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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. GrdironTrenches

    can you perhaps provide a picture of the black/dark grey draugs. Grey is posted with red and some other color on the site. I'm debating going with an all black splitter or maybe the new chrome splitter
  2. bimmer100

    Was the one I just posted not clear enough when you enlarge it to the original size? Or are you asking for more than the photos I already posted?

    The website has a couple photos of the black and dark grey one too. I believe same options as mine too.. With the stealth splitter.
  3. GrdironTrenches
    They are clear now now that im home instead of using a 5 inch phone. Them cables aint bad at all
  4. songmic
    It has been 6 weeks since I ordered the Draug v2 for my HD800S. I've sent two emails to Trevor during that time but no reply... approximately how long did it take for you guys who received yours?
  5. Richsvt
    I ordered my Draug 2 at about the same time. I think I remember seeing that the estimate was going to be about the end of April. Fear not, Trevor will come through. He may be working on your cable at this moment. The time it takes him to answer emails is time taking him away from building cables. I've ordered several times from him and even though the wait is tough, the end result is a beautifully crafted cable. Good things come to those who wait...
  6. guzmanatm
    I ordered mid-January and my Draug 2 took around 8 weeks to arrive. However, I didn't opt for a splitter which could have made my order a bit easier/quicker to process.
    Trust me I know the wait seems long, but it is not at all unusual for custom high-end headphone cables. When I was shopping around there was always a lengthy lead time for quality products. For example, I've been waiting over 8 weeks for a simple 4'' XLR adapter from another cable company who shall remain nameless. Patience is the name of the game...
    Like many others have said, the wait is worth it. If you don't receive a response within 24 hours from Trevor try sending him a PM here on head-fi and follow up with another email.
  7. GrdironTrenches
    Yes shoot him a PM. Trevor will definitely come through with the order. I waited about 10 weeks because of Black Friday rush. Cable making just takes time. The craftsmanship is well worth it
  8. ufospls2
    Got my little adapter from Trevor. A+ Service, and work. Would recommend for all your cable needs. Even came in a cool little Norne Audio Pouch!
  9. pippen99
    I second all that has been said.  I just got back from the Nashville meet and there were several cans there with Draug cables.  The build quality is second to none.  Also know that the Draug is the most difficult and labor intensive cable to build of all that Trevor offers
  10. Wildcatsare1
    Make that x3, I now own two pairs of Draug 2, Therium and 8 wire Vorpal, I won't go anywhere else for cables, Trevor is the best in the business.
  11. Sivert
    I placed my order 3 months ago. I'm hoping it will be shipped soon.
  12. Denzelwng4
    based on my experience it's been 4 weeks but sometimes Trevor side is quite fast but each countries have their own custom policies that may cause the delay.
  13. Sivert
    I'm in the U.S. 
  14. grownmansport
    I'm in the US as well and placed an order 10 weeks ago.  No sign of my cables yet... I get that he is a master craftsman and the cables are worth the wait, but this is way longer than the "4-5 weeks" mentioned on the website.  
  15. pavement714

    Have you been in touch with him? Not defending the fact you have to, but getting periodic updates from Trevor (his response times were quite good) helped me not get too frustrated with the process. Mine took about 41 days total from ordering, and I got a very basic customization.
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