1. JuzModa

    Fitear private 222 or noble 4c

    Suggestions pls?
  2. ForWhatItWorth

    Please need your advise! Ak100 or c4

    Hello, Now I am in searching for  the new pair to Westone 4r ( with silver cable) and have some doubt about player. There is only two candidates  1) Colorfly c4  2) Iriver ak100 Is there is any difference between them on westone?  Have tube amp at home with "home headphones" ( Have read...
  3. wasily

    What is the best SILICONE ciem on the market

    I have tralucent 1p2 which I love but want something silicon and custom with great isolation and good bass (most of my listening is electronica). I've heard great things about the spiral ear 5 way but was wondering if there was anything else in the market that was comparable? Any suggestions...
  4. tomscy2000

    In-Depth Comparison: Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitor & Noble Audio 4C (Wizard Design)

    Full Disclosure: Notice on Photography and Media:   "Part of the human condition is that we sense care." --- Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple Inc.     Introduction   Care. Attention to detail. Hallmarks of excellence. For those of us looking for a custom in-ear monitor, it is these...
  5. project86

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

          The Wizard is back! For those in the know, there was never much doubt. It just didn't seem possible for someone with such a passion for his craft to stay away from the custom IEM game. But let's start from the beginning for the benefit of those who are just now arriving at this saga...
  6. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: Noble Audio 4C: 4 Driver, 3-Way, Custom-fit In-Ear Monitor

    Synopsis: The Noble Audio 4C is a custom-fit in-ear monitor (ciem) characterized by a flat tuning with no peaks or dips from the lower bass to the lower treble range. This upgraded tuning eliminates the dip in frequency response found in the older model. The bass, while not boosted at all, has...
  7. Noble Audio 4C

    Noble Audio 4C

    Four balanced-armature acrylic CIEM from Noble Audio. Discontinued in March 2016