noble audio sage
  1. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio Holiday Giveaway! & Fire Relief

    In the holiday spirit we are giving Head-Fi members another opportunity to win a set of Wizard Sage! ----------------- However before we get to that... Flames from the Thomas Fire on December 10th 2017 Over the past week Ventura and Santa Barbara counties have been ravaged by the Thomas...
  2. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio - Introducing EDC Velvet

    Introducing EDC Velvet, the premiere model in the all-new EDC series, characterized by a warm, pleasant, sound with solid low-end response considering its compact form factor. offered at $96 (reg $120) with Black Friday 20% discount available though Sunday, November 19th Specs Single 5.8 mm...
  3. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio - Black Friday 2017

    Join us in celebrating the holiday season by taking 20% off all universal IEMs beginning Friday, November 17th, at 12:00 am PST for 72 hours! Plus, receive a complimentary legacy Savant ($599 value)* with the purchase of any Katana or Kaiser Encore. Wait, isn't Black Friday the day after...
  4. TimeSnow

    €500-€600 IEMs for audio professional

    Looking to spend €500-€600. I will need to be able to work with these from time to time, but would also like to enjoy them. LOL. Having sub bass is very important to me, but it can't overwhelm, etc. No V shapes, please. I have been asking around a bit and the suggestions that most stick out...
  5. project86

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

          The Wizard is back! For those in the know, there was never much doubt. It just didn't seem possible for someone with such a passion for his craft to stay away from the custom IEM game. But let's start from the beginning for the benefit of those who are just now arriving at this saga...