Dec 4, 2005
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Art flogger. Some production in various media / video / music.

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    Art flogger. Some production in various media / video / music.
    Cycling (Moots YBB)...lurking around Head-Fi, posting once in a while, computers. Music of course.
    Photography - Watch fanatic (Rolex / Audemars Royal Oak) - Patek Philippe Annual Calendar (If I win the lottery)

    Check out for all your darkwave requirements

    or try cool stuff to be listened to.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Focal Utopia with Nordost Heimdall 2 XLR - GS1000 - Sony MDR1000x

    GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: RS-2, RS-1, SR-80, SR-60, SR-225, DT250/80, Sig Pro, Senn HD-800 with Draug 2 XLR
    My beloved TH-900, fantastic closed offering from the dudes in Japan...worth the price. Goodbye TH-900 you will be missed :(
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Moon Nēo 430HA-D / Burson Soloist / Grado RA-1
    Source Inventory:
    Mac / Naim DAC-V1 / Lavry DA-11
    Cable Inventory:
    Cardas Neutral Reference Interconnects - Nordost Blue Heaven USB - Red Dawn power - Heimdall 2 IC

    Heimdall 2 Utopia headphone cable (well worth the investment IMO)
    Power-Related Components:
    Nordost Blue Heaven Power / Nordost Red Dawn power

    DH Labs Power
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Tin can ---- string ----- Tin can (it works)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Liberal amounts of Unicorn dust. Placebo effect when required.

    Magic Stones (in super power mode)
    Music Preferences:
    Jazz - Electronic - Rock - Classical - Darkwave - GermanicNeoGoth (the GermanicNeoGoth reference is a bit tongue in cheek)

    Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, McCoy Tyner, Bach, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Mozart

    Lacrimosa, Blutengel, Hocico & VNV Nation to name a few
    Korg / Virus Keyboards / Early Moog - Other gears that goes beep, bop und bip

    Happy Hacking KB's (Pro 2)

    Strong desire to purchase a Black G Wagon


    Team : Under Construction
    Focal Utopia - GS-1000 - MDR1000x (for portable)
    Moon Nēo 430HA-D - Soloist - RA-1 - Naim DAC V1 - Lavry DA 11 - Cardas Neutral Reference + Blue Heaven Power + Heimdall 2 Power - Heimdall 2 Utopia cable - Tin Foil Hat (extra pointy) - Magic Stones  
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