zeus, that'd be a bummer.
  11. mikek200
    Aww man - is that for the HE 6?  "
    Yup-& it matches the skuld4 cable exactly.
    +,he gave to me at a fantastic price-then shipped it priority mail.
    Should have it tomorrow.
    Give him a call
    Maybe you guys can work something out?
  12. preproman
    I already use Trevor I just need an authorized installer for the HE-6.
  13. MattTCG
    Seriously drooling over that one!! Just beautiful...
  14. mikek200
    Not sure I should use it...maybe I,ll frame it,insteado
  15. jliu
    Just got my Norse cable!
    Skuld 4 with a balanced connector for my MKIIIB.
    These cables look fantastic and sound great! Was going to post pictures of my Rig but for some reason I can't post pictures.
    Source :
    Iphone 4s
    Dac :
    Cypher Labs Solo
    Amp :
    headphones :
    Hifiman HE-500 with norse cable [​IMG]
    Fitear To-Go 334 with ALO cable
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