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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. commtrd
    O.M.G. Combine a new S3 with a new GSX Mini amp behind a Hugo 2 dac and be prepared to go to the next level. Nicely enhanced air and timbre are the first and most immediate improved qualities and they are not un-substantial either.
    Just a beautiful listening experience; quite humbling to be able to listen in reverence to the vocals that fairly ring out and fade to blackness.. I find it challenging to come up with combinations of words to adequately describe this particular sonic bliss.
    I believe it could be said this is close to end-game but actually that matters not. The system has been totally transformed. WOW.
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  2. commtrd
    Trevor thanks from the bottom of my heart. The cables are superb and just the perfect complement to the new amp. Just gorgeous...
  3. LoryWiv
    Congrats, @claud W. Beautiful cable and photo. Can you offer any comment on sound quality difference between the 8-wire S3 and standard?
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  4. claud W
    No. the 4 wire is on my Verite and as you can see, the 8 wire is on my Semm HD 800S.
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  5. TheHighlander
    Im interesting in S3 and probably monday my gsx mini arrive. Nice to know about the gsx mini sounding this good. Cant wait to reach norne and try maybe a S3 8 braid for my utopias. Want a specific mix of sleeves that is listed in the S3 page, but not available to choose when I try buy the cable. 8 wire just can be order by email, right? I email norne audio but didnt get an answer yet. Well have to wait for this email. In the meantime, just drooling in the photos of this thread. Cant wait.
  6. commtrd
    I wonder: how does Trevor get that wire thru that fabric sleeve? The S3 is so supple and flexible, it is just at another level. Oh and it sounds pretty good too. =)
  7. protoss
    I just got my Norne Draug 3 cables. Excellent cables.

    Super light weight, flexible and looks stunning.
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  8. BananaOoyoo
    Considering grabbing a Norne Audio cable - are there any wire discoloration issues with the non-sleeved cables?
  9. protoss
    The draug 2 cables is a no.
    Just got the Draug 3 cable. Its most likey another no :)

    Great cables.

    The biggest con is that you will touch it alot and look at it consistently. It gets annoying lol.
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  10. Stu Paddasso
    Bin there done that lol
  11. commtrd
    My Solvine SE cable is a silver-copper hybrid in clear and I call it my "sound pipe". Still looks as good as the day I received it.

    However now with a balanced amp and using S3, it is strikingly different in how much more supple and flexible cable with textile sleeve is.
  12. protoss
    Just got around to take some pic of the Draug 3 cable. Amazing again :)

    I think my favorite thing about the cable is the look and lightness of it.

    20190922_160217.jpg 20190922_160218.jpg 20190922_160600.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
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  13. protoss
    Here is a fun cable comparison. Just for fun. The Sennys cable is a disasters!
    Stax is tie, to being great with the Draug 3

    20190922_163951.jpg 20190922_164048.jpg
  14. interweb-tech
    Silvergarde S3 sighting! Delivered today.

  15. nwavesailor

    NICE! It has a classy 'grey pin striped suit' look to it...............ALL business!!!
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