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Noble Kaiser 10 + what DAP/DAC (up to $500)?

  1. drone9
    I have given up hope for a certain crowdfunding project to eventually deliver and decided to upgrade my portable listening experience otherwise. Up until now, my setup has merely consisted of my trusty iPhone and a pair of Noble K10. Keeping a somewhat limited budget of about $500 in mind, I am now deliberating whether to go the DAC or DAP route. Options I am considering at the moment: Cowon Plenue D, iBasso DX150 or CAYIN N5II for DAPs and FiiO Q5, iFi Audio xDSD or Chord Mojo for DACs. Any input is highly appreciated.
  2. hemtmaker
    K10 is quite sensitive, so I would want a DAP/DAC-AMP with quite background as one of the considerations. I would recommend AK SR15 used or when on sale
  3. drone9
    Thank you for your input. A quiet background is definitely something to consider. The AK SR15 sure looks tempting. But being a rather recent release I am not sure there is much chance of a sale in the near future. But maybe I should just save up a bit...
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  4. krismusic Contributor
    I really like my Chord Mojo. It's a bit of a nuisance that it is not Apple certified. I got around that by using a third party cable which gets around having to use the very clunky CCK. I use it with an old 5s which I find much more convenient than using my daily phone.
  5. krismusic Contributor
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  6. drone9
    Thank you, krismusic! So that's a second vote for the Mojo. Would be interesting to know how the Mojo and the SR15 compare sound wise.
  7. drone9
    Or does it make more sense to get a DAP now that will go together well with the Mojo later? Any DAC would have to use my phone as a source for the time being and I am not sure I can live with rubber bands obfuscating a significant portion of the screen...
  8. krismusic Contributor
    That's why I went with Velcro. Even though I have used the strongest double sided known to man it still comes apart, which is a PITA.
    I would not want to use my daily phone in a stack. That's just a nuisance IMO. If that's the option go for the SR15. If you have a spare phone then the Mojo is a good option of you don't mind carrying it in a bag. Not pocket friendly.
    drone9 likes this.
  9. drone9
    Yeah, my go-to-phone would have to do as the source. I don't have a spare phone at the moment. Also, I would pocket-carry it a lot...
    Seems like SR15 it is.
  10. drone9
    Guess I can upgrade the SR15 with the Mojo later on if I want to. :wink:
  11. krismusic Contributor
    I'll be interested to know what you think to it. I'm very tempted myself. It looks like a very nice player. I would hesitate to use a £600 player as transport only and the pocketability of the SR15 is very appealing.
  12. hemtmaker
    And I personally find the tilted screen very appealing:)
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  13. drone9
    I like the design as well. Is that the original case?
  14. hemtmaker
    Yes, original case
  15. krismusic Contributor
    +1 for the design. Matches my fireplace!
    [​IMG] 97F06533-2057-4B30-A9E9-175D5A6BFBE7.jpeg
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
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