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Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

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  1. WayneWoondirts
    @TigzStudio I've send you a mail with the confirmation of payment. Please confirm if you have gotten it. thanks.
  2. iLoveMusic0822
    Hi. Does anyone know why i cant find the silvergarde cable on norne audio website ?
  3. Denzelwng4
    maybe it's discontinued already. try to email Trevor...
  4. thecrow
    I believe it's available just not on the website yet.
    So not sure how readily available.
  5. essentiale
    I'm pretty sure it just isn't updated on the website yet. You'll have to email Trevor for details. He had just mailed my Silvergardes out.
  6. TigzStudio
    Lots of tracking coming to folks today through Wed.
    (also for those waiting on reterminations, they should pretty much all be sent out this week)
    In regards to Silvergarde S, it will be listed on the site around 05/01-05/04.
    For right now it is email only to order, this will be a long standing cable offering (will not discontinue)
    Will be trying to get to the rest of the email inquiries today in a few hours.
  7. 520RanchBro
    In my initial automated email after my order it stated it would be shipped in 12-19 days, should I assume it may be a little longer of a wait while you catch up? I ordered mine on the 18th. 
  8. TigzStudio
    Please PM or email me your order number, that time frame should be only for Oppo PM3 right now. 
    Once you send me your order number I will get you details in email. 
  9. 520RanchBro
    Done. Appreciate the responsiveness!
  10. Eric510
    Finally getting to spend some time with my new Zoetic cable for my HE1000. Received shipped on them while I was out of town (arg!).
    It's a truly wonderful cable. I looks, feels, and sounds exactly as I hoped it would.
    Trevor - You've got a customer for life. Thanks!!!
  11. doctorjazz

    Congrats on the purchase, very happy with my Zoetic for HEK as well.
  12. MattTCG
    Zoetik working very nicely for me with ETHER. Zoetik seems to be a mostly neutral cable, good air and let's the best in the headphone come through. 
  13. Jozurr
    What is the difference between the Arcane and the Silvergrade S?
  14. h8dk97
    I've ordered silvergarde s clear two weeks ago via email. Sent an email to Trevor yesterday to check how it's progressing but haven't had a response yet. Hopefully he'll find time soon...
  15. TigzStudio
    PM sent
    I am replying to all emails from late yesterday and today this evening PST
    While I try to get to things within a few hours (and same day) it certainly does not always happen when super busy.
    If ever an email goes 24 hours without a reply, please feel free to send it again or use the contact form on
    the site as well. 
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