The Noble Audio Cable Review - Unbeatable - The Pinnacle of C/IEM Cables
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Dec 23, 2009
 Whether cables affect the sound quality of a pair of phones is one hot topic and not only here on head-fi.  Therefore I will not broach the subject any further, personally for me the ergonomics and physical appearance of the cable are of more concern to me then what the cable is made of.  For those of you who care the Noble Cable is made of silver plated copper and can be utilized in a balanced configuration (again not a main concern of mine, albeit nice that the option exists if I ever decide to go down that road) and can be re-terminated as it is made of 4 conductors all of which are reinforced by Kevlar.  The cable itself has a pull strength of 147.6 lbs for those just in case moments.
 The cable is very attractive and is another piece of art created by the Wizard and Company and is an upgrade to the Wizards previous cable the HA Magnus (the pull strength is much lower than the Noble cable).  It is hard not to gush about the cables minimalistic design, it is not flashy just classic braided black with a clear plastic cinch and a black piece of heat shrink tubing at the split.  All ends you will find machine terminated (unlike the Magnus), the mini plug is a 45 degree bend and I have actually come to appreciate it after initial hesitation.  There is a small piece (around 2" in length) of memory wire at the JH/Westone/Previous CIEM standard connectors for those that appreciate it, it is hard to notice and I don't really mind it. 
 Aesthetically it is very pleasing, however the ergonomics are extraordinary!  The cable is very, very supple, it is hard to explain how soft and pliable it is.  For $40 US shipped you will need to purchase one yourself and discover the cable that is NOBLE.  Seriously though this cable is no bull, head over to Noble now and pick one of these up.  At this price point they should be out of stock!
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Feb 17, 2012
Shouldn't this have been posted in the cable subforum?

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Aug 25, 2009
I'm not a big fan of the memory wire bc I wear glasses, but I'm inclined to agree.
Their cable is thick and supple and in no way (other than the memory wire) uncomfortable. It's got a slight weight to it that doesn't affect comfort, but definitely inspires confidence in durability.
I find myself switching between the Linum BaX and the stock Noble cable. Something about this cable just feels right.

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