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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. 35FLE
    Well I took the plunge and ordered the khan, I hope its significantly above my katana expectations!
  2. SDBiotek
    Sadly I'll have to pass on the initial batch of Khan's, but I'll get by with my Katanas and K10s for now. It's expensive to get a tooth replaced, lol! Looking forward to reading some more Khan impressions soon.
  3. FullCircle
    Perfectly understandable. Hopefully by the time you are ready to take the plunge you will have an opportunity to try them.
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  4. tm.chen
    Still deciding between the Khan or the new black Katanas.......decisions decisions.
  5. meomap
    Just go straight to next level.
    I did.
  6. kenjamin0523
    I ordered one. Hope the accessories and the new stock cable will come together
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  7. Watagump

    Dude, a set of Kahn's and a tube of Pollygrip, get your priorities together. :smiling_imp:
  8. hemtmaker
    I have used universal iems with shell shapes similar what the Khan appears to look like :) They should fit me just fine.....must resist .........
  9. SDBiotek
    You don't know the half of it. I had to get the implant to replace a crown I got the year before. I'd much rather get a Khan!
  10. Watagump

    I think when I was speaking with John on one of our calls he did say the nozzle is slightly longer, which might help people who have trouble with universals. But I could be wrong, the Bell's have been the only one so far for universals that I got a seal and they stayed in.
  11. WCDchee

    here's my review :)

    For those of you wondering how the Khan will sound like (especially for many of you encore and katana owners), I hope this will shed some light.

    For those of you that find it hard to believe that this would be on a whole other level compared to the previous flagships from Noble, I think John isn’t wrong in saying that they’re on a whole other level. I think 2-3 years ago when the previous flagships were released, they were indeed a step up from the K10s, and sounded wonderful. But I also think it is a good thing that Noble has progressed.

    Sure, the Encore sounds no worse today than it did a year ago, but the Khan just sounds better in every conceivable way.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
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  12. Frankie D
    Excellent review. Thank you. I think you should have added more vs other IEM’s (not from Noble), but I enjoyed your review. I did order a pair as well. Tks.
  13. Frankie D
    My vote would be to get the Khan. Go for the top, especially with the discount. Tks.
  14. WCDchee
    Any specific comparisons in mind?
  15. emrelights1973
    half now half in march you got your self a khan deal..... :))

    i am ready to take the plunge because i trust the brand but not ready to do a massdrop sort of deal for %20 and on a over 2k in ear which i really dont need it...

    but i want it.....

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