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Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

  1. Stranger Than Fiction
    ^ Interesting...!

    I’m not a gamer but that’s fascinating nonetheless.
  2. Kunlun
    Just got a set of thr new dynamic driver Noble Bells. They're $199 and look good. Have guests staying over, but will be listening soon!
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  3. SteveKiwi
    I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion of them.
    I have the EDC Velvet, and have ordered the Bell.
  4. fuzzychaos
    Where can you get more info on the Bell and where do you order one?
  5. mrphoebs
    Got My hands on a used pair of kaiser encores in excellent condition. All I have to say is "The Hiss is real" - Thankfully the IFI IEmatch on ultra is able to counter it (Haven't compared to see if the sonic character is altered though)

  6. Kunlun
    I'm looking forward to my opinion, too!

    Will let you know!
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  7. SteveKiwi
    Hi there was a post from Full Circle (John from Noble) earlier in the thread about pre-ordering but it seems to have been deleted.

    I'm guessing that it's getting close to the official release date so that option isnt possible now
  8. H T T
    I have posted my impressions earlier in the thread, if you haven't already seen the posts.

    If they aren't on the Noble site, maybe pm Brannan? I'm leaning heavily towards ordering a second pair. One for work and one for home.
  9. fuzzychaos
    Thanks! This thread moves fairly quickly, I miss a lot.
  10. Malevolent
    The Silver Widow 22 isn't a traditionally bright-sounding cable. It's clear and refined, but far from being a harsh, sibilant enabler. The Hydra 22 is a little clearer, but also somewhat brighter. The K10 sounds great with both cables, but I very much prefer pairing them with the Silver Widow. On the other hand, I tend to keep the Hydra and the Encore apart, for obvious reasons. :wink:
  11. Michael Jennings
    I've been listening to the MassDrop Kaiser 10U's for a couple of weeks and really enjoyed them. A thought and a question:
    The Kaisers are great, but I have to say that my Sages are no slouch. I like going back and forth once in a while.
    But the upgrade worm is gnawing at me. I'm using an AK 70. If I upgrade to, say, the AK 380, will I hear a big difference? Or is there another DAP that pairs very well with the Kaisers?
    Thanks for any wisdom.
  12. petetheroadie
    Just uploaded a couple of pics of my rig in my review of the Linum SuperBax here, but the star of the pics is definitely my Encores, so thought I'd share here, as I drooled over so many other folks' pics of their CIEMS in the run up to buying...
  13. SDBiotek
    I have the K10 (universal and ciem) and the older Savant. Although I don't have those particular players, I have tried many over the years. In my experience, it has not made a night and day difference with my iems, unless I switched from a cheap $100 or less player, to a far more expensive one. Each player will sound a bit different, but do try to audition the more expensive player first if possible. It might not be worth the cost, or you might notice a significant difference. Hard to really know. For me, more often I'll notice a difference with harder to drive headphones, less so with iems. Your experience may be different.
  14. muziq
    If your goal is to avoid a stack (DAP + amp or other), then going from AK70 to 380 will probably be "big" on some level (other than cost) - but it's still going to be that AK sound. If you like the AK70 sound generally, but just want more of it, then go for it. None of the other major DAP players are going to suck--or excel--significantly...so many have EQ functions that you can tweak to get something that works with your Nobles and your listening preferences.

    Another option, if you don't mind a stack, is to add another amp or dac to the mix--this keeps your options open to tune the sound even more aggressively. Me: I have a RWAK240+ that sounds lovely on its own with my Encores and other CIEMs, but I often pair my AK with a Chord Mojo for a very different sound. The nice thing about your AK70 is that if you want to go this route, you already have a nice enough DAP on its own; adding a Mojo, Hugo2, Woo Audio WA8, or any of half a dozen other great pieces of kit just increases your options. If you plunk down a large sum on a TOTL DAP like an AK380, you've tied up a lot of capital for a single sound signature.

    My RWAK is getting long-in-the-tooth; I'll probably replace it with an AK70mkII + Hugo2 or WA8 and be plenty happy. Just the AK70mkII for on-the-go/gym use, and the combo for serious listening. Just really depends on your needs.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
  15. QueueCumber
    Finally got a chance to retrieve the CIEM Encores today. Perfect fit for my ears. Relieved that the audiologist did such a great job with the impressions the first time around! She didn’t have a bite block but assured me that she would tell me when to open my mouth slightly during the congealing process in order to simulate the block.

    How long do people anticipate burn in takes on these? Currently, they sound excellent directly to the iPhone X with some minor distortion in the high mid-range of voices and murkiness in the higher low-end of voices. Overall they are quite neutral, which is what I prefer when listening to music. Keep in mind, these are just initial “out-of-the-box” impressions.

    The fit is perfect. These are definitely not slipping out of my ears, and they’re not uncomfortably pressurized in my ear canal. Looking forward to plugging them into the Hugo2 and WA8 when I have some free time.

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