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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. xmr0613
    If you have some comparison with any of the current TOTL iems (U18t, Tia Fourte, Flamenco,Zues, Legend X etc) in terms of both technicality and tonal balance, it will give us great idea how the Khan stand in the range. I think most of us who thinks about buying the Khan either have/heard of some of them, or are choosing between the Khan and one of those. Thanks!
  2. WCDchee
    I have the u18t and the fourte.

    Till this point the fourte has been my favourite IEM despite its flaws. Driven well, the fourte has an unmatched sense of space that extends way beyond the placement of instruments. It sounds massive. It is also incredibly transparent and resolving of fine details.

    The Khan is leaner than the fourte. It has a snappier and tighter, more controlled bass. Imaging is slightly more precise. Resolution and transparency are high on both. But the fourte has more air and space, and on big pieces of music has better scale.
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  3. xmr0613
    That's a great and very helpful comparison, thanks a lot! Huge stage, a lot of air and great transparency has always been Fourte's strength. I'm glad to hear that Khan has same level of resolution and more precise imagining, as well as more controlled bass (Fourte's bass has been a big WOW factor on first listen, but then it kind of becomes a flaw to me after several listens )
  4. WCDchee
    I find the fourte to have a scale, sense of space and air that is unmatched, even by my other favourite IEM, the dream, or the u18t which many seem to like more. I think the u18t sounds nice but technically I could never place it near the fourte. Same with the trio. Sounds great but on a good source, falls far behind the fourte.

    I believe the Khan is a flagship level product in its own right.
  5. Rowethren
    @WCDchee Great review but slightly concerned about the treble comments so just a few questions for comparison with the K10.

    Going from 1-10 (10 being highest quantity):

    If the K10 bass is a 10 where would you place the Khan?

    If the K10 treble is a 4 where would you place the Khan?

    Thanks! :beerchug:
  6. WCDchee
    I don't like numbers.

    I would not rate the K10's bass as a 10. Back in the day, it was the most impressive BA bass I had heard due to the slam. but not anymore. It is after all 5 years old.
    The Khan has a much more linear bass thats much snappier and hits harder despite being smaller.

    The K10 is very smooth and forgiving up top. The Khan much less so. It's much more accurate up top. Sounds wonderful with well mastered pieces, but bright 80s rock for example will sound that way.
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  7. Rowethren
    Fair enough, I more meant shear quantity as apposed to quality as the K10s do have a lot of bass, a bit bloated though and drops of in the sub bass pretty fast. For reference I use Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 speakers which have a fair bit of treble (from the ribbon tweeter) but it is never harsh in addition to a subwoofer so there is solid slam. So it sounds like the Khan are sort of along those lines. Is the Khan ever actually harsh or sibilant like the HD800 can be? If it isn't then that is fine.
  8. WCDchee
    I use a pair of focal solo6be monitors, so some pretty solid stuff there too.

    The khan is nothing like the HD800 up top, definitely not. It can be sibilant if it is in the track.
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  9. Rowethren
    @FullCircle Not sure what has happened but the Black Friday deal seems to have been removed from the UK website a day early. (Just as I was about to order lol)
  10. STR-1
    I’m still seeing thise deals.

    I am very interested in the Khan but want to hear first before commiting that much money I get the sense that Noble are no longer targeting CanJam London for appearances but hopefully I will get the chance to demo that iem somewhere next year, and hopefully with a chance to compare with the Encore, which I once owned.
  11. Rowethren
    They seemed to have fixed it now.
  12. tm.chen
    How would you compare the Khan vs the Katana/Encore?

    I just tried both earlier and I really like both for different reasons.

    Katana: clean sound and clear highs. Decent amount of bass. The mids aren’t recessed or veiled which is my preference as i preferred to feel closer

    Encore: more lively and closer soundstage. More full bodied sounds which can get tiring.
  13. krismusic Contributor
    If you are anywhere near North London, I understand that Gisele at Aid2Hearing will be getting a demo Khan for audition.
  14. STR-1
    Thanks for that. I was in touch with Giselle quite recently. I expect if won’t be until sometime in the New Year when she gets the demo Khan so will get back to her perhaps in January.
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  15. Frankie D
    I agree with you on the Fourté. I disagree with XMR. I also feel the TIA Fourté is actually much better than the U18 T, the bass on the Fourté is excellent compared to other IEM’s. Maybe the best. If the Khan has tighter bass than the Fourté, that would make it very special.
    Can you please provide a general comparison of all 4 iem’s: Dita dream, Fourté, U18 T and the Khan? Especially in terms of bass power and speed, midrange, highs and soundstage? Thank you.

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