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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. Jozurr

    Because you start getting used to how it sounds :D
  2. GrdironTrenches
    I received the Zoetic (Hifiman HE-6) black XLR 6 foot cable this afternoon! The quality is well worth waiting for. Actually waiting makes arrival more enjoyable :) This cable is so light and the stock Hifiman cable is so stiff in comparison. Rated 10/10, next cable will be like 10 feet long for my Hifiman 560. Trevor hooked it up yo
  3. sling5s

    Hi Trevor,
    Does the "Headthrone Adaptor" convert HD800 Draug 2 or Skoll 2 cable (have both) to JH13pro (for home use mainly)?
    Just want to make sure. And which wire would you recommend? Skoll, Zoetic or Vanquish?
  4. sling5s
    Has anyone compared the Solv X vs Silver Dragon (moon audio) for their IEM?  I'm assuming the Therium is better than both. 
  5. Denzelwng4
    I was using Silver Dragon for couple of weeks before I sell it.
    I don't have Solv X but Therium instead. 
    Looks: Therium is best
    Quality: i would say silver dragon is build like a tank but not that soft and sometimes not comfortable to wear, Therium really suits my needs
    Sound:  i buy cable for aesthetic mainly, but yes sonically there are some slight difference, high extensions and emphasis - therium is ahead on that mark...to summarize: i like my therium more than my silver dragon.
  6. Rumiho
    Is the Draug V2 still considered the best option for the HD 800's? Finally getting around to upgrading a few pieces of my system and was looking to get a new cable once I get my Bifrost Multibit back.
  7. markm1
    I'm new to the aftermarket cabling thing. I'm comparing Norse with Moon Audio and a few others.
    I just purchases a Dharma1000. I've got a balanced DAC/amplifier with balanced and unbalanced HP outs. The balanced are of the 4 pin variety.  I want to be able to connect to my balanced HP out.
    I think I want a Draug2 with 4 pin XLR Neutrik terminiation.
    Now, if I want to be able to switch from my 4 pin balanced out to another non balanced amplifier for a single ended connecttion, then I need an adapter. Is that correct?
    So, looking at the website, they've got adapters by series. So, if I bought the Draug 2 with a 4 pin termination and I wanted an adapter for another single ended non balanced device, I should order a Draug  2 adapter with 4 pin "headphone cable terminaton" (to connect from the end of my  original 4 pin termination) to a Neutrik 1/4 "device end". Does that sound about right?
    Good lord!
  8. Mortalcoil
    Im a believer in cable burn in  (not magic stones or unicorn dust)
  9. pannomimi
    After almost a week of listening I must say that the Therium cables are really great. I ordered my Therium cables on Black Friday, and recently received them last week. I waited anxiously for months but it was totally worth it. What made the waiting easier was Trevor's friendly and reliable customer service.

    Build quality of the Therium cables are excellent; no kinks, very even and very nice braidings. They are also relatively light and flexible, which makes for easy and comfortable listening on the go.

    And most importantly, the sound quality! The most obvious improvement was the soundstage and imaging. Simply amazing! Back, Front, Left, Right, Up, Down; all very distinct but well in harmony. The added width and depth makes listening to my CE6P much more immersive.
    Extension on both ends of the spectrum are also well improved, especially in the treble region. The amount of air added here is great if you'd be pairing it with an IEM with a darker sound sig, or just simply want a brighter and more 'airy' sound sig. Very nice micro-detail, accuracy and speed too. The way the bass hits is really addictive. Quick and Solid. Treble is sparkly and energetic, but never sibilant. Sub-bass is solid and ultimately detailed, while mid bass is tight, quick and controlled but never boomy. The sonic qualities and ergonomics of the Therium cables really made my sessions with my CE6P much more enjoyable.

    To those still waiting for their orders, hang on! You will be pleasantly surprised when you receive your cables.
    Once again, big thanks to Trevor for the great cables and the friendly service. Keep up the good work!

    10/10 would order again.
    pavement714 likes this.
  10. GrdironTrenches
    for sure man, zoetic is so lovely and brings no regrets through the whole process. I developed a sexual fetish touching the cable. going to order draug 2 soon as possible.
  11. Eric510
    Hey everyone - How'd you go about placing the order for your cables? Directly with Trevor (via pm) or through his website? I ask because I tried placing an order yesterday and ran into a bit of a problem getting the cart to show what I was actually trying to purchase. Wasn't allowed to finalize the order without specifying a heatshrink option, despite the fact that I don't want a heatshrink splitter. Am I missing something on the website? [​IMG]
  12. markm1
    I'm interested in the Draug 2, but reading some of these posts has me scratching my head. The work looks beautiful. And, your reviews/comments are glowing. But, it sounds like some of you ordered around Thanksgiving and are getting your cables in March. So, you literally have to wait 4 months after placing an order?! That just seems crazy. Am I missing something?
  13. TigzStudio
    Oye, sorry all didn't reazlie so many posts.
     I have been doing 18-19 hour build sessions (limited breaks) and haven't had time to check the thread or forum as often.  
    Will finish off emails and any RFQ's this evening.
    Not sure if I will ever have another Black Friday again!
    Was a bit brutal, well at least next time I will know to have the right preparations.
    IIf for some reason anyone has not had a reply in 1 business day please send your
    email again (use contact form if possible)
    Joe thanks again for your patience on this one, glad your enjoying it so far.
    Thanks Dylan, will update you on the remainder of your order ETA soon. 
    Sling I think I answered the question in email, but not sure, will double check.
    tracking coming in email very soon Youth.
    Thanks for being so patient Grdiron, I am happy you are liking it. 
  14. eso6686
    Disclaimer: This is just my subjective opinion!
    Rejoice!!! I finally received my Silvergarde S for my Hek and has had around 50 hours of listening time on it so far/
    The short:  WOW this is one of the best cables I have ever owned
    To my ears, the stock cable sounded a bit harsh and edgy at the top end and the bass was bit lacking ( like love good punching bass)
    The silverguard S deliveries just that and a bit more.
    Everything just sounds fuller and more musical ( Again just my personal preference)
    It sounds a lot smoother with no loss in resolution and detail. The bass sounds great. Nice and punchy without being boomy
    And the highs... **** ..it is so smooth with plenty of detail. 
    The sound stage which to me is one of the main strengths of the HEK and I am happy to say this has been preserved.
    Build quality is top notch. If i were to be really picky then I would say a engrave y spitter would make just the little more perfectly cosmetically. But I am happy with it the way it the way right now.
    Although the cable is quite a bit thicker than the OEM cable bit it way way more reflectable making it a lot easier to use and coiling up when not is use.
    Compare to competitor like helix cable ( with me greatest respect to them), i find this to be excellent bargain.
    At $500 ish it is not cheap by any standard but it is worth every penny. Dont think you can find a better cable at this price point TBH.
    Yes the wait was longer then expected but it was worth it.
    Well done Trevor, you have earned my greatest respect!
    I am now tempted to try out the Silvergarde s interconnect...lol
  15. Telacap99
    BTW any plans for JH sirens series in the near future?
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