1. jelt2359

    71 IEM Brief Review thread (incl. Rhine Monitors, Cleartune, CustomArt)

    Scores to Date- Click to read review. If unclickable, the review is on this post. (Scroll down!)   The Best (9.6 and above) Earwerkz Legend R: 9.7 (Comparisons with the NT6 here, under the NT6 impressions) Noble K10: 9.7 CustomArt Harmony 8/8 Pro: 9.7 JH13/16 FP: 9.7 Hidition NT6/6 Pro...
  2. bangkokkid


    First, we would like to thank everyone for participating and Head-Fi for allowing us to run the contest. It's been a pleasure and we hope to offer more opportunities like this in the not-so-distant future.   Without further adieu...   Congratulations to users Wild and kova4a for their...
  3. project86

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

          The Wizard is back! For those in the know, there was never much doubt. It just didn't seem possible for someone with such a passion for his craft to stay away from the custom IEM game. But let's start from the beginning for the benefit of those who are just now arriving at this saga...
  4. Noble 6

    Noble 6

    The Noble 6 an adaptation of the present four-driver design. With the addition of two unique drivers, the low-end is considerably filled out while soundstage has expanded building upon what is already a natural, airy, space. Mids and highs were not disregarded in the design process either, the...