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Apr 19, 2019 at 6:26 PM
Feb 5, 2015
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Washington State
CAD + Elec Tech/ Owns KitsuneHiFi + HoloAudioUSA

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Member of the Trade: Kitsune HiFi / HoloAudio USA, Male, from Washington State

Please don't contact me on HeadFi with business related questions - must be direct - thank you. Mar 29, 2019

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Apr 19, 2019 at 6:26 PM
  • About

    Home Page:
    Washington State
    CAD + Elec Tech/ Owns KitsuneHiFi + HoloAudioUSA
    Audio, computers, electronics, engineering, gadgets, hiking, gaming, dogs, exotic cars.
    My wife ;) she's my top priority.
    Headphone Inventory:
    (2pair)MezeAudio Empyrean + Silverguard3, also 8ft Meze XLR (easily my all time favorite headphones) one in black/copper the other is retail version grey/titanium
    Focal Stellia + Silver Draug
    HifiMan Susvara (4pin XLR Balanced Norne Audio 8ft Silver Draug)
    Sony MDR-Z1R (two pairs, one for my wife) (4pin XLR Balanced Norne Audio 8ft
    Silvergard S3 for both)
    Audeze iSine20
    Sony wh-1000xm3 (excellent noise cancellation headphones)
    Sony wh-1000xm2 (almost as good)
    Fidue A83 IEM's (Norne Audio Therium Balanced 3.5mm TRRS Ranko occ copper/Rhodium)
    EchoBox Finder
    EarBridge E70 Magnetostatic iems

    Previous :
    EchoBox Nomad
    Oppo PM-3 (4pin Balanced Norne 6ft Zoetic w/ 6ft Zoetic extension)
    NuraPhones AKA the bass cannons
    HifiMan Ananda (4pin XLR Balanced Norne Audio 8ft 8wire copper textile)
    HifiMan Sundara
    HifiMan Arya
    HiFiMan HE1000SE
    HiFiMan HE6SE
    Mr Speakers VOCE (using iESL to power)
    Spirit of Torino Ragnar Twin Pulse
    Focal Utopia (4pin XLR Balanced Norne Audio 8ft Silver Draug)
    Stax SR-009 paired with iFi iESL (iEnergizer) and iFi Pro iCan.
    Sennheiser G4ME Zero (Norne Modded with Skoll and pure silver litz for mic)
    HD800S - (4pin XLR Balanced Norne Audio 8ft Draug2.C)
    Sennheiser HD800 w/ anax mod 3.0
    Modded HE-560 w/ zoetic
    Fostex TH-X00
    HifiMan HE1000V2 (4pin XLR Balanced Norne Audio 8ft Silver Draug)
    HifiMan Edition-X V2 (4pin XLR Balanced Norne Audio 8ft Silvergard S)
    Hifiman HE1000 v1
    Hifiman HEX v1
    Xiaomi Piston 2 IEM
    Corsair H2100 7.1 wireless gaming set
    Sennheiser Momentum over ear
    Sennheiser Momentum IEM
    DUNU DN-1000
    DUNU DN-2000
    LHLabs Geekwave IEM and IEM-X.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    HoloAudio Serene (flagship amp coming soon)
    HoloAudio Azure (incredible amp)
    iFi Pro iCan - (my endgame amp! for everything!)
    iFi iESL iEnergizer (electrostat energizer) near final production model @ CanjamSOCAL 2017
    HoloAudio KitsuneTuned Edition Mammoth
    iFi iDSD Black Label (favorite portable amp/dac)
    Audio-gd NOS11 (modded +6db, HDMI i2s, Norne Audio Silvergard S wire, EiZZ connectors) (for sale now!)
    Audio-gd NFB-28 (2015 edition) . (for sale!)
    Centrance HifiSkyn w/AmpEXTREME. (Sold)
    EchoBox Explorer
    Asus Rampage IV Black Series X79 motherboard with built in 600ohm headphone amp. (this board actually made me more interested in moving up to nicer gear)
    FiiO E12A and FiiO E12 (sold)
    Iphone 6S 128gb
    Soundblaster E5 (I actually love this little guy, I use it for work mostly)
    Source Inventory:
    HoloAudio KTE Spring v2
    HoloAudio May Dac prototype (coming late 2018)
    (3) HoloAudio Kitsune Tuned Edition Spring Dac (Level 4 - only 10 made) 4pole jensen caps and custom PCB - one for me and one for my wife.
    (2) HoloAudio Kitsune Tuned Edition Spring Dac (Level3, 2-pole Jensen caps)
    (1) HoloAudio Spring Level 2 dac
    (1) HoloAudio Spring Level 1 dac
    (1) HoloAudio Cyan DSD
    (1) HoloAudio Cyan PCM
    (1) Singxer SA-1
    (1) iFi Micro Black Label iDSD
    (1) iFI Nano Black Label iDSD
    (1) ES100 Earstudio dual 24bit AKM Dac (BLUETOOTH)

    Dusk to Dawn Dac/amp DIY project I made (dual soekris dam1021, 5 LT2042 dual rail - quad parallel .4uV PSU's, O core Blue label transformers, "theWire" BALBAL and SESE amplifiers.)

    Audio-gd NOS11 R2R goodness!!! (modded +6db, HDMI i2s, Norne Audio Silvergard S wire, EiZZ connectors - for sale!)
    iFi iDSD Black Label
    Audio-gd DAC19 10th anniversary. (sold)
    Audio-gd NFB-28 (2015 edition) w/amanerocombo384 (SOLD)

    EchoBox Explorer

    Centrance HifiSkyn Amp Extreme (sold)


    LHLabs Geek Source SSE 4TB SSD signature edtion- Triple Femto Clocks/Ultra Low ESR Power Cap Upgrade/Power Cap Upgrade Plus w/ solid copper spike feet, black chassis

    basically the same list as my headphone amp inventory.
    Cable Inventory:
    *KTE OCC Litz Hybrid 0.5M XLR
    *KTE Carbon Fiber sleeved 6mm2 OCC copper w/ kevlar carbon plugs and Rhodium over Copper connections. (1.5M)
    *Nordost Vahalla 2 1.5M power Cable
    *Nordost Odin 1.5M Power Cable
    *(1) Cerious Graphene Extreme Power Cable 5ft
    *(2) Cerious Graphene Extreme Power Cable 6ft
    *(4) Accuphase 40th Aniv 1.5M (4) and (1) 2.0M
    *(1) Maze Audio Ref4 Carbon Alloy Power Cable 4ft
    *PSaudio Lab Cable - upgraded connectors with Silver plated red copper from SonarQuest and the cable is Cryo Treated.(sold)
    *Synergistic Research Tesla T1 Power Cable (sold)
    *Norne Audio Silver Draug 8ft - clear and massive silver cable (TOTL) - silver satin splitter, Eidolic Tellerium 4pin XLR
    *Norne Audio Silvergarde S for HEX - 7ft Grey/Black herringbone, Silver emblems with Eidolic Tellerium 4pin XLR
    *Norne Audio Draug2 for HD800S - 7ft Grey/Black, Stealth Black aluminum splitter, Silver logos with Eidolic Tellerium 4pin XLR
    *Norne Audio Zoetic 6ft, black herringbone sleeved, Makassar Ebony splitter, copper filled and copper emblems with Eidolic Tellerium 4pin XLR - for my HE-560's (sold)
    *Norne Audio Skoll for my G4ME ZER0's and silver litze for mic.
    *Norne Audio Therium of Fidue A83's - pure silver cotton core - Balanced 3.5mm TRRS Ranko OCC copper/Rhodium plated connector - black barrelled Eidolic MMCX - silver aluminum mini splitter
    *Norne Audio Zoetic with bling sleeving and TECU XLR for my wife's Oppo PM3's
    *Norne Audio Zoetic 6ft cable XLR to XLR
    *Cerious Graphene Extreme Digital RCA cable (for vanatoos) (sold)
    *Madscientist Hex Digital RCA with KLE Harmony
    *Audio Sensibility SE Silver Digital RCA cable with bnc adapter (for vanatoo's) (sold)
    *AntiCables 3.2 USB cable 3ft (sold)
    *KitsuneHiFi USB patch cable
    *Supra USB cable
    *Supra HD5 HDMi 0.5M
    *Jcat USB Isolator cable
    *Wireworld 0.3M Starlight Silver HDMi i2s
    *Lifatec Silflex Glass optical cable
    *Pangea AC-14 SE 1.5meter power cables (3 of them) (2 are Cryo treated)
    *Pangea USB-PCOCC single crystal 24gauge
    *Furutech 6.3mm to 3.5mm
    *Hifiman 3.5mm TRRS balanced to TRS
    *Blue Jeans LC-1 Subwoofer cable
    *KitsuneHiFi Speaker Cables
    *KitsuneHiFI AES Cable
    *Mediabridge pure copper speaker cables
    *Sanwa CAT7 cables
    Power-Related Components:
    *KitsuneTuned Isolation transfomer (for loudspeaker setup) - Silver Otype 2000WATT, quad rectified filter, mundorf silver/oil caps, Furutech NCF duplex and inlet mains + 1.5mm pure silver wiring, and a Cryo'd breaker switch on side panel copper chassis.

    *KitsuneTuned Isolation transfomer (for headphone setup) - Silver Otype 800WATT, quad rectified filter, mundorf silver/oil caps, Furutech NCF duplex and inlet mains + synergistic research Black Duplex + 1.5mm pure silver wiring, and a breaker switch on front panel chassis.

    *Paul Haynes SR3 5V/7V/9V/12V - custom built for PPA3 OCXO w/ fine silver dc cable
    specs of SR3: The typical general specifications for the SR3 unit are (specs beat most other LPS/batteries like Teddy Pardo, Mojo etc)
    4 times lower noise than lead acid gel batteries and around half the noise of an LiO4 battery.
    Less than 30uV of peak to peak noise/ripple
    Less than 0.2 uS transient response and settling time from zero to full output
    Up to 2.5A continuous, 10 amps transient
    Output stage bolted to chassis for heat dissipation
    Low ESR energy storage and filtering.
    Floating output to avoid ground loops
    *Uptone Audio LPS-1 Supercapacitor PSU (powers my Jcat usb and ethernet card)
    *Teddy Pardo 5V (sold)
    *Intona Industrial Grade - High Speed USB Isolator - full usb2.0 speed 480mbps galvanically isolated (sold, I miss it!!!)
    *Less Loss USB firewall
    *Less Loss Firewall installed in Dusk to Dawn
    *Less Loss Firewall 5X Wooden box w/ Oyaide IEC
    *Less Loss Firewall 64X Wooden box w/Oyaide IEC (2)
    *Eifidelity PCIE power filter
    *Eifidelity Fan Power Filter (5 of them)
    *PS Audio PS300 multiwave 2 AC regenerator (balanced AC)- Teslaplex outlet (sold), Gaofei Red copper/rhodium plated outlet (Maestro outlet replaced Teslaplex.) (SOLD!!!! I can't believe I sold this)
    *Simon Tuned Silver Label Isolation transformer w/breaker box, 110/115/120V options, 800WATT!!!! OCC silver Ocore, and Synergistic Research Black UEF outleft, and CruzeAudio Maestro Outlet (my fav for M11)
    *Brickwall 8 outlet Audio edition surge protector and conditioner
    *Cyberpower 1500AVR pure sinewave UPS
    *Ifi ipurifier2
    *Ifi DCpurifier (two of these, one for my laptop PSU)
    *Ifi DC ipower Wallwart 1uV psu's, 12v and 5v
    *TeraDAK UV9 LPS (sold with uptone audio regen) (sold)
    *TeraDAK 30W 7v R core transformer LPS (using with Gustard u12) (sold)
    *Schiit Wyrd (on wife's setup)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Elac Uni-fi UF5 Slim White Tower speakers w/ Elac Element Amp - Isoacoustics GAIA III isolation feet for towers
    iFi Isolation - Pro Series iRack (3)
    Itona Industrial Grade HIgh Speed USB isolator withstands 2.5kVrms (Jcat version)
    KTE SU-1 DDR - dual discrete regulators, two more regulator upgrades for crystek clocks, ultra low esr oscon caps, vishay film caps, industrial grade high retention usb connector, solid core silver air dialectric wiring, silver/rhodium fuse, few motherboard mods to improve transient response. HDMi 0.3M Supra i2s cable
    Audio-GD DIU8 (modded with crystek 957s) (SOLD!!)
    other DDC's
    M2Tech EVO 2 DDC - (sold)
    *modded Gustard U12 i2S HDMI (upgraded Crystek 957's, panasonic caps, and IC to be compatible with Audio-gd i2s pinout) - feeding M11 - powered by PS300 and Teradak LPS - AckoDAC AKR75 5V Regulator (1.6uV noise) to replace LM317D2T or other regulators are Belleson SPJ17 5v 2A MK2 and Dexa New Class D 5V (sold)
    *Breeze DU-U8 - modded with Crystek 957's (SOLD)


    DIYINHK USB to i2s XMOS module with NDK's
    *Jcat Femto USB PCIe card - crystek 957 powered by LPS1 Uptone
    *Urendu powered by LPS1
    Paul Pang V3 USB PCIE card - OCXO - powered from Paul Hynes SR3 5V w/ fine silver dc cable (SOLD)

    Eifidelity USB Card PCIE (wife's computer)
    Eifidelity Sata Power Filter for 1tb SSD audio drive
    Eifidelity PCIE power filter

    Woo Audio Double wide silver aluminum headphone stand for H1K/HEX and HD800S

    Vanatoo Transparent one desktop monitors (these babies are incredible, no joke)
    perfectly mated with Isoacoustics Aperta

    Definitive Audio SuperCube 2000 subwoofer (also very impressive for it's size)

    Mass Fidelity - The Core wireless speaker + Subwoofer

    Sound Matters Dash 7 + Fox Lo
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Darin Fongs Out of your Head - i love this for shows and movies!!!
    Waves NX Head Tracker
    Music Preferences:
    Everything but country, rap and polka.

    mainly classical, EDM, acoustic, anything with a flute and violin, female vocals
    I Personally built this computer build for Professional Use doing Content Creation, Photography, Gaming and Audio HiFi

    all specs and photos HERE :

    Phantek Evolv X in space grey anthracite
    *Asus Maximus Formula XI Z390 motherboard
    *Intel i9 9900K Coffee Lake @ 5.2ghz all 8 cores - bus speed remains at stock 100mhz for audio stability
    *TeamGroup Dark Pro DDR4 3200mhz CAS14 - 4x8gb -32gb (Replaced heatspreaders with solid polished nickel from EKWB)
    *Corsair AX1600i 1600watt psu (ultra low ripple for smps / USB 5VSB - 5.5mV)
    *Razer Basilisk Mouse + Razer Vespula v2 mousepad
    *Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard
    *OS Windows 10 professional 64bit
    *Roon+Tidal+Jriver+HQ Player Signalyst as well as Audirvana

    *ASUS DUAL RTX 2080ti 11gb - EKWB waterblock -nickel - Fujipoly Ultra Extreme XR pads for video card (17.0W/mK).
    *ASUS PG27UQ Monitor (4K, HDR1000, 144hz, G-SYNC)

    *(2) Samsung 970evo NVME - (OS drive and content creation drives)
    *(3)Samsung 860evo 1tb SSD
    External SSD drives :
    *Samsung 850evo 1tb backup files
    *Portable Samsung T1 500gb SSD portable music drive for audio music
    *Portable Samsung T3 1tB

    External Mechanical HDD (8 total)
    4Drive NAS Tower includes:
    *(2) Samsung F3 1Tb each
    *WD20EURS-73TLHY0 2TB 64mb cache - video storage
    *HGST Deskstar 4TB (HDS724040ALE640)

    *Seagate 8tb for more backup of content - audio/video
    *WD Book My Book Pro 1.5tb
    *Toshiba 5tb

    Primarily EKWB Custom Water Cooling Blocks
    *EK-Velocity Nickel RGB CPU waterblock
    *EK-Vector GPU 2080ti nickel/acrylic Waterblock, VRM waterblock.
    *EK-D5 X-RES 250 resevoir and Pump
    *Barrow Pure red copper piping with chrome plating
    *Barrow and Byski fittings
    *Ice Dragon Cooling NanoFluid
    *(7)120mm Noiseblocker e-Loop B12-2 fans
    *(2)EK-CoolStream PE 360 Radiators + custom mounting solution

    Internal PC power filtration devices:
    *Elfidelity PC HI-FI Power Filter card PCI/PCI-E HiFi PC audio power purification - PCIe
    *Eifidelity PC power fan filter (7 of them... yes, 5! one for water pump, front fans, exhaust fans)

    Power layout:
    *CyberPower Sinewave UPS - 900watt - CP1500PFCLCD to power PC Alone and ACInfinity SR9 fans for audio gear air circulation (usb powered from front panel of ups)
    *Kitsunehifi Isolation transformer (800watt) All my audio related gear is plugged into this Isolation Transformer
    *iFi AC and DC Power Filters
    *Brick Wall 8 outlet audio grade surge protector


    *HoloAudio Kitsune Tuned Edition Spring version2 DAC
    *HoloAudio Azure Headphone Amp
    *iFi Pro iCan Headphone Amp

    HEADPHONES: (Favorite headphones listed, not a complete collection):
    *(2pair)Meze Audio Empyrean + 8ft Meze XLR (easily my all time favorite headphones) one in black/copper the other is retail version grey/titanium - also have

    Norne Audio Draug3 copper and Silver Draug for ea.
    *HifiMan Susvara (4pin XLR Balanced Norne Audio 8ft Silver Draug)
    *Sony MDR-Z1R (two pairs, one for my wife) (4pin XLR Balanced Norne Audio 8ft
    Silvergard S2 for both)
    *HifiMan Arya (4pin XLR Balanced Norne Audio 8ft 8wire copper textile)
    *Antlion ModMic 5.0 (for MDR-Z1R's to game)
    *Tons of WooAudio Double wide headphone stands in black, silver, spacegrey

    *Vanatoo Transparent One self powered Bookshelf Speakers - fed from Spring2 Dac via RCA output
    *Definitive SuperCube 2000 subwoofer + Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Double-Shielded Low Capacitance Subwoofer Cable

    POWER RELATED components + Cables:
    *Jcat Femto USB card powered by Uptone LPS-1 PSU
    *Jcat Femto Ethernet card powered by Uptone LPS-1 PSU
    *Intona Industrial Isolator (cables used below)
    *Intona 0.2M Isolator USB cable VNA+IDS (output side) + KTE Signature USB 1.0M (input side)
    *KTE OCC Litz Hybrid 0.5M XLR (from Dac to amp)
    *KTE 1.5M Power Cable w/Carbon Fiber sleeved 6mm2 OCC copper w/ kevlar carbon plugs and Rhodium over Copper connections.
    *(2) Cerious Graphene Extreme Power Cable 6ft
    *(2) Pangea AC-14SE power cord -Cryo'd
    *(2) Firewall 64x from LessLoss
    *(1) Firewall 5x from LessLoss
    *Cerious Graphene Extreme Digital RCA cable (for vanatoos) (sold)
    *Madscientist Hex Digital RCA with KLE Silver Harmony
    *KitsuneHiFi USB Isolator cable
    *Supra HD5 HDMi 0.5M
    *Lifatec Silflex Glass optical cable
    *Blue Jeans LC-1 Subwoofer cable

    *CableMOD Custom cables (24pin+bridged dual 8pin PCIe+8pinCPU + 4pin CPU) Royal Purple, White and Black
    *Netgear X6 R8000 Router
    *Apple Ipad mini 3 128gb for remote control of Jriver and mounted on flexible stand attached to desk.
    *Apple Macbook Pro 13" touchbar 2018 (spacegrey)- intel i7 4.5ghz 8th gen, 16gb ram, 256gb ssd, TB3
    *Lenovo Carbon X1 6th Gen - Intel i7 4.2ghz 8th gen, 16gb ram, 512gb nvme, Dolby Vision screen (this is my favorite workhorse laptop)

    Personal Use:
    ***Aluminum Foil Hat
    I'm 37, married to my lovely wife who also is into music/gadgets/tech/audio gear. What more could I ask for?!

    Please don't contact me with business related questions on this website, please directly contact me directly at our site.

    We are a dealer of the following products: HoloAudio, Singxer, Meze Audio, Hifiman, iFi Audio, Jcat, Eidolic, Elfidelity, Intona, and many more to come.


    DAC+AMP+PSU: Kitsune Tuned Edition Spring v2+ HoloAudio Azure>Intona Industrial Isolator>Intona Reference USB>KTE SU1 DDR
    HP: (2)Empyrean +Silverguard3 / Stellia+Draug Silver / Susvara +Draug Silver/ Sony Z1R's+Silverguard3
    Speakers: Elac UF5 slim white towers +12" Elac Sub / Vanatoo T1's + SuperCube 2000
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