1. CCXR594

    Advice on Custom IEMS

    Looking to buy some customs this summer and I'm having a hard time deciding. Anticipating a roughly $800 budget, so that would mean Noble Savanna, ACS Encore, JH 10X3, or 64 A3. They will be used for monitoring/mixing so I want something quite flat, but there isn't much info about these to be...
  2. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio - BLACK FRIDAY 2016

          Announcing our annual Black Friday event, now extended to include Cyber Monday   15% off all IEMs and CIEMs, plus free BTS with every Katana or Encore purchase   96 hours beginning 12:00 am PST Friday, November 25th  ...
  3. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio Wizard Sage Giveaway!

      The contest has now concluded and the winner is @ForceMajeure with his guess of 78,978!           Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated.   ____________________________     As nobody correctly guessed the mileage of Wizard's M3, we've decided to run another...
  4. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio Wizard Savanna Giveaway!

    Following the success of our cable pull-strength and Wizard Savant contests that saw over 2,000 entries combined, we’re back with another giveaway! This time, up for grabs is the very first set of Wizard Savanna universal IEMs (pictured below) in our new universal fit geometry with our...
  5. bangkokkid

    Introducing the New Classic Universal Line from Noble

        Following the success of the radical new Kaiser 10U aluminum first debuted at CanJam @ RMAF 2015 last October, we are pleased to announce our new Classic universal IEM line and world premiere at CanJam SoCal 2016.   Incorporating precision machined aluminum elements similar to the...
  6. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio Wizard Savant Giveaway!

    The giveaway has now concluded.   Although nobody guessed the exact mileage, there were some very close entries. As a result, we have decided to give the Savant to the member who had the closest guess. In accordance to the original rules of the giveaway, if two or more members were...
  7. bangkokkid

    Noble Audio - Introducing KAISER ENCORE and SAGE

          Introducing KAISER ENCORE and SAGE   Noble Audio is proud to announce Kaiser Encore and Sage, the latest additions to the Noble family.    Kaiser Encore ($1850) directly replaces the award-winning Kaiser 10, while Sage ($599) replaces the Savant.         Kaiser Encore...
  8. kazuhikoaikawa

    Recommendation for the best value CIEM?

    Hi, everyone this will be my first post.    I'm looking for the best value CIEM, i would like that it has well build quality and sound quality that can play all genres well.   Any CIEM manufacturer will be accepted, my budget is around $1000.   I hope you all can help me in buying my first...
  9. Poimandres

    The Noble Audio Cable Review - Unbeatable - The Pinnacle of C/IEM Cables

     Whether cables affect the sound quality of a pair of phones is one hot topic and not only here on head-fi.  Therefore I will not broach the subject any further, personally for me the ergonomics and physical appearance of the cable are of more concern to me then what the cable is made of.  For...
  10. Currawong

    Canjam 2015 Socal Report by Currawong

      There are small meets and there are big meets, but nothing got people more excited last year than the announcement that the March 2015 SoCal meet would be an official, dedicated CanJam. I attended last year’s SoCal meet and it was one of the nicest, most well-organised and enjoyable meets...
  11. yeongman

    Noble Audio / Wizard's Custom Designs Appreciation thread (Post your pics here)

    Hey guys,   Thought it would be nice if everyone could post up pictures of Wizard's many Custom designs in this thread. A common unified thread if you will.   Been hearing a lot about Noble Audio's awesome designs by the Wizard and I initially wanted to see more of his designs so that I...
  12. kimvictor

    High End CIEM/IEM Thread!

    OK. I think it's about time iems and ciems get their own thread on summit-fi section. With the new flagships like SE846, K3003, and IE800, it makes sense that there is a summit-fi thread for them.   As for iems and ciems, lets only discuss about $600+ iems.(I know that some iems under $600...
  13. project86

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

          The Wizard is back! For those in the know, there was never much doubt. It just didn't seem possible for someone with such a passion for his craft to stay away from the custom IEM game. But let's start from the beginning for the benefit of those who are just now arriving at this saga...
  14. bangkokkid

    KATANA Listening Event @ Affordable Audio

      KATANA Listening Event @ Affordable Audio     Come and hear Noble Audio's new KATANA exclusively at Affordable Audio in Playa del Rey! Some sources will be on hand, all attendees are encouraged to bring their own gear and music.   Saturday, July 23rd, from 12 to 4 pm   Affordable...
  15. bangkokkid

    Wizard's 44th Birthday Celebration

            Celebrate Wizard's 44th Birthday this Friday, July 1st, by taking 20% off all IEMs and CIEMs* for 44 hours!   *excluding Rush Order and Ownership Transfer Service       Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
  16. bangkokkid

    Noble Seattle, WA Tour

      Noble is pleased to announce the Seattle, WA tour!   Sign-up for the tour will take place this week and the demo package will go out this Friday, August 15th, to the first recipient. In addition to the Noble line of IEMs and CIEMs, the tour will also feature a Chord Hugo and accompanying...
  17. bangkokkid


    First, we would like to thank everyone for participating and Head-Fi for allowing us to run the contest. It's been a pleasure and we hope to offer more opportunities like this in the not-so-distant future.   Without further adieu...   Congratulations to users Wild and kova4a for their...