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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. nwavesailor
    Yes, it is a very nice pairing. After adding the Norne S-3 cable and Qutest, I'm good.................at least for now!
  2. drummerdimitri
    Which Norne Audio cable would you recommend for my LCD-4z?

    I'm trying to "fix" them as I find them way too dark so trying to bump that 4.5 KHz region to give them some air.
  3. Wes S
    I am sure there might be several Norne cables that will help you, and I will recommend the Draug 3. The Draug 3, helped open up the sound and added a bit of air with my Aeolus, which are a warmer headphone. With the Draug 3, the soundstage definitely got wider deeper, and airier, while the bass extension got tighter and deeper, as well. Really a spectacular cable in the way it feels in hand, looks, and sounds. The braiding on this cable is insane, and is dang near perfect on mine. I imagine the labor is painstakingly intense, getting things so perfect, and for the money this cable, is an incredible deal.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
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  4. drummerdimitri
    I have to say the Draug series have insane braiding and comendable craftsmanship however it is a bit too cluttered for my taste visually.

    Would like to take the Silvergarde S3 Clear road unless this combination is not recommended as it is the most aesthetically pleasing of them all in my opinion.

    Also, looking for a cable to keep for long term use with various headphones (self re-terminating if required) as I see it as a long term investment and not just for my current headphone collection.
  5. Wes S
    Silvergarde S3C, is the next cable I plan to buy, and totally agree with you about the looks on that one. You are way braver than me, on doing the re-termination yourself.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
  6. Eaton Liu
    I think there are some tuned version for specific headphone to maximize their synergy. You can ask Trevor if he have a cable for the 4z.
  7. Roasty
    Just received my Silvergarde SX. 4.4mm balanced plug, for use with a 64audio A12T.

    As usual, amazing build quality. The cord is so light. Although much thicker than the stock cord, it is however much easier to handle, and tangles less easily. No discomfort/pressure when hooked over the ear. It is so soft to the touch, and so flexible too, that it hangs easily over the ear without any use of a silicon guide/brace on the cable. Slider is nice and smooth too.

    I am using it with an iBasso dx220 plus a brand new amp8 module.

    First impressions:
    Super smooth up top. Zero grain zero sibilance. Honey smooth. But not lacking detail. Very clear crystal highs.

    A tremendous amount of bass. Very full sounding. Almost to the point of bloated. I hope this will calm down after some use.

    Mids have so much heft and body. Stock sounds thin and lean compared to this combo (I'm guessing amp8 has a part to play too).

    If I had one word to describe it, "Lush".

    Totally does not conform to common conception that silver cables are lean/bright.

    Amazing cable. Trevor has a bit of trouble keeping up with orders, the wait was long, but damn...he makes hell of a cable..!


    Compared to stock cable
  8. Astral Abyss
    @Roasty How long did your build take?
  9. Roasty
    I think the whole process took 6 weeks thereabouts.
  10. Wes S
    That's awesome looking! I did not know, that the SX came braided like that? In the website pictures, the wire is twisted, and I am curious if you special requested the braid? It really is a totally different experience with Norne Silver, than what everyone thinks. My full sized Silvergarde S1, definitely has the same effect, as what you are describing. My Silvergarde S1, is my warmest cable, and I absolutely love that.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
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  11. Roasty
    Yes it is also definitely my warmest silver cable. Not sure what he did or how he did it, but it's pretty amazing to get such a lush full sound. I have a 4.4mm to 2.5mm adaptor so am going to try the dx220 with the amp1 module and see if the amp8 contributed much to the sound I'm getting now.

    I didn't request for a special braid. I think the SX comes like that now.
  12. Wes S
    Cool, Thanks! I like the look of that braid, vs the older twist look.
  13. Wes S
    That is actually on the faster side of things, from what I have read, and not bad considering how popular his cables are.
  14. pippen99
    That is exactly right. If you are considering ordering a cable and do not need the Black Friday discount I would order now. The wait time after BF will probably be much longer.
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  15. Astral Abyss
    That's cool. I was mostly just checking. I've got a Draug3 being made. Been about 8 weeks now. I'm not in a rush.
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