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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Frankie D
    I forgot to add, could you also please add the Campfire Andromeda to the comparison, and if you could also please provide a comparison of how well each one is with sound isolation. I do a fair bit of traveling on small commuter planes which are pretty loud. Thank you.
  2. Rowethren
    All aboard the hype train! Just ordered my set, I figure if I don't like the sound I can always sell them on as they are universals and probably make the money back anyway... I suspect that won't be necessary though :beerchug:
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  3. SeeSax
    @WCDchee thanks for your review. I have a pair on the way as well, but had a quick ask if you're up for it. Can you provide a little more of a comparison to the CE-5 even if it's just by memory? You mentioned that you didn't like the treble on the CE-5 and I absolutely adore it for it's sparkly and extended nature. How different is the Khan treble? For the bass, I will assume the quantity on CE-5 is much more, but am I right to also expect the Khan to have a tighter, faster, more neutral bass? Right now, my CE-5 is the benchmark for my favorite bass and it happily unseated my Legend X as number one, but I'm an occasional DD basshead. Just curious if you can provide a bit more of a comparison with the CE-5. I'm not doubting my purchase in any way, in fact the Khan sounds like a fantastic complement to the CE-5 in my arsenal of way too many IEMs :)

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  4. WCDchee
    I went to try out a couple of flagships again, flagships that I have not heard in a while.

    The Khan definitely lies on the slightly leaner side of the spectrum compared to some other flagships like the legend X or the 64 audio stuff.

    In terms of resolution, transparency and precision though it is highly, highly impressive and among the best I would dare say
  5. tm.chen
    Will you say the mids are not as full bodied as the Katana?

    Khan < Katana < Encore
  6. Stranger Than Fiction
    Very keen to audition the Khan when it arrives here in Australia, although I’m not sure how its reported leanness will fare with prog trance and techno.

    I am currently with the original Sennheiser IE800, which is also very lean, although a bit of EQing has boosted the sound where it’s needed.

    Now I have passed the Certified Cicerone exam I can with a bit of luck find work and, if nothing else, replace my K10. :)
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  7. drone9
    If anyone reading this has a recommendation of what DAC/DAP up to around $500,- would nicely complement a pair of K10, I would appreciate it a lot if you could post a reply in > this thread <. Thank you!
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  8. bimbim
    I would get a chord mojo if youre going for a DAC
  9. drone9
    hemtmaker pointed out the importance of a quiet background with the K10, and therefore recommended the AK SR15, though slightly out of my price range. How does the background of the Chord Mojo compare?
  10. bimbim
    Well, i havent try a lot of dac or dap and my k10 experience is limited
    But compared to ibasso dx90, mojo has almost no background noise when i used them with my savant
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  11. muziq
    Mojo is very quiet for my K10Es. I use a RWAK240+ as source with a Mojo, and also on its own; the Mojo is maybe a touch quieter but the real difference is in imaging, bass, highs, etc. I didn't understand how sensitive the Nobles were until I tried listening to them with a Lyr2. Anyway, investing in a Mojo enables flexibility with a source...start with a phone, move on to a DAP later. Although I love my AK, I think I got more bang out of my buck with the Mojo.
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  12. drone9
    Sounds like good advice. The source/DAC clutter is a bit off-putting, but if this ends up sounding better, I guess I will have to bear with it. :wink:
    The option to upgrade the Mojo by adding the Chord Poly at a later date also is intriguing.
  13. Watagump

    Its really hard to go against getting an AK player. Plenty of good choices of course, but the UI on them just makes its over the top.
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  14. Frankie D
    The Mojo is excellent, the Poly not so much. The interface is very clugy and every time you want to make a change you need to go back into the configure app. I returned my Poly. If you ever decide to go for it, make sure you really give it a test drive. Tks.
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  15. drone9
    The AK UI looks slick indeed. Decisions, decisions...

    Thank you for the warning. Darko sounded so positive... :-/

    Man, now I am leaning towards the SR15 again.

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