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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. Marutks
    I ordered Silvergarde S3 Clear. What is wait time for this cable?
  2. Thenewguy007
    Probably a few months.
  3. vonBaron
    Anyone knows how Norne compares to Arctic Cables?
  4. interweb-tech
    Their pricing differences reflect the difference in materials, design, & construction. Arctic makes a nice relatively inexpensive cable that you will be satisfied with. Norne makes a cable you will be proud to own. They both make a quality product. Norne is just higher quality.
    Wes S and vonBaron like this.
  5. G0rt
    These Norne thingies really are quite good, aren't they. :ksc75smile:

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  6. MattTCG
    Nice! Draug3?
  7. G0rt
    An older Draug 2, but very flavorful. An even older Reign 8 for LCD-3f.

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  8. MattTCG
    ^^ Older, but still looking really good.
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  9. G0rt
    Really Really good, a perfect complement to my older (2015 Q4) LCD-3f, lighter and more flexible than the Black Dragon I'd been using, brighter and so apparently more detailed as well. For me, perfect.
  10. Wes S
    Hey fellow Norne fans! I am happy to report, I just bought an amazing looking Draug 3. Check out this beauty! This cable should be a great compliment to my Silvergarde S(1). Now I am set, owning a TOTL copper and a TOTL silver cable, for my ZMF's.
    Matthew420, G0rt and interweb-tech like this.
  11. krakenkr
    Have anyone had their cables reterminated by Norne Audio? How should I initiate the process and how long does it roughly take? Thanks in advance.
  12. pippen99
  13. LoryWiv
    As an alternative to consider, Trevor also makes very high quality adapters, as he did for my S3 when I changed from a balanced XLR amp to single ended 6.3 headphone output jack. I am very happy with mine, he even matched it aesthetically to the original cable.
  14. Richsvt
    Got an early day off so sitting with a nice craft beer and some tunes:
    M5S>Norne Therium 4-wire> Cypher Labs C6
  15. krakenkr
    Thanks for the reminder buddy! Unfortunately my re-termination required is on the headphone side :frowning2: I will try to contact Trevor and see what he says. Thank you for the help!
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